A Topic about Mechanimal (BEAST FORM ) Cybertronians

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    As animal type transformers go(cybertronians whose natural form is their animal type mode)

    are they animals only in appearance or do they also have their minds set up with the very nature and survival /fighting instincts of whatever type of animal their mechanoid form is modeled after?

    for that matter where did they all come from ?

    how many races are their besides normal earth type animal forms, dinosaurs, mythical creatures, and insect types?

    for that matter where do trypticon and scorponok figure into these matters as beast type titans?

    the terrorcons, the seacons and skylynx would count as members of the mythical type beastformers

    the animal type decepticon and headmasters /pretenders would be normal earth type beastformers.

    the 2 groups of insecticons and scorponok would count as insect type beastformers

    and the dinobots/their cousins the cassette dinobots and the 2 decepticon dinocon cassettes and the decepticon dinoforce would all count as dinosaur type beastformers

    where the matter go from here folks?

    this gonna be interesting

    for that matter how would a beast type cybertronian differ from their zoidian born counterpart that they share a beast form with ?

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