a thought on general hawk as he exists in ddp's amalgaverse

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    people when it comes to general hawk as he currently exists in ddp's amalgamated gijoeformers combined alternaverse he is what one could term a matrix enhanced form of metahuman.

    in short a human cybertronion interspecies hybrid or as one could also term it a biomechanically enhanced metahuman.

    now i have given this some considerable thought people when it comes to general hawk being for lack of a better term a human counterpart to the primes

    check this out.


    check the article on extremis armor

    maybe its just me but i actually believe that one could see this version of general hawk as being in a certain sense of the word a take on tony stark's character as he currently exists.

    if anything one could in some part easily compare one to the other when it comes to what each of these fictional characters have in common with one another as technologically enhanced metahumans.

    what are your thoughts on this matter people?

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