Customs: A Thought for shape ways and casting folks

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by RedAlert Rescue, Jan 16, 2011.

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    I was thinking about what might be fun things to do with casting and shape ways and was just wondering if anyone already done any of these or thought any would work as an idea :

    Could the Brest force animals be re-made bigger modified slightly and be repositioned to be used with 5mm joints and to also have Minicon ports so they can be used in general as weapons or animals with that sort of link (even if an addapter plug is required) and especially as a ideal accessory for Powercore Combiner 5 pack's commanders who have no gun and no commander mode chest plate.

    Brest force with a few tweaks could do that ideally - and I can see how they'd look good in all the modes too.

    Also they might in general just make a fun pet for any Classics toy that can use them or something like a mini-terrocon for a Unicron Trilogy toy character.

    And in a similar thought what about the accessories of a Action Master :

    For example resized or modified they could make for a Helicopter pack/ bazooka/ and hand gun for Classics Bumblebee, a Jetpack/ launcher/handgun for Device Label Blaster and so on.

    Even a Skateboard for Reveal the Shield Jazz.

    But also the animals too - HFTD or Botcon Banzaitron could have his crab side kick/rifle accessory approriately remade. or MP3 Soundwave could have Wingthing as a weapon set.

    I think some might work better than others Actionmaster type 4 head gear for Universe Sideswipe might look idiotic for example, but the ones that are more functional might just work...

    And if nothing else it's something to consider using as the basis of new hand guns for Classics Characters not just the G1 1984 era bit but also Actionmasters' or Gobots/Spychangers small guns...

    As BTS did with Sideswipe and Bumblebee guns basing them on G2 Gobot weapons only larger was rather clever I feel.
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    A lot of this stuff you mentioned in my Dustup thread, and I've responded to it there... ;) 
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    You can repurpose Breast Force easily. Hell, i can design a Pegasus that turns into a chest plate in about half a day, if i wanted to. It'd be pretty simplistic in transformation, but it'd be able to go between Pegasus, Chest Plate and Gun forms.

    I'm no expert with Breast Force, or what animals they were, but i can see them being easy to make. Actually, i'm going to go make that now, suddenly i want one. :lol 
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    Actionmaster and Breastforce sidekicks sounds good. I would probably purchase most if noot all if they were done for classics figures.

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