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    Anyone who has seen the "300" trailer will get this.


    "We transformers are the descendents of Primus Himself. Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. That the death on the battlefield is the greatest glory one could achive in his life.

    Transformers, the finest warriors the universe has ever knowed!"

    random minicom:

    "It´s quiet now..They came from the blackness..."

    Quientisson Ambassator:

    "Be afraid! Cybertron will burn to the ground. A thousand nations of the Unicronian Empire descent upon you!"

    Optimus Prime:

    "What must an Autobot do to save his planet?"


    "Instead ask yourself..What must a transformer do?"

    Optimus Prime:

    "You threatt us with slavery and death!"

    Quintesson Ambassator:

    "This is madness!"

    Optimus Prime:

    "Madness? THIS IS CYBERTRON!"

    "We will stand and fight"

    "A new age has begun..An age of freedom. And all you know that 300 transformers gave their sparks to defend it!

    Autobots! Tonight we dine in hell!"

    "Give them nothing! But take from them everything!"


    "We are in for one hell of a night.."

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