Customs: a question when it comes to fansprjects explorer/notblastoff machete knife

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    would it be ossible to remold the outer surface of it in such a way that for all intents and purposes it would instead be a croos hybrid design of tiself and ccyborg guys or geneisc gaogaigars willknife?

    Will Knife - GaoGaiGar-Betterman Wiki

    i just think it would be so cool for fansprojects enhanced classics maximus bruticus to have a cybertornianized knife weapon like that to his person

    it being a weopon that he could use to instantly cripple a superionr opponent with in battle

    basicly in story wise he could use it as a weapon of last resort as a way to effecivly take down a superior opponent who manages to have the overall advantage against his person in terms of superior speed firepower and protective body armor agility and endurance

    way with his using it as a way to effectively cripple an opponent due to the weapon being semi sentient and literally being bonded to bruticus's will with it actually seeking out the spark of the opponent and severeing the spark bond that his opponents life spark has with its body

    any cybertronian opponent short of unicron or his unicronian spawns would be vulnerable to its crippling affect on thier person

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