a question about dinobots tm2 clone

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    considering how much dinobots character sacrificed of himself when he died in code of hero and again at the very tail end of nemesis part 2 i got a question

    check this out

    YouTube - LOSH: Dark Victory Pt.4

    that whole space funeral scene from 416-502

    could that entire scene with a minor change or 2 have actually worked at the time?

    say with the space funeral happening just as the maximals have finally left earth for a stabilised geosynchronous orbit in outer space orbiting earth but with them leaving to make the jump to transwarp space just after the funeral

    just my thoughts but i actually think it could work

    if you swap out bouncing boys character for rhinox

    blok and shrinking violet for silverbolt and black arachnia

    star boy for optimus primal and sun boy for cheetor

    and chameleon boy being swapped out for rattrap

    maybe its just me but i can think of no more fitting way to honor the clones sacrifice then a space funeral scene as his lifeless body is sent into the earths sun with the sun serving as both his final grave marker and memorial

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