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    So, I've seen it and have had plenty of time to think it over, so here goes.

    I enjoyed it. I'll give it that much. Perhaps only because I'm a Transformers fan, but I really did enjoy it, and it is leaps and bounds better than Revenge of the Fallen. Granted, that's not very hard, but it's something. Does that make it technically a good movie? No. Does that make it a fun movie? Oh, hell yes.

    The plot... is basically a G1 episode stretched out to two and a half hours, much like ROTF. Unlike ROTF, however, it was a good episode stretched to that length. It's more "The Ultimate Doom" than "Divide and Conquer." And that means more fun times for you, the viewer. The acting is tolerable fr the most part. Nothing spectacular here, obviously, but nothing that made me want to punch things either. With one exception: Ken Jeong. He pretty much sucks, and that fact is worsened by the fact that his scenes could have been really neat with a better actor, playing up the "creeper" aspect of his character instead of Jeong's usual "Asian wannabe gangsta" shtick Shame. At least he's not in there long, and his screen time is capped off by Laserbeak, the best character in the film, throwing him out a window. The action, as usual, is top notch. Bay really knows what he's doing in that department, and I cannot fault him on a technical level for that stuff.

    If there's one major complaint I have with this film, it's the pace. Bay has learned nothing from ROTF when it comes to pacing a film properly. It fluctuates from breakneck speed to agonizing slowness. The result it that I kind of wanted to take a break before the big climax started, just to stretch, go to the bathroom, take some Tylenol, etc. so I could properly appreciate giant robots blowing shit up. The pace of the first film is the one thing about it that I think should be defended to the ends of the Earth. The pacing on that film was perfect. It was around two and a half hours too, but those two and a half hours flew by and left me and many, many others wanting more. Neither ROTF nor DOTM deliver that. And that, to me at least, is a damn shame.

    Also missing from this film that drags it down from being as good as the first for me is what I call The Touch. The Spielbergian Touch, that is. Frenzy's attack on Air Force One, the arrival of the Autobots on Earth, the Autobots hiding around Sam' house. All of these scenes in the first Transformers felt like classic Spielberg, and that overall feeling was able to carry over into the entire film. ROTF missed that entirely and also had no heart of any kind. DOTM has some heart at least, but it lacks that Spielbergian Touch. A quieter moment with the Autobots being true heroes, a suspense-laden attack by Laserbeak on one of the NASA dudes, a bonding moment between Sam and Bumblebee that's more than Sam touching Bee's mouth. Any of these sorts of touches probably would have redeemed the movie for me, but they were totally absent. Again, it's a damn shame.

    With all that said, I still had a good time, and look forward to seeing it again on DVD. If you're a Transformers fan in any way, definitely see this eventually.

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