a possible way to mod rid megatron/galvatrons swords?

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    i got a question

    would it be possible to mod rid megatron or galvatrons energy saber swords in such a way that each energon saber sword have 3 lego technik ratchet joints holding each energon saber sword together

    say by salvagign the swords from alarge knock off rid megatron figure

    cutting each energon saber sword cleanly into 4 pieces each

    with a set of lego technik ratchet joints being sanded down and modded and anchored onto each sword seciton in such a way that the fully modified energon saber swords could each serve as a multi jointed tail to be used on any of rid megatron orr galvatrons beast modes in which the swords seerve as the tail for said beast mode

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    the lego technik parts the guy used for the shoulder joints is what i am talking about

    i was thinking it might be possible to drill a centered hollow hole into each of the 4 sections that form each energon saber sword

    with the modded technik parts being used in such a way that they would both be anchored into place on each side of each sword section and in such a way that the joints would be able to successfully slide and retract in and out of each sword section but with the stub bottom seciton of eachsword being salvage from the rid megatron or galvatrons swords so that the fully modded swords would still be entirely compatable with the black part that each sword slots into for the rid megatron or galvatron figure to hold it as a sword or staff weapon

    the basic idea being that when the multi jointed tail swords are used as a set of energon saber swords or duel sword staff weapon the ratchet joints would be able to retract and slide intreily inside of each sowrd section therby properly forming the swords as they looked originally before they were modified to have the ratchet joints built into them

    for that matter if the swords are properly modified like that it would be possible to simply combine the sword sections from each modified energon saber sword into a single larger multijointed tail for it to be used as a bigger better tail for any of rid megatron or galvatrons beast modes

    i know it would be a lot of work to pul off a relativley complex mod but i am qwuite certain that any of thekskilled kitbashers here could pull it off with relative ease

    if anyone here does manage to pull off that mod please make some extra mold cast ones to sell to fellow fans here as i would like very much to purchase a modified set myself

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