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    basicly people this isj ust my idea as to how the g2 comic would have continued had it not been cancelled after issue 12.

    this scene would in part explore how optimus would settle his debt with megatron, in part give each ofthem a chance to in some small part relive the glory days through a mix of sparring and real fighting, and in part it would give each of them a chance to really vent when it comes to each of them in their own way clearing all the anger, frustration, rage, and fear out of themselves as they each in their own way comes to terms with and accept the fact that neither of them is stronge enough on his own to survive against the leige maximo's legions like militia and that only by fighting alongside one another on a permanent basis can they have any chance in preserving their mutualy shared future.

    in some part each of them would also findig themselves slipping into a mutual dual student/sensei role to one aonther witheach of them teachign to and learning from one another during their quest to survive.

    it would also answere the age old question.

    which is the greater warrior the the 2 who allow thier fueding societies to dictate and to determine their destineis for them in life?

    or the one who has learned the fueding views beliefs and idealogies of each society and has proven successful in finding internal balance on each level within himself ?

    that is the kind of approach i am taking with those 2.

    what do you people think?

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