a possible idea for a terminator crossover storyline fanfic

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    let me know what you think of this people.

    it is a little something that i thought up as an else worlds story which draws on certain traits from transformers the headmasters and beastmachines and at the same time more or less alludes to the gundams as well

    picture the terminator crossover storyline taking place in the present day on post beast machines cybertron.

    with a terminator crewed scoutship attacking cybertron.

    by the end of the fight the cybertronions are the victors of the fight.

    in examining the history records of the ship they discover that the ship originated from earth for 1 and in referancing the oracle on the matter they learn for 2 that their world cybertron was originally earth with it having been terraformed into being a replica of cybertron.

    this having been done due to cybertron having been blown up in transformers headmasters.

    with the story concerning the past being this

    as the war raged against skynet with we humans for the most part having been rendered extinct some small part of the human race survived offworld through a series of treaties and partnerships with the cybertronions. with the story ending in the long term concerning we humans alluding to the fact that we humans would go on to fight the gundam wars in deep space.

    while skynet during its final death throes sends a terminator crew off world in the hope that it would eventually discover a thenology advanced world somewhere out there in the distante universe with the crew using that technology to recreate skynet and to preserve its existance

    in short it being a take on the ultron imperative.

    with the crew eventually in a very unknowing manner making a very incredibly long circuler loop journey to earth believing it to be that world which they were sent by skynet to discover. not knowing at the time that they really landed on a cyber terra formed earth wich in the present day is post beast machines cybertron.

    if anything it would be a rather interesting alternate way of looking at beast machines as it existed in the post g1 bw bm continuity

    what are your thoughts people?
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    My own fanfic idea for a Transformers/Cybertron crossover was a take similar to Marvel's Thunderbolts.

    The Decepticons come to Earth and want to plunder its resources. However, they discover that the Terminators are waging a war against the humans, and Megatron doesn't want to attack both sides at once. So he decides to join forces with what he considers to be the weaker side in the conflict, namely the humans, who would be easier to double-cross once they've defeated their common foe.

    So the Decepticons pretend to be the "good guys", fighting alongside the humans, and a few of them actually start to like their new roles.

    However, things get more complicated when Shockwave concludes that the Decepticons stand no chance against the Terminators, so he secretly forms an alliance with Skynet.

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