A poem and a song

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    May 4, 2011
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    Wrote the song based on the poem.

    Both are called 'Little Tides'

    Little tides flowing ‘round.
    Flowing ‘round homeward bound.

    Some are shattered, some are lost,
    Swirling into brand new thoughts.

    Spinning maelstrom, forwards lost,
    Spinning faster than the sounds,
    Waves and swirls like broken glass,
    Spinning forwards,
    Forwards lost,
    The purple swirls aglow with thoughts.

    Memories fading across the winds, time flowing back with them.
    Falling back into the storm, another one meets them and flows through.

    Spinning maelstrom, forwards lost, swirls aglow of thoughts, spinning maelstrom, forever lost, do you remember what you’ve got?

    Little tides throughout the storm, always on the roam, simple thoughts nothing more, forever lost within the storm. Little maelstrom, tantrum begone for a thing such as one

    [Chorus] Broken waves and currents, Fractured tides and all you’ve done is trapped your mind. Little storm, always lost, can you recall what you want?

    A little tides here, little tides there. Simple beats disconnected to the storm, lost in the image of it all, little tides, can you recall? [Chorus]

    Forwards lost, now near islands found, but too strong to stay around, Spinning storm, learn what you can, lest you ignore the marks in the sand.

    Storm front, curse it all, can you know anything at all? Or are you just a petty being, taking whatever you want, and not caring of anything at all?


    Petty storm, lost and found, can you control your own sounds? Where is your sense of life? Have you lost the sense on wonder and awe that one deserves?

    Little storm, pathetic sound, who can harbor your thoughts now? Pathetic mind, weak at heart, you cannot remain the thing you are. Return to your body, purify your mind, and then we will see what you can be.
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    Now you've just gotta get Shaye back together to sing it & you'll be all set. :) 

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