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    I always liked Classics toys but I never got them because of the scale discrepancy between them and my G1 collection. Compare the respective Bumblebees for instance. Well, when I get to I'd like to start a new collection that's Classics style, but one problem I have is inscale. Bumblebee is way too big compared to say the deluxes and I feel he should've been a scout like Windcharger eventually became. But I can get past that by using my Pretender Bumblebee in its place. But Classics Prime, which I love, is just too small. I feel the Faith Leader toy is just the right size for a few reasons:

    He's larger than the Autobot cars and roughly in scale with them going by the TF Bible/scale charts
    He's a little smaller than Masterpiece Grimlock which again works great
    I want to add the Masterpiece seekers to my "Classics" collection as their size works better IMO than deluxe jets and reinforces the idea that Decepticons are larger warriors
    The larger G1 figures should hypothetically fit comfortably with him in a "commander class" scale seen in the comics and show (Galvatron, Shockwave, Magnus, etc.)

    I'm interested in getting the Igear Faith Leader and if it works out then their Megatron too. I'm also interested in Masterpiece Rodimus... Would anyone be willing to, assuming they have the toys, take a group shot of:
    Masterpiece Grimlock and seekers
    Classics cars like Hound, Mirage, Wheeljack, etc
    G1 figures like Ultra Magnus w/ armor, Galvatron, and Shockwave
    And lastly if G1 Jetfire fits in around Grimlock's height I'd appreciate including him

    It doesn't have to include everything, I'm just looking for a general size comparison. Thanks.

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