A modest proposal: Transformers: Criminal Circuit

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    Okay, here it goes.

    Transformers: Criminal Circuit

    There are many paths in one's cycle that they must choose. There are those
    who hold power, and those who fight power, and the ones caught in-between.
    These are their stories. And, like so many other stories, even though one
    path closes, another opens.

    Think of Transformers meets Oz {The HBO version, not Dorothy}, think of
    Transformers: The Wire. Transformers: Sopranos No HBO? Okay, think
    Transformers: Law & Order, Transformers: CSI, Transformers: Every bloody
    attempt to make a copy of the infamous HBO shows but didn't quite work
    because it wasn't HBO {can you tell my bias here?}. And, maybe mix in
    some Transformers: Deep Space Nine {Dominion eps}.

    Okay, interest piqued yet? Okay, maybe you live in a cave somewhere with no
    TV for whatever reason.

    Basically, this is an attempt, a great attempt, to create a shared fan
    fiction group that features a common theme. Basically, it's MOB RULES. In
    some way, shape or form, the stories must be about the Autobots versus the
    Decepticons in some
    sort of criminal element theme. Whether it be a version of Drug dealing
    deceps vs Autobot narcs, or beat cop Decepticons working the town {oh what,
    you expect the locals not to act up against Deceps in their own controlled
    area?}, or the
    ever expanding Decepticon Space empire versus the Autobot rebel fleet {okay,
    so I should have said Transformers: Star Wars too}... we want that kind of

    Now, before every simon, bob & bob {no offense to aptly similiarly named
    peoples...} sends in their wanton desire of Nightbeat or Optimus Prime,
    Megatron and Starscream, et al...
    We're not touching OBVIOUS "Major" players here. We want the stories on
    the nobodies. Look up the information on http://www.tfu.info if you need
    to...there's a pleothora of stories waiting to be made off the veritable
    tech specs of the universe. Oh wait, tired of the G1 hat?

    There is Beast Wars. There's a space pirate waiting for pillaging...

    And, yeah, we're going to allow in the Armada/Energon/Cybertron universe
    So, technically, that's two groups to choose from {G1/BW/BM or A/E/C}. What
    A/E/C that
    doesn't fit Criminal element? Mini-con slave trade, Energon and Cyberkey
    black markets, and all that rot {it's okay, we're not totally latched to
    absolute adherence to original continuity here, as in the Cyberkey
    point...maybe it activates the same weapon, but with different weapon
    effects and strengths...it's a work in progress}...

    Now, this is going to take a bit of work. Some people will have "dibs" on
    characters. First come, first serve approach. Of course, we're treating
    this as close to a real publishing project as one can get {we're probably
    going to be a bit more lax...}. You have to sell us on your proposal
    story, if we're interested in your story, then it would help if you've
    written something before...

    Try to keep a minimum of five characters on each side. If you want your
    characters to show up in other "titles" that's strictly up to the authors
    and their willingness to share. Yeah, we're making this a big happy family
    group of stories.

    This is a very ground up sort of thing. In a way, we have to effectively
    create a society, it's cliques, it's inner workings. We are sharing
    ideas, characters, and if you can't share...well, this playground ain't for

    And, if you do want to do your own thing, well, okay. We'll cut some
    slack. There's the old "alternate universe" title schtick just for you.
    You can mix any and all universes {yes, even other Marvelous Distinguished
    Competition In Da Works Universes...}, just make sure you stick to the theme.

    I'm sorry, but Cybertron will not be suffering Some Immenent Doom from
    insert Armaggedon/Doomsday type character/device any time soon here. We
    want to give it freakin' life. A societal structure that deserves to be
    developed, worked out, and inspected hardcore {and what better way than the getting the visceral nature of it all through the Criminal Circuit}. And, therefore expect a
    little give and take on the whole details of what we decide shall be our
    little version of Cybertron life.

    We don't also necessarily have to stick to Cybertron. We'd like a little
    alien interaction without Transformers bitchsmacking their Spaceships into
    Insert plot device planet for once. I mean really, do they really suck that
    badly at piloting their ships? Ahem, anyway.
    Yeah sure, you can go Nebulan but try to obstain from Bludgeoning the
    obvious characters there too. We'd like to mix things up. There's been a
    lot of alien races that were one trick story ponies... they could be made
    horses at the races.

    Anyways, that's the deal. We all know that we have Real Lives. So, we're
    going to keep the stories short and sweet the first time around. Think of
    it as a Four Issue Limited series {and if we go to eighty, that might be
    okay too...}. Four stories, your desired length. The catch is they have
    to be good, pass a standard. Basically, you need to sell the story to an audience. We want our stories to spark stories from
    others {and hey, if they happen to come "work" for us, even better...}. We
    want to set a completion time for the story {four months, one month for each
    story}, once we have the ground floor decided.

    So, anyways, thoughts, ruminations, proposals?

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