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Discussion in 'Transformers Video Discussion' started by 2002stanggt, Dec 13, 2010.

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    I think it would be nice to know alittle about the people on this page besides that we like transformers. So I made a quick video of my apartment. Maybe this could be the start of a thread where we can learn more about each other.

    I'm a security guard and I was Kevin bacons personal security while he was filming the woodsman. Been a security officer for 9 years. Been with my girlfriend holly for 8 years. I ride sportsbikes and drive a 2002 mustang Gt with a lot of go fast goodies and have raced at atco and maple grove raceway.
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    While a video profile is a fresh spin on fan intros here and something that would be interesting if others did the same, we do have two threads for personal intros:



    And the whole non-TF General Discussion forum is where we get to know each other other than our mutual appreciation of TFs.

    With you being new to the forum, it doesn't seem fair to criticize your video.

    However, I'm not sure this has enough TF content to qualify for the TF video forum. So you've got a cat named Ravage, and you pointed out where your collection was, but you didn't let us see it?

    This would be better placed in the non-TF General Discussion forum.

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