A little peice of poetry I did.

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    It has nothing to do with Transformers, but it's pretty good, i think. Enjoy.

    My One True Love

    By Kevin Austin

    As my life goes on, my love for you shall grow, the evercaring sense of compassion you have shown to me is only rivaled by our love for each other, as we sit alone together, as though we are Adam and Eve, knowing that the one will care for the other for the rest of our life together. To me you are my love, my life, my happiness, and everything of that sort... and I know for certain that you feel the same about me, because I am you and you are me, and we are together. We are one... and I love you more then I can say, always wishing that our love was not secertive, but more open, more outloud. I wish that we could stop being alone on the other sides of the world, alone, waiting for the other. I just want to give you happiness, and happiness is all I have to give.​

    Post some comments, let me know if you liked it.

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