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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Ginga_Convoy, Feb 21, 2008.

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    I don't know if anyone ever asked about this before, But this is some problem that I always get whenever I doing some paint job on a transformable toys. (especially Transformers figures)

    The main problem that always happen to me is when I get some paint job done on some figures, I realized that the paint will get scratched on the transformation process (or sometimes when holding a weapon, posing them) and that make me have to repaint that spot all over & over again just b'cuz it always scratched in a same place after been transformed, I even have use some method to keep the paint job like put a little super glue on it after been painted, But what happened? it just holding the Paint job for a little time & after being transformed 5-6 times the same place get scratched again...:banghead: 

    So, Can anyone give me another idea to keep the paint job not to get scratched even after the transformation process ?, How to make the paint job keep good forever ?

    And for some die-cast figures (which is the most easily figures to get paint-scratched:mad , like Titanium & the others), can some of you give me a advice to make the paint job keep forever on the figures?

    That's all I want to ask for now on, If some of you ever get this problem & know some way to resolve it please tell me, Thank you very much.:) 

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