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    ok theres gonna be a boxset exclusive and some other botcon stuff, where do you go to get the other botcon exclusive items?

    Do we have an official list of botcon figs, i thought i heard of some armada toy repaint.......

    sorry but this is my first botcon and i kinda want to be educated before i go, so i dont miss something.
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    We never get an official list of exclusives until we see them at the Club shop at Botcon. But we've seen leaked toys that have been indicated or heavily speculated as Botcon toys.

    Rapido - G2 Rapido repaint and remold of Universe 2 Silverstreak
    Gnaw/Sharkticon - G1 Gnaw repaint of Energon Sharkticon
    Scorch w/ Shattered Glass Ravage - Euro G1 repaint of Universe Hound and Ravage
    Slicer/Shattered Glass Wheeljack - Actionmaster Slicer repaint of Energon Downshift
    Cindersaur(?) - Repaint of Beast Wars 10th Megatron similar to the G2 Firecons

    There's also speculation of an Energon Scorponok repaint/remold, the source for the rumor was the best you could have but there's no evidence yet of what it will be or if it's for Botcon.
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