a letter to FANS and Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg

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    Hey Guys!!! I never reacted to these blogs all these months. All I did was just read what all of you guys wrote in here… and now that we are all about to see what Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg has in store for us for the first trailers of the movie, here’s my thoughts that came in from the biggest Transfan Heart I could ever shed for the inevitable Transformers Movie we’re all about to see.
    I’m, well, like all of you guys, THE BIGGEST TRANSFORMERS FAN in the world out there. I grew up with the G1 series and it made my whole grade school based on a great leadership of an icon we only once knew as Optimus Prime. During those times we would never know how far an Autobot like him or a Decepticon like Megatron will go. Will it outgrow time? Will it outgrow its fans? Will it survive the years to come and not become just an historical Saturday Fun Machine morning show? We just simply enjoy watching them.
    You see guys, I live half across the globe from the American soil. And we were living a tumultuous times during Transformers is being aired here. My Friends and I Imagined ourselves being friends with the greatest Robot Leader of all time, from a different planet, following his leads. And hope that someday the dark era in our country will end. It was fun to watch The Transformers for a kid like me then, to forget somehow how problematic the older people in our country during those era. Unlike most of you guys my parents can’t even afford to buy me just one Transformers of the G1 during those years. So those great Japanese versions of Takara have atleast given me a chance to hold an Optimus Prime in one of the displays of a mall. My eyes grew huge of the sight, but at the same time broke the heart of a child in me that I cannot even take it home and much more to play with it. I only got the chance to buy my first original Transformers of Takara, which was a white “Optimus Prime” or the Ultra Magnus figure, courtesy of my piggybank I smashed. Although it’s not Optimus (because the U.S. and Japanese figure was all sold out), for the child in me, it was. And I spent hours of after school playing with it. And when the Transformers show is about to start on TV, my “Optimus” and I are already prep up in front of the box for the best 30 minutes of our day. No matter how many times it was replayed.
    Coincidentally, It was in 1986 that the “People Power Revolution” ended the Martial Law here in the Philippines , and for some reason it made watching the first Transformers Movie the sweeter, for most of the richer family back then.. I could only stare at the posters of the movie on some department stores, but I know back then that most of the kids who watched the Transformers on TV here in our country won’t even be able to watch it, because only those kids in or near the City of Manila will have the access for it. And of course most of the kids back then are children of those families who just have to strive forward after a Dark Age. Luckily, just a year after the movie was shown in theaters, a government channel (RPN 9) was so generous to air it for Saturday Children’s Program, and the whole Philippine Transformers Fandom, rich or poor rejoiced with great thanks for our new Democracy.
    And so the essence of the Transformers never left the child in us, it had inspired us from the core of our hearts, and so I found my friends who as we get older still looks up on how should a leader be, selfless, cares for other race no matter how different they are, strong-willed and unyielding, the way we look up to Optimus Prime and the heroes who died for our democracy. And no matter how flawed we are as a human being or as kids, we knew that a character such as Optimus Prime had inspired us to lead the way for a greater future of our planet. That’s how the Transformers had affected most of the Fans here in our country, especially those who grew up with them in the 80’s. That’s why I want to share it to you, as a fellow fan.
    The years had come and I was so glad that the Transformers franchise remained strong and powerful, especially in Japan that numerous series is made and shown, and numerous toys sold. I tried to watch all of them even when I’m already in college.
    When the Beast Wars hit us, sure the Big bot was still the leader we admired, but I admit that most to my dismay, it did not caught me the way it did when they were vehicles. Thankfully, the Beast Machines changed it all. I collected every Beast Machines that arrived here in the Philippines and even experienced chasing them on different Department stores and Specialty Toys Stores, simply because, unbeknownst to me back then in my college days, the Transformers World has it’s own TranFans here in the Philippines. And for the first time, I experienced going in toy stores in opening hours with Transformer fanatics already lined up to get the latest Transformers toys about to be put in displays, and grab it as soon as the box opens. So you can imagine the Trans-community out here raging for any kind of toy with the Transformers label there, either it’s from Hasbro or Takara. Not to mention the comics community as well.
    I was so happy when the Transformers Armada was announced in ToyFare magazine, simply because it is a world wide/universal invasion once again for our favorite robots in disguise. Some of my money in college went to it, and getting Optimus Prime in its Truck mode, believe it or not, was one of the greatest day in my life. My first real time, up-to-date Optimus Prime. And so the collection and the excitement that comes with it, was renewed and continues up to these very days of new Transformers generations. And I know that for all of us collectors, we are always dismissed or misunderstood by people who doesn’t care about it, as weirdos.

    And now, a live action movie is upon us… what more can a Transformer fan can wish for…
    I read all your comments and reviews, good and bad about the upcoming movie. I saw all the leaked photos, concept designs and even the scripts. I did not voiced my opinions, because I thought, you guys will not even care for an opinion of a guy half across the world who cannot even do anything for that movie.
    Look, all of us grew up with a Steven Spielberg movie in one or more of “that’s one of my favorite movie” thing, who is not a fan of that big guy STEVEN SPIELBERG? I always wished before and even debated it with my high school friends, that if a live-action Transformers movie is to be made, there should be the name George Lucas or Steven Spielberg in it, simply, because they are MOVIE LEGENDS and the ones who can do BIG movies. And there you go guys, one wish granted for all of us. Thank God they’re still alive to do it.
    Yeah, he’s not directing it, but he is still a part of it. He knows what’s he’s doing. And I know we all saw that special in the 20th anniversary DVD, we all heard what Spielberg said right? “…eversince there was Transformers, I was one of the biggest fan”?... I know he won’t let a fellow transformer fan down. HIS NAME IS ON IT, so if it’s a “miss”, his legendary filmmaker name is on it too, but no matter what, it is still one big movie, right? So guys, let’s be excited and be “Optimistic” about this film!
    But of course most of the blames I read on the net is on director, Michael Bay . And before I even typed this opinion, I just spent watching again my VCDs of “Armageddon”, and “ Pearl Harbor ” (even if I already watched it in the big screen), just to make sure I have my opinions right…
    And I say… I like Michael Bay for the first live action Transformers movie. Period.
    So far, I like what I’m seeing. Their decisions are no less, the best for those sentient robots. Come on guys, we all know that the Autobots and the Decepticons are aliens from planet Cybertron, so they should look alien, right? Yeah, the “G1 look” rocks. But that was cartoons, and for toy marketing purposes. Animation at it’s best. This upcoming movie, is a LIVE ACTION Transformers. Yeah sure, Optimus looks like a flame-painted terminator, Bumble Bee looks like a Bionicle, Megatron looks “abysmal”. But it’s a hell like of a terminator don’t you think? And definitely looks very alien for all of them, and a very possible and credible story to tell. And come on, if you guys are the real Transformers fanatics don’t you think that so far, what the staffs and the creatives and directing etc. has made, are the best “Transformers in the real world” could probably look like so far? It is. And Bay will make us see it. Review his movies again, and imagine big robots in it. Still looks good.
    We Transformers fans should be accustomed to the changes of their looks, BECAUSE IT HAD CHANGED SO MANY TIMES. Let’s leave the Transformers movie of the 80’s the BEST animated movie. That’s it. Because it is, at least for us transformers fans. But it will not translate good in a live action movie and the time that we are living now. There are new generations. And there are older folks out there like my parents and my fiance, who still don’t get it. Let’s be open minded to what Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay and the rest of the crew can give us. Let’s give them the chance to give a different perspective for our parents or other people (who thinks that we are just a bunch of geeky fans) and to those who doesn’t even know about the Transformers.
    Let’s face it, the animated G1 and other incarnations that we grew up with and loved are not fully translatable for Hollywood movies, not to mention it’s not really that interesting for some people.

    Let’s just be thankful that finally, we’ll be able to see a live action movie version of that part of our childhood. Let’s not worry yet that it will ruin the franchise the way Masters of the Universe did etc, etc. Actually, if we really are the kind of fans we always claim we are, then let us show the people who doesn’t even care about it before, that this movie is BIG. It’s big that a horde, no, a UNIVERSAL fandom around the world knows about it. From Asia to America . This movie is supposed to be Big, it will not be, if its very fans won’t show up in the movie to prove it.
    No matter what an Icon such as Michael Bay and a legend such as Steven Spielberg (the writers and creative department and other staffs) have come up with this film, let’s support it. We fans of the Transformers had been inspired from childhood to shape this world. We can at least return the favor for it to make it bigger in the industry and in the movie goers across the globe. Because it’s already here upon us now. Let’s make it GROUNDBREAKING box office, so we will be able to see more of it with our children in the future. And we can boast to our fellow office-mates who doesn’t have any idea about the characters, that we know Optimus Prime since kid.
    This movie is a new media for the franchise. Finally, more people we’ll be able to know it too. Some will not watch it if we, the very fans, will not make them see that it is a COOL MOVIE. Worst, if we the very fans will tell them how skeptic and tell them that the original was better, only that it’s in animation that they don’t even care about before, and why should they care now. Believe me they won’t give a damn to watch this if we give them that impression. Let’s see what the movie is all about first, after that, then we can brag around about the original 80’s show, and other stuffs that came with it.
    Let’s give our live action Cybertronians version a warm welcome they deserve after all these years that they had entertained all of us, my fellow Transformers fans.
    We all know how politics in Hollywood works, and it’s difficult to just ask the huge budget they will need from those big company just to film this.
    And I know it’s too early to say, but no matter what the result of the movie will be, thanks to the people of Hasbro and Takara for all the toys they had flooded us all these years and for supporting this movie. Thanks to Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks for believing such a Robot/Alien story is worth putting in the big screen. And of course, thank you Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay and others, for making the TRANSFORMERS a real live action movie, for the kid inside all of us, for that wishful kid in me who was inspired by a character such as Optimus Prime. My only wish now is to be able to watch it first hand before the whole world does, but that’s just me.
    Spielberg, Bay, I know that you will make us believe that such kid’s animated stories and toy robots can really roam the earth and wage war against evil. You can expect me to bring my family and friends who doesn’t care about it once it hits our theaters. Good Luck guys!!!

    Zaldy M. Silvestre
    A Transformers fan
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