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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by unpunk, May 4, 2007.

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    To all of you experienced Kitbashers out there, I have a few questions about repainting TF toys. First of all, what is the best method for removing the hinge pins that hold some swivel joints in place, and once they come out are they easy to put back? Do the joints remain pretty tight after this procedure? Also, I don't wanna use a brush anymore than I have to, I think it'd be too time consuming, as well as looking less professional. Should I use a spray primer first, then use an airbrush gun? Spray paint? Acryllic? Enamel? Any particular brand of paint that seems to work better than others, and where to go for it? How about painting the joints of the figure? How do I keep the paint from coming off? Has anyone posted a step by step on the most efficient method of taking apart a classics seeker and repainting it? (I want to repaint classics Starscream into Thundercracker) The board member named "Thundercracker" has an AMAZING looking TC in his/her sig and I'd love to have one that looks 1/2 as good. I'm also going to try to do a Cybertron Clocker repaint into Windcharger, maybe a Cybertron Swindle into Gears or Brawn. I just need a few questions answered before I jump into this. Maybe someone could start a sticky thread about some of the how-to steps of Kitbashing/repainting and any helpful tips (or has this already been posted)??? THANKS FOR ALL OF THE HELP IN ADVANCE!!!!!
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    Hey if any one wants the secret to the whole paint/repaint issue pick up the book "Scale Automotive Finishes" by Pat Covert.
    More so intended for model car builders but just about all the techniques can be used on your TFs as they are plastic....Learn all the secrets to spray paint & so much more.
    Don't just lay on the & learn the pro's techniques FIRST ! ! !

    The best advice I can offer is to practice on TFs that you can dispose of if you make a mistake(s), buy a junk lot on ebay and have at 'er.

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