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    didnt a whole bunch of Dcons land on earth besides in egypt? like the group that came w/ the fallen and sank the aircraft carrier, where did they go?

    did the fallen really think people would panic from his video message? people were more like wtf?

    did anyone else see bumblebee as a littled pissed off through out the movie? sam goin to college w/o him. bb having to basically babysit the twins, he seemed a lil ticked off

    why did megan fox put on the wedding dress?
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    tons actually, if you count the prequel comics from IDW. and as such, they have been dealt with by prime and Crew. for the new arrivals, most likely they'll be hunted down by NEST

    yeah you could say that, maybe they thought it was viral marketing for some sort of summer blockbuster with robots in it.

    well.. he did feel a bit left out by sam. must be why he took it out brutally on ravage.
    just so the movie could have an excuse for a scene with her undressing. (only to be disappointed she had clothes under her clothes)

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