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    I have few items for sale. I’m just looking for realistic offers, PM if you’re interested.

    All items sold!

    Reissue G1 Sky Lynx-MISB

    Club Exclusive Topspin-MIB/Complete

    Energon Sixshot (repaint of Shockblast)-Loose/ Complete/Instructions /Absolutely Mint

    Orignal Beast Wars Cheetor- MOSC

    Cybertron Clocker-MISP

    Animated Swoop-MOSC

    Animated Swoop-MOSC damaged bubble

    Movie Evac (Blackout repaint with new head &n hands)-MISB

    Movie Cliffjumper-Loose/ Complete/Instructions /Absolutely Mint

    Movie Jazz-Loose/ Complete/Instructions /Absolutely Mint

    Universe (Classics 2.0) Acid Storm-Loose/ Complete

    Universe (Classics 2.0) Sunstreaker-Loose/ Complete

    Universe (Classics 2.0) Prowl-Loose/ Complete

    Beast Machines Dinobots T-Wrecks (repaint of BW Megatron)-Loose/ Complete


    All items must complete and in excellent condition but they can be loose or sealed.

    THS-02B Black Convoy
    RM Black Lio Convoy
    RM Black Victory Saber
    RM G1 Black Convoy
    RM Metallic Lio Convoy
    RM Lio Convoy

    Serious Buyers Only!
    I accept paypal only; however, if in nyc, we can meet in person and i'll take cash.
    Check out my feedback!
    LMK if you’re interested via PM. Include your zip code so I can calculate shipping.

    Shipping & handling will include tracking / delivery confirmation number. I'll ship USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation. I may ship with FedEx ground with tracking which ever is cheapest. Insurance is optional and must be requested.

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