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    Seeing as I'm picking things out of my collection that I no longer feel fit in with it, I've got a fe things for sale now. Ideally I'd like to sell these to people in the UK, as the Royal Mail postal prices for other countries is fairly extortionate.

    Here's the list;

    ALL TITANIUMS RESERVED. The following are all 6 Inch Transformable Titaniums (No boxes, but Instructions can be found if you give me a little time);
    G1 Soundwave (Nappy edition)£5
    War Within Thundercracker £5
    GI-JOE Megatron (With amazing fall apart feature) £5
    War Within Megatron £7
    G1 Ultra Magnus £7
    G1 Rodimus Prime £5
    War Within Optimus Prime £5
    RID Optimus Prime £5
    War Within Jetfire £5
    Or how about this, buy all of them for £38

    The figures have no boxes, but as I said the instructions are available. The bases are also present and the figures have only been transformed twice at the most.
    I don't have suitable shipping boxes for these, so won't be able to send them out till I've got back to work next Monday and can get some boxes.

    Also available;
    Takara USA Edition Starscream £60 - Has been opened, and transformed into Jet and back. No broken parts and has lived in its box since I got it. Its complete as well.

    Masterpiece Megatron £50 - Never transformed as I had a shot of someone else’s and couldn't do it. Complete in its box, but has been opened and removed to check it out.

    Masterpiece Convoy £65 - Complete in box, however it was dropped when it was sent to me, so the box has a "dunt" on it, and the plastic tray inside is cracked. It is complete however and has only been Transformed a couple of times. Its lived in its box for about 98% of the time I've had it.

    As these ones are slightly bigger and heavier, I'll have to send these ones out from work, so shipping on them will be £6.

    If you're interested in anything or want to try making an offer then please feel free to PM me.


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