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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Todd Hakusho, Feb 5, 2010.

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    igured I'd try my luck and getting trades or cash for these guys as all they're doing is collecting dust in a drawer;

    - Movie 1 Bumblebee (C9 cond.)
    - Armada Demolisher (C7.5-C8 cond., missing missiles, mini-con)
    - Beast Machines Dinobot Striker (C7.5-C8 cond., missing one half of his dinosaur shell)
    - ROTF The Fallen (C9-C9.5 cond., in box)
    - ROTF Gears (C9-C9.5 cond. in box)
    - TFA Ratchet (C9 cond., includes all tools)

    For sale wise, all items are name your own prices. In terms of trading however, I am willing to make a deal for any figure you offer, but here are a few figures that are priority wants;

    - G1 Grimlock
    - G1 Slag
    - Classics Grimlock (seeing a pattern yet? xD)
    - RiD Prime (hey, worth mentioning anyway lol)
    - Energon/Cybertron Downshift (preferably Energon)

    anyways, as said earlier, PM me in you are interested or if you have any questions at all ^^

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