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    Transformers : Alternate Reality

    I wanna know what everyone thinks about this. I have a few ideas listed along with character names. Let me know what ya like and don't. Give some suggestions too.

    Transformer Fan Fic Ideas
    -Set one million years after the end of G1
    -Set one million years after G1, G2 never happened
    - A cross of Beast Wars and G1
    - A different world of TF where other TF’s created by the Quintessons exist.

    Character Ideas
    Good Guys
    1. Katsohiten Prime - Autobot Leader
    2. Iron Guise – Autobot Second in Command
    3. Medic – Autobot Chief Medical Officer
    4. Shadow Streak – Autobot Special Tactics Officer
    5. Barren - Autobot Weapons Specialist
    6. Sideline – Autobot Soldier
    7. Yellow Jacket - Autobot Soldier (decedent of Bumble Bee)
    8. Perceptor – Autobot Intelligence Officer
    Bad Guys
    1. Galvatron – Decepticon Leader
    2. Battlefield – Decepticon Second in Command
    3. Charge – Decepticon Weapons Specialist
    4. Panzer – Decepticon Special Tactics Officer
    5. Deathtrap – Decepticon Soldier
    6. Pyscotron – Decepticon Soldier
    7. Martyr (Marter) – Decepticon Soldier
    8. Kommunikation – Decepticon Communications Officer

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    Ok so here is what I've got so far for my fan fic. I know it's not Shakespeare but hey ya know who is. Let me know what everyone thinks and what I can do better.

    Transformers : Alternate Reality

    Chapter 1

    “It’s time. My arrival is nigh and I must prepare. Nothing this time will stand in my way. My plan will not fail.” And with that a mysterious force shoots across the galaxy. What this is and its purposes are unknown.

    “Come on Perceptor let’s get going we’re gonna be late!” says Yellow Jacket. “K-Prime hates it when we’re late.”

    “Calm down Yellow Jacket. By my calculations we’ll be there at the latest 4 minutes.” Perceptor calls back. “Yeah well we were supposed to be at the meeting 5 minutes ago Perceptor. So I think that qualifies as being late.” So they race off as fast as they can to get to the Citadel. When they arrive, Katsohiten Prime had already begun his speech, “and then we’ll make our way across the ice glacier where I believe we’ll encounter some resistance. If everything goes according to the plan we should be able to retrieve the plans for the new Decepticon weapon without much of a problem." Then Yellow Jacket and Perceptor burst into the room and from the momentum fall forward and land at the feet of Katsohiten Prime. “Ahh…just the two I was looking for. So nice for you two to join us.” “We’re sorry Prime,” the two said in unison. Prime gave them both a look could have made a Decepticon leak a bit. So they proceeded to pick themselves up off the ground and join the rest of the Autobots. "As I was saying, the plans are our main objective. So we need to get in and get out as quickly and quietly as possible. Shadow Streak this is where you come in.”

    “Of course Katsohiten. According to our intelligence on the Decepticon’s glacier base the plans should be located in the labs. There are several ways to get to this area but the smartest plan of attack is to wait till nightfall. This is when they’re most vulnerable. Their searchlights have a limited range and also blind spots. We shall use this to our advantage. Yellow Jacket.”

    “Yes Shadow Streak?”

    “You’ll be the one who’ll go in first. You’ll need to take out the security system once inside. Its located here in the Arms room located about 50 meters past the side doors. Once disabled radio back to us so we can begin our approach. After that’s done wait for us to rendezvous with you in that same room. From there we’ll make our way to the labs and escape with the plans. Our bot on the inside says that at night the patrols aren’t has heavy in the labs. So that’ll work to our advantage.”

    “Thank you Shadow Streak,” says Katsohiten Prime,” One more thing. Confrontation is our last option. This is one of the Decepticon’s main bases of operation. We’ll be outnumbered and reinforcements won’t come if we need them. This mission is off the books. Everyone before we leave for Caldenron see Medic. I want all of us in peak condition. Alright, you’re all dismissed.”
    All together, “Yes sir!”

    A week later, on the planet Caldenron inside the Decepticon base

    “Nothing worse than guard duty in the middle of the night.”

    “I agree on that one. Why do we even have to do this it’s not like the Autobots are even gonna try and come here. Hell that’s even if they know where this place is at.”

    “I don’t know. All I know is Galvatron doesn’t want those plans to fall into the wrong hands. So I’m not gonna piss him off.”

    “Yeah remember what happened to the last guy that made him mad. He ripped his fission core and optic sensors right out of his body. Let’s just say he’ll be feeling that one in the morning.”

    “I bet. Hahahaha!”

    Outside the base

    “Ok Autobots, remember, no confrontation. Alright Yellow Jacket, you’re on.”
    “No problem, consider that security system toast!” Then Yellow Jacket takes off around the base of the rocks the Autobots are hiding behind. He creeps along trying to stay as quiet as possible while still keeping his focus on the search lights and the outside guards. He stops at a huge jut of ice to get a better feel for his surroundings. He notices the blind spots and the guard movements. One guard catches his eye though. He realizes it’s not even a guard at all. It's Decepticon commander Battlefield. Yellow Jacket will always remember him.

    The last time they met Yellow Jacket almost felt the full force of his fusion cannon. That was if Katsohiten Prime hadn’t of blasted Battlefield. During the battle Yellow Jacket was fighting off a few Decepti-creeps when Battlefield had fired at him. Yellow Jacket thought he missed. What he didn’t realize is Battlefield always hits his mark. Battlefield had fired his Nullifying Beam at Yellow Jacket. He became paralyzed and easy prey for Battlefield. Yellow Jacket feared the worst. Then as the worst was about to happen, Prime flew in with a hard left hook the Yellow Jacket swears almost knocked the optic sensors right out of Battlefield’s head.

    A noise brings Yellow Jacket back to reality. He notices that the guards are changing as Battlefield has gone back inside. “Now’s my chance.” He races forward and slides right past the search lights. He made it inside. “All I gotta do is find that arms room. Shadow Streak said it was 50 meters past the door. Easy enough.” Yellow Jacket made his way to the arms room and disabled the security system.

    “Yellow Jacket to Prime, over.”
    “Prime here, over.”
    “Security system disabled sir, over.”
    “Good work Yellow Jacket. We’re on our way, over.”
    “Thank you sir, Yellow Jacket out.”

    “Ok everyone let’s get going.” As the Autobots move out and into the base, another visitor arrives on the planet.

    “The signal is coming from this planet. The artifact is located here.” The mysterious figure proceeded across the ice towards the Decepticon Base. His mere presence was astounding. His feet crushed the ice beneath him as he walked, sending tremors through the ground. His large frame towered over any that stood in his way. His mission is to retrieve the artifact no matter the cost.

    “So then I said to Lockjaw, ‘What the hell, I said up not down!’, that’s when the whole thing came crashing down. So I just let him clean up the mess.”

    “Wow that must have sucked.”

    “Yeah well I didn’t care.” That’s when a glint caught his eye. “Hey, what’s that?” He pointed towards the darkness where he could see a large figure walking towards them.

    “I don’t see anything.”

    “It’s right there don’t you see it.” Then a flash of light was seen. “G-Force did you see that flash? G-Force?” As he turned to look at his friend all he saw was the smoldering from of what was left of his body. He turned around to run in horror but it was to no avail. The figure in the dark shot him down with one solid blast. He proceeded past the smoldering bodies into the base, to search for his artifact.

    Inside the Arms Room

    “Ok Autobots, it’s time to get the plans. Shadow Streak, you take point. We’ll be right with you.”

    “Yes sir.” The begin to funnel out of the Arms room with Shadow Streak first followed by Prime, Yellow Jacket, then Iron Guise, and Barren bringing up the rear. As they proceed down the corridor they pass many bland looking rooms. None of them can really make out what each of them is. “The labs should be up ahead,” Shadow Streak whispered back. As they enter the lab they notice the usual lab equipment, but what catches their eyes isn’t what they expected. They notice a set of large cylinder like tubes up against a metal gray wall. It seems they are filled with water, and bio-mechanical creations.

    “What…the…what’s going on here?” asks Yellow Jacket.

    “Calm down Yellow Jacket. Let’s get those plans first,” Katsohiten Prime says back. That’s our first priority. Let’s find them.”
    They all begin to rifle through papers. Shadow Streak starts to hack into some of the computers. What he finds is, disturbing to say the least. “Prime, you need to take a look at this.” Prime walks over to the screen and sees something that makes him cringe a little bit. “I have no idea what’s going on here Prime, but I don’t want to be around to find out.”

    “I agree Shadow Streak. Let’s find those plans.”

    “Umm, Prime?”

    “Yeah Shadow Streak?”

    “I think these are the plans. This is the computer that our intelligence said they’d be on.”

    “Then the tubes must be what they’re working on. I can’t believe this. They’re taking old Transformers and recreating them as Bio-Mechanical killing machines. So this is the new Decepticon weapon.”

    “Prime these tubes need to be destroyed. This is…it’s an abomination!” cries Iron Guise.

    “I know Iron Guise, but we can’t draw any attention towards us. Shadow Streak, grab the plans. We’re getting out of here!”

    Then a huge explosion rocks the base. “What was that!” exclaims Barren.

    “I have no clue, but whatever it was I feel it wasn’t a good thing,” Yellow Jacket points out, “I say we get a move on and get out while we can.”

    “Autobots transform and roll out!” shouts Prime. They transform into their alt. modes and began to leave.
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    As they raced through the base something catches Prime’s eye. He stops and transforms back into his Technitronian mode.

    “Prime what’s the matter?” shouts Iron Guise.

    “I have to check something out. Get the others out of here!” Prime orders.

    “We’re not leaving you here.”

    “I won’t be long I promise. Now go!” With that Prime turns around and runs into the room. He notices all the lights and buzzing coming from the monitors. They are across from a few switches that aren’t labeled. The room is big, with a lot of electrical cords strung about in a very poor fashion, almost as if they were set up in a hurry and made to be able to taken down quickly. That’s when the wall exploded next to him. Metal shards and cords came flying at Prime and he covered his head. “What in the world was that?” That’s when the figure stepped through the hole in the wall.

    “Where are they?”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    “Then you’re of no use to me.” The figure raises his arm and stretches out his fingers. A light begins to form in his palm. The light begins to swirl and turn bluish. The figure pulls its arm back and shouts as he throws the energy ball towards Prime. He manages to dive-roll out of the way just in time as it leaves by the shape of the blast in the now destroyed monitors.
    “If that have hit me, I’d have been fried,” Prime thought to himself. “Who are you and what is it you want?” Prime shouted at his attacker. The figure responded with another blast.

    “If you don’t have what I want then you’re of no use to me. NOW DIE!” He fired once again. This time it caught Prime in his left arm, completely obliterated it from the middle of his forearm down.

    “ARRRRGGGHH!!” Prime shouted in agony. Just then the being attacking Prime was blasted back into the wall, scraps of metal and glass falling down around the being.

    “Prime we have to get you out of here.” Iron Guise said kneeling next to Prime.

    “I think now is as good a time as any. Let’s get going.” They both got up, Iron Guise helping Prime to his feet, and bolted for the exit.

    “Prime who was that guy anyway?”

    “I’m not sure Iron Guise, but I have a feeling that we’ll see him again. He was after something and hell bent on getting it.”

    “Well he almost killed you. Good thing I came back for you because it seems like he was getting close to it.” They reach the exit door and make a break for cover.

    “Iron Guise to Sideline come in over.”

    “Yeah Sideline here, over.”

    “I’ve got Prime, come get us.”

    “Alright we’re coming in hot.” Just then the ship, The Resurrect, flies into view. Iron Guise helps Prime onto the ship and they take off. The image of his assailant still fresh in Prime’s mind, and how ruthless he was; the black and red of the metal on his body and how it glinted off of the sparking electrical cords, and how his cold red eyes had anger and determination so clear in them. It shook Prime to his very core. He’s never had to face someone or something like that before. Sure the occasional Decepticon was persistent but never to the degree this bot was. He wasn’t even sure if it was a bot. For all who know it could have been organic. Though he’s never heard of an organic being having the ability to emit energy from their hands, and what was he after. Surely it couldn’t have the plans they retrieved. And also, what was the machine that was in that room. It had some sort of energy signal that Prime didn’t recognize. Prime already knew what they’re next mission was going to be, they’re going back to the base on Caldenron to figure out what that machine is. When and how was something Prime was going to have to figure out.

    “Man Katsohiten what did that to your arm?” questioned Yellow Jacket.

    “I don’t know Yellow Jacket, I don’t know.”

    Back at the Decepticon Base

    “What is going? I want a status report,” a loud, booming voice shouted. He sat in a large chair with the Decepticon symbol as its back. Only a light coming from behind the chair on the ceiling illuminated him, it shined onto his legs, which were colored purple with a hint of gray in it. “Where is that status report?”

    “I’m bringing it on screen now. There is below 40% damage to the interior of rooms 1-7 of Sector 16. Also, room 8 has been damaged, not sure to what extent though. The scanners are offline, seems to be some sort of interference,” reported Cyclonus.

    “What do you mean ‘some sort’? Figure out what it is now or learn how to hop everywhere because I'll tear your leg off!” shouted the dark figure.

    As Cyclonus tried to figure out what was causing the malfunction in the equipment, another huge explosion rocked the base.

    “That’s enough; I’m going to go take care of this matter myself. Where is the intruder?”

    “The intruder appears to be heading down to the level one labs.”

    “I’ll be back shortly.” The dark figure stands up into the light to reveal Galvatron, leader of the Decepticons. He proceeded through the door out of his chamber as it slid open. He walked down the hallway with his usual posture. He walked as if no one can best him; his gait said that he was unstoppable. He proceeded down the lift to Level 1. As he got off the lift his only thought was to destroy this intruder. No one would stand in Galvatron’s path to his ultimate victory. He needs the Time Room in top condition if he’s to get back to where he needs to properly. His plan is to go back in time and destroy Katsohiten Prime before he thwarted his plan to take over Technitron. The damage was apparent as he walked down the hallway. “Whatever is attacking the base isn’t going to be stopped easy. It’s taken out every guard on this floor already, and the guards outside,” Galvatron thought to himself. “Cyclonus where is the intruder now?”

    “He’s accessing the computer in Lab 7.” Cyclonus responded back.

    “Good, I’m getting tired of this. I’m going to rip him limb from limb, and enjoy every second of it.”

    “Do you want me to send reinforcements to Lab 7 Lord Galvatron?”

    “They’d just get in my way.”
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    Galvatron turned the corner and made his way to the labs. That’s when he saw his enemy. “I am Galvatron; I demand to know what you’re doing in my base now!”

    “Do you have what I want?”

    “Now how the hell would I know what you want? Wait, I know what you want.” Galvatron raised his arm cannon and blasted the intruder. As the blast struck him in the chest a huge cloud of smoke enveloped him. “Hahahaha that hit the spot I bet. That was too easy.” Then Galvatron started to turn around and walk away when he heard something he didn’t expect to hear.

    “Ha…ha ha…HAHAHAHAHA! Finally I found someone who might actually stand a chance against me, so in return I’ll give you what you asked for. I’m in the base to take something of yours. I’m here for the plans to your bio-mechanical super soldier program. My master sent me here to retrieve them at any cost. So, if you stand in my way then I’ll have to eliminate you.”

    “You think you can talk down to me like some scum? I am the all mighty Galvatron! No one can defeat me.”

    “I’m willing to put that statement to the test.” No sooner then he finished his sentence, he charged Galvatron and tackled back through the doorway into the way. Galvatron grabbed a hold of the attacker and clasped his fists together and pounded on his back trying to get him to release his grip. It was to no avail, Galvatron’s attacker picked him up and suplexed Galvatron right onto the floor. Galvatron jumped to his feet and stepped a few steps back.

    “Who,” Galvatron was breathing heavy and in pain,” who are you?”

    “My name, my name is Draxon, Harbinger of death, and herald to my master Liege Maximo.”

    “Liege Maximo, it can’t be!? Prime and Megatron killed him!”

    “Not exactly,” then without warning, Draxon raised him arm and shot Galvatron in the chest with an energy blast. Galvatron had a mix of astonishment and pain in the expression on his face. He looked at the smoking hole in his chest, fluid was leaking out onto the floor at his feet. He fell to his knees, and with his dying breath said, “No..one can…beat…me.” Then fell to the floor with a dying sigh, some more fluid leaked out of his mouth. Draxon stepped over his body back into Lab 7.

    “Now back to my task at hand,” said Draxon.

    End of Chapter One
    So what does everyone think of the first chapter?

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