By Generation: A Different Breakaway Cockpit Modification

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by deruberhanyok, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Sep 20, 2009
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    I was just messing with a second Breakaway I've gotten and [modified] the cockpit different from the tutorials I've seen.

    [This] image is a diagram. In the diagram, think of it [as if] looking at the front piece of clear plastic for the cockpit from the bottom:

    The black outline is the larger part (the "top" [as] if looking at the figure normally), and the smaller grey outline is the lower part that locks the piece into place. The red section is what I removed. I cut a line right in the middle of the lower half and removed the forward part of it on both sides of the "bar" that goes up the middle (which was left intact).

    When reassembled (with the screw slightly less than completely tightened), this allows the cockpit to slide forward a little bit and the head can pop out. Make sure you keep the "bar" in the middle intact; it acts as a guide for sliding the piece out:





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