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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Prime Noble, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I've been meaning to ask these for a while now so at the risk of sounding like an idiot here goes:

    When IDW released their comic adaption of the 86 movie a few years ago, Hot Rod had very pronounced Prowl-like horns.

    When Classics Rodimus was released, he had similar horns but they were yellow in colour.

    Where did this come from? Because the Classics toy isn't too bad but I always find the horns in those comics to look terrible and quite distracting because they don't look right, to me at least.

    Anyone know why Hot Rod/Rodimus was given these horns all of a sudden?

    My other question is this. Botcon released Sky Quake and Leo Zack this year by repainting the Energon Starscream mold. According to the fiction, they were early Decepticon Air Warriors. Does this mean they are now classed as Seekers?

    I remember in WW3, that souped up Seeker that attacked Getaway and co. really reminded me of the Energon Starscream design.

    As I type this, I'm reminded of the Classics Starscream that came out that was a repaint of the Cybertron Thundercracker Legend mold. We also got Legends Sunstorm and Ramjet and the Classics Dirge.

    Does this mean we can now count the Cybertron Starscream and Thundercracker designs and the Energon Starscream design as G1 Seeker designs since all of them have been used to portray various Seekers in the G1 universe?
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    Hot Rod has always had those horns, it's just that they weren't so pronounced. They were just lines on his helmet.

    As for the second question...I wouldn't know nor care.

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