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    I would like for everyone to know that I did a screenplay for a fanfilm I have entitled "Bortman Begins". I would ask for an excellent artist on the boards to do a "Drew Struzan style" movie poster for me. I need them to make the characters look like their respective actors.

    Bortman- Seann William Scott, note that his beard is shaven and his hair is grown out to neck level.

    Scorpius- Robert Downey Jr., note that his hair is in a grey "bullet" (mullet that has a large bald spot at the top, a "Bald mullet" essentially) style, and his stubble is shaven.

    Bortgirl- Amanda Seyfried, note that hair is in a ponytail and has "Bort Logo" earrings

    Tech Ninja- Jet Li, his face is covered up so it doesn't matter.

    I have attached pictures of the comic book versions of the characters, for reference of the costumes, and a mock up of the poster, with the city of Chicago in the background. Draw that in too please.

    --David "Bort"

    P.S., PM me if you accept with some of your previous work attached.

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