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    Financial difficulties are forcing me to unload a good portion of my collection, and I'd rather give you guys a crack at 'em before they go up for the rest of the world to see (eBay). I'm selling off a bunch of Classics/ related stuff; PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE IF YOU THINK I'M HIGHBALLING (I don't have a great idea of how much these are worth now, I'm trying to guess). They're all complete and undamaged, and have instructions. I might still have the cardboard backings from the packages, too.

    $30 each: Classics Starscream (newer paint job), Classics Mirage, Classics Galvatron, Classics Cyclonus/ Nightstick, Animated Grimlock, 2007 Deep Space Starscream (MISB), 2007 Movie Starscream (MIB)

    $40 each: Classics Hound/ Ravage, Classics Prowl

    $50 each: Classics Ironhide, Alternators Hound

    $60 each: Classics Ratchet

    I've got more stuff that I'll post here later. Let me know if you have questions, and remember: PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Hopefully some of these guys can find good homes. Also, I'm not interested in trading (unless you maybe have a MP Grimlock.) PM me if you want to see a pic of something- everything is in pristine condition!

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