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    Mar 11, 2009
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    So this is a big thanks to all who either bought someof my collection or helped by managing my threads....

    SO barring a final up in bidding on CommEd Soundwave....Final tally is 34 sold for a total of $943.08

    Not bad.....

    The 11 that didnt sell are

    2007 Movie Voyager Class Megatron
    Armada Dark Saber Minicons
    Armada Requiem Blaster Minicons
    Armada Megatron w/Leader-1 Minicon
    Armada Jetfire w/Comettor Minicon
    Classics Starscream
    Classics 2.0 Sunstreaker
    Classics 2.0 Sideswipe
    Takara Bookbox Reissue Inferno
    Takara Bookbox Reissue Megatron(Big Suprise)
    Takara Bookbox Reissue Optimus Prime(Even Bigger Suprise)

    If any of you have any interest in any of these let me know(Im leaning heavily on keeping Reissue Prime and Megs but if I were to recieve a serious offer I wouldn't ignore it)

    Thanks for all the help and to those who bid and bought something a very BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!

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