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    Transformers Intiation of the Facsimile

    Edit:I noticed, Alot of people used 'Rise of the...' in the titles of there post ROTF stories. So I changed mine to Intiation

    Note:This is a post ROTF story. I didnt want to call it Transformers 3 because I saw that title tossed around a few times. I've taken my favorite aspects and characters from various generations and incarnations of transformers and molded them into this fic that I have had so much fun working on. So far the only original characters I've introduced, is the humans. But I'm going to toss in a few original Transformers. I hope you all enjoy my take on a few of the themes and characters
    Disclaimer: I do not own the Transformers, but I love collecting them and writing about them.

    Chapter 1

    Caleb had always been a rebel without a cause. He just didn't like conformity, and the US of A was chalked full of conservatives and squares with red tape in excess. Needless to say, he was more then stoked when the government could no longer hide the alien robot infestation that the internet masses had already suspected. Even subscribers of the acclaimed therealeffingdeal.com, a very respectable internet publication, had viewed undeniable footage of one such alien in action out in China. So when the Decepticons came out publicly, skeptics like Caleb were less then surprised, and that much more disappointed in his government. But with the outing of the Transformers Caleb knew things in his life were destined to get interesting.

    To bad he was horribly mistaken. Seemed like these 'Transformers' were everywhere, except were he wanted them to be. It didn't matter if they were Autobot or Decepticon, Caleb had to have one. Ok, so you couldn’t HAVE a transformer, pre-say, but he could be-friend one at the very least. But sadly, in the months that followed the very public battle in Egypt, it was all about military restructuring and crap.

    All the Autobot's, including even more new arrivals, were busy strengthening treaties with the US government. Meanwhile every single piece of construction equipment, for fear of being a Constructicon, was put under super surveillance, and the remaining Decepticons (if there were any) disappeared under deep cover. There was no way an 18 year old high school drop out was going to find one of these illustrious creatures, unless he became a political diplomat or military officer over night. Not going to happen. He thought to himself.

    Caleb was a good looking young man… though his parents were not. In all actuality he considered them to be quite trashy. Neither of which could hold a job for any longer than a few weeks. His mother was a pill popper and his father an alcoholic. Neither of which gave much consideration for personal hygiene or the well being of there son, but this never really bothered Caleb. Both of his parents were Caucasian, what with blue eyes and blond hair. Yet his skin was considerably darker, and he had brown eyes and dark hair. There was no doubt in Caleb's mind that one of his parents was in-fact not.

    He really couldn't complain about his parent's lack of motivation or compassion. They kept a roof over his head (just barely) and taught him how to fend for himself at an early age, traits that would carry over to adulthood quiet well. Plus they didn't hassle him whenever he took off for long periods of time, like he did earlier this morning.

    He met up with his friend Kip at there usual hang out spot behind the scrap yard in Poe-dunk Hanford California. Having figured he'd find something to keep him occupied all night, Caleb dressed rather nicely today: a pair of baggy jeans, formfitting t-shirt underneath a once very expensive biker jacket, and a pair of clean Timberlands. Ensuring that he didn't sully his clothes, he joined his greasy looking friend on the old faded loveseat that they kept nestled along the tin sided fence of the scrap yard.

    Kip had an outdated boom-box balanced on top of some milk crates; he tore his attention away from the news broadcast to fish a Steel Reserve from his pack and tossed it to Caleb. It was barely noon, and the beer was kind of warm, but Caleb wasn't one to pass up anything free, so he cracked open the large can, took a swig and settled in. "What's going on?" he asked, nodding toward the radio and it's 'breaking news' cast.
    "More Robots" Kip responded in his thick southern accent. Kip's voice always amused Caleb, he was born and raised in the Central valley, but he sounded like his was from Alabama.
    "More…? What kind?" Caleb asked half interestedly.
    "New kind." Kip responded and Caleb instantly crew interested, he sat up and leaned in toward Kip to get all the details. "They say that there was more then just the Autobot's and Decepticon's. Use ta be a bunch of different kind’o dem ‘Transformers’, an one’o dem, some bad ass s.o.b, showed up sometime this morning." Kip explained quickly before returning his attention back to the radio.

    "Her name is Black Arachnia and according to the Autobot report, this Cybertronian terrorist is a Predacon, a Cybertronian faction that had strong ties to the Decepticons. As a Predacon this transformer will take on the appearance of not a machine, but an animal. Authorities are asking all citizens in the Central California region to remain calm and vigilante, keep all out door activities and travel to a minimum, and do not approach or handle any animals that you don't personally know. Autobot's will be teaming with local authorities in an attempt to find this terrorist, they have reason to believe that she is in possession of highly valuable Decepticon equipment, and is to be considered armed and dangerous."

    "Whatever. Like anything cool like that would happen here." Caleb said as he hopped to his feet and killed the rest of his beer, spiking the empty can into the dirt like a football player who just made a touch down.
    "But they said it was here in the Valley." Kip reminded him.
    "Yeah right. It's a huge valley; she wasn’t anywhere near here. I bet she was just passing through, heading toward LA or Nevada." Caleb shot back as he retrieved a plastic bag from behind the coach. The bag was full of spray cans, which he flung over the fence into the scrap yard, then sprang off the coach and over the fence as well. Kip cut the radio off and followed.

    A few meters from where the boys hopped into the scrap yard, a huge Bullmastiff lying next to his makeshift dog house, perked his head up, and let out a deep growl at the boys. "Give it a rest loser." Caleb snapped at the massive canine, which whimpered in defeat and lay back down. With cans in hand, the boys maneuvered around a few large stacks of rubbish until they came onto there project, a large wall of crushed cars, converted into a wall for which the boys had an enormous mural in the works. The mural was composed of vibrant colors and rich detail, it depicted a war… the Cybertronian war, with numerous transformers, some famous, some not; all battling one another.

    Though the majority of the image was complete, the boys had a few details to treat, and without so much as a word, they went to work right away. Once they got started painting, they became so involved in there work, that they hadn't even noticed a few subtle changes in the surrounding environment. Two mint condition late 80's model Trans Am's sat parked tightly between to heaps of rusting scraps. The Trans Am's just happened to be facing the Mural and the boys that were painting it. One was a Glossy Fog Gray the other Tuxedo Black. Both had factory decals and black rims, T-Tops, limo tint on the glass, and neither looked like they had ever been driven.

    While Kip touched up the boarders, Caleb added some extra detail to a particular part of the mural; it was a Decepticon shooting his laser pistol point blank into the chest of an Autobot. Caleb sprayed a few strokes of yellow and white, to accent the sparks that were shooting off of the blast victim. As he did so a muffled chuckle rang out smartly from behind him. Caleb stopped and turned to find no one but the two Trans Am's. He had not noticed them before and was instantly curious. "Whoa, those are new." Kip gushed, as he investigated what Caleb had become distracted by.

    "Please don't stop." A voice came from the boy's flank, startling them. “We enjoy your work." A young woman said as she stepped in from stage left, casually walking in front of the two cars, and coming to a rest against the hood of the black one. She was young, but older then Caleb and Kip, maybe 20 or 21. She was rough around the edges, tall and slender, yet curvaceous. Despite the wicked horizontal scar she had trailing across her forehead, just above her brow, she was quiet the bombshell.

    "Look lady, we've been painting here for weeks, we were never chased away so we figured nobody really cared…" Caleb began to explain.
    "Relax, I don't work here… just hiding out." The girl interrupted. She then pushed off the car, and walked past Caleb to get a closer look at the mural. "You definitely have got some talent. But I think it's your vision that appeals to us the most." She commented, lost deep in thought at the magnificence of the painting. When she paused, Caleb stepped around her, and gave her the once over.

    She was wearing black knee high boots that looked like they weren’t designed fore a lot of walking, especially on the uneven surface of the scrap yard. She had very short daisy duke style cut off jeans, a deep pink tank top under an unzipped black mini hoodie. Her thighs were thick and toned, her waist narrow, and her curves were… well rounded. Her skin was pale, and her straight blonde hair hung to the small of her back.

    Her swagger was strange, a bit eccentric yet still sexy and tough. Her demeanor was seductive and aggressive, her eyes looked sharp and aware, and her fist and seen there fair share of action… this was evident by the tiny scars that littered them. Caleb felt less like he was looking at a hot babe and more like he was looking into a cloudy crystal ball. He saw in this woman… a little of himself, but more so he saw the kind of girl he new he was destined to be with. Realizing they were alike, Caleb softened his guard, but did not drop it completely.

    “Why the fascination with these machines?” she asked Caleb, ignoring Kip who was dazed and confused behind them. “There from out of this world,” Caleb responded without thinking. “Maybe they can help me escape this one.”
    “I feel ya…” the girl chuckled, “Why would anybody want to stay on this awful planet?” She asked rhetorically as she reached out and stroked the painting in front of her with her index finger.

    “You seem to have a preference.” She called back, gesturing to the Decepticon killing his Autobot adversary in the mural. “I want to be with them. But the Autobot’s have more humans around then they know what to do with. So I figure I’d have better luck getting with a Decepticon.” Caleb replied.
    “Hmmm” Was all she said, thoughtfully.
    “Then tell me… why would you be such a valued asset to the Decepticons?” She asked enthusiastically.
    “C’mon, you gotta sell yourself, if you want a Decepticon to take you under there wings.” This girl seemed easy to get along with, almost too easy. “I’m a native to this planet, and I want to be involved with this ‘conflict’, who better to help them in there cause.”

    “What’s your name kid?” She asked, inching closer to Caleb.
    “Caleb.” He said, facing her almost defiantly.
    “Caleb, the future human/Decepticon mercenary, I like the way you think.”
    “Uh… thanks. But who the hell ARE you?”
    “Sandra, THE human/Decepticon mercenary…” She said as she extended her hand to Caleb. Caleb chuckled and turned back to Kip who chuckled behind him at the girl’s self proclamation. “What’s so funny?” Sandra asked as she dropped her hand. “Hey babe, if you’re a ‘human/Decepticon’ what’cha call-it… then tells me where to sign up, because I’ve been trying for months” Caleb said as he mockingly laughed at the girl.

    “Well you don’t really apply for the position; you sort of get picked for it.” She explained nonchalantly.
    “So a Decipticon picked you…?” Caleb asked sarcastically erupting into more laughter.
    “That’s right.”
    “Do you think they would pick me?” Caleb teased.
    “Ask ‘em yourself.” Sandra said as she slowly backed away from the boys and towards the Trans Am’s. “What d’ya say boys is he facsimile material?”
    In response to Sandra’s question… a metallic sound echoed, in stereo, through out the yard. The two Pontiacs exploded into action, splintering at the seams, folding in on themselves, raising and turning, spinning and sliding. Various slabs of metal and fenders peeled back, tires tucked in, and mechanisms reshaped.
    By the time Caleb realized what was happening, the Trans Am’s transformation was complete.
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    Chapter 2

    Note: BTW, I am new to this site, this is barely my second post. Comments are always welcome.

    Chapter 2
    The Artist

    Standing before him, were two 16 foot tall alien robots. Caleb stared in awe, the two Cybertronians were Decepticons. that much was evident by the Badges on there chest plates. They both were the exact same kind of car, and now stood almost like twins before him, there faces distinctly different, like one man's would differ from another's.

    Caleb could do nothing but glare in amazement as Sandra led the two machines toward him. There footsteps sending tremors through the earth, and this sent Kip over the deep end. He reeled back in terror, his body convulsing uncontrollably as screams rang out form the bellows of his gut. Kip's cowardly screech snapped Caleb out of his trance and he turned toward his friend and yelled "SHUT UP!" simultaneously with Sandra and the two Decepticons.
    When Kip piped down, Sandra approached Caleb but spoke to the bots. "What do you say Runabout? He possesses a certain Decepticon flavor, right?"
    "Perhaps. But he's a sarcastic little flesh-ling." The Black Decepticon responded, dropping to one knee. A blaster folded out from his forearm and he aimed it right at Caleb. "I oughta splatter this cynical slag head for mocking us." If his words weren't enough evidence to draw upon, one could guess that the darkest of the pair was a bit of a sadist. Even his deep, menacing voice held a pitch that said 'yeah. I'm crazy'.

    "I dunno 'Bout," The lighter Decepticon chimed in, his voice lighter, charismatic and more pleasant but equally as deranged as his counterpart. "Anybody, fleshy or Cybertornian, who can appreciate carnage like that." He pointed to the mural depicting the Decepticon's winning the fight against the Autobots "aint so bad in my book. Plus he's a fellow artist."
    "An artist?" Runabout asked in amazement, as he put away his blaster and turned his attention to his counterpart. "Runamuck. explain to me, how you think your some sort of artist."
    "Oh C'mon 'Bout, you've seen my work plenty of times, looky here, I'll make some more for you." two large gun barrels folded up on either side of Runamuck's shoulders, with one quick fire, two 30mm rounds shot out into a nearby scrap crane's gas tank and the entire thing blew to pieces. "See" Runamuck gleamed "Tell me that aint beauty."
    "Well. you do have a way with colors." Runabout responded as the giant fireball plumed into the air.

    As shocked as he was by the magnificent and terrifying machines before him, Caleb was just as awe struck by the huge explosion. "See, even he likes my art." Runamuck proudly announced gesturing to Caleb. "You like that kind of stuff kid?" Sandra asked, as she came to Caleb's side. "That was awesome!" Caleb cheered. Uncontrollable emotions were beginning to flood over him, the weight of the situation was slowly falling on Caleb, and He liked it. His excitement was uncontainable. He hoped this day would come, the day he would become the preverbal evil twin of Sam Witwicky, the world's most envied human, Autobot Ambassador to the known world. This was what he dreamed of: A life of action, adventure, fast machines, and giant robotic comrades. This was the moment he longed for. Though he knew he would be committing himself to a life of malice and ill intent, he was hardly bothered by the notion.

    "I still want to squash 'em." Runabout pouted nearby.
    "No, no killing the facsimiles." Sandra scolded the giant robot in front of them.
    "Oh c'mon A-Rac, can't I just pick off a limb or two?" Runabout whined as he pinched his giant fingers toward Caleb.
    "No!" She shouted, swiping away Runabouts hand.
    "What did he just call you?" Caleb interrupted curiously.
    "It's just there nick-name for me."
    "So how's about it A-Rac?" Runamuck asked as he knelt down next to Caleb. "Is the kid one of us now?"
    "It's not my decision," She responded "We'll have to ask HIM."
    "Fine, then get to it already." Runabout huffed impatiently.

    Sandra threw her right arm around Caleb's shoulders, and intertwined the fingers of her left hand with his as she leaned in close to his ear. "What do you say Caleb, you wanna be on one of us?" Her body against Caleb's felt stiff and awkward, yet it seemed so familiar. "Your life will be that of adventure and danger. Always on the move, seeing places and things you never had before." Sandra's voice slowly faded into a seductive whisper. The devils words were never so sweet, even Sandra's breath, the breath of the devils advocate, was intoxicating. "You’ll push the limits o your mind, your body, you’ll learn things about your self that you never knew existed. Come with us, and you'll do your part in writing history. Your name will forever be remembered, forever feared. Join our ranks, and you'll have the power to take anything and everything you've ever wanted. This world could be your playground."

    Sandra had more to say, but it was wasted on Caleb, he didn't need this much convincing. His mind was made up months ago, when he first dreamed of a different life. The fantasy's he had, born of hatred toward a backwards society, and incompetent parents, was now a reality. All Caleb had to do was say yes, and if he couldn't choke the words out, Sandra's alluring words and enticing presence would have yanked the sound right out of Caleb's lips. He swiftly released himself from Sandra's grasp and turned to face her with all seriousness. "I'm in." he stated.

    Sandra smirked victoriously, and then took a casual step back. In the blink of an eye she retrieved a large hand gun from some where and aimed it right at Caleb. Caleb was shocked, and immediately threw his arms up in surrender as he sealed his eyes shut and flinched away from the massive gun in his face. "Look at it." Sandra said to Caleb still aiming the weapon. "Look at it and let it look you dead in the eye!" She shouted, finally getting Caleb to obey.

    The gun was a Turkish Research Desert Eagle, a 50 caliber hand gun. The metal plating was some kind of custom compound. It appeared black, but had a deep purple shine to it, and it had a small Decepticon Badge embedded in the grip. It was like no other gun he had every seen. and Caleb instantly wanted it. As Caleb stared at the weapon, he couldn't help but feel as though it was staring back, aside from his initial reaction, Caleb never imagined that he would act so calm in the face of death. Though he had no affinity for fire arms, this one was calling out to him, practically singing his name. But after only a moment, Sandra let out a huff like laugh, and then flipped the gun in her hand so that she was holding the barrel and the pistol grip was facing Caleb.

    "Welcome to the team." She said as she stretched her arm out to present the gun to Caleb. "From now on, your job is to keep this safe, even if it means you have to use it. You got that?"
    Without hesitation Caleb took the gun and gave Sandra a self-assured nod.
    "Good, can we go now?" Runabout pleaded impatiently has he transformed into car mode. "Runamuck's art project attracted the attention of the local authorities, I can hear them approaching."
    "C'mon Kid, your with me." Runamuck said as he too transformed into his car form.

    Sandra hopped behind the wheel of Runabout, Caleb in Runamuck. The two revved up and peel out, sending streams of dirt and dust into Kip who had been left behind and thoroughly ignored throughout the entire encounter. Caleb held on to the steering wheel for dear life, despite the fact that he was not in control of the muscle car. The two cars drifted through the dirt around large piles of scrap metal. Sirens could be heard in the distance, surely fire trucks were responding to the explosion. But the group had a certain need to avoid authorities, so Runamuck lead the pair of speeding cars toward the back wall of the yard.

    "Wall!" Caleb cried out as he braced for impact.
    "Oh hang on, lemme grab my paint brushes." Runamuck said as two gun barrels popped out of the top of his hood; surely they were the same 30 millimeter cannons that he had mounted on his shoulders in robot mode. "Happy strokes." Runamuck joked as he fired on the wall, creating a decent size hole for him and his counterparts to escape through. The two cars then disappeared across the large dusty field.
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    Chapter 3

    Note: I added links to photos of the respective cars that I wanted some of the new transormers to be. I really liked writing this chapter, hope you like it too.

    Chapter 3

    The afternoon heat was annoying but not unexpected. The group fled with no specific bearing in mind, and came to rest at a busy pit stop where the I-5 met Route 198, called Harris Ranch. Sweat was beginning to collect on Caleb's back, when he decided to take off his jacket and toss it in Runamucks back seat. The large gun tucked into the waist of his jeans bulged through the back of his shirt, but they had pulled off the road considerably far away from other refueling motorist, no body would notice.

    "You guys don't need gas?" Caleb asked to Runamuck as he propped himself against the passenger door between the Decepticon cars park side-by-side. "Well, we don't NEED it... But nothing takes the stress away like a few gallons of gas." Runamuck answered.
    "Or oil," Runabout added
    "Or diesel," Runamuck continued
    "Or even that organic ethanol stuff."
    "Yeah that stuff's alright."
    "Energon is what fuels us, but we refueled before we got here a few days ago. What about you kid? How often do you have to refuel?" Caleb hadn't thought about it until then. But before his hungery stomach could start to rumble, Sandra showed up with a handful of sodas and snacks. "Stupid clerk didn't even notice me." She said as she laid out the food on Runamucks hood.

    "What you stole this stuff?" Caleb asked. He was surprised, not that Sandra had stolen, but that she would do something so petty, what with two alien robot warriors at her beckon call. "Yeah, and the guy didn't even notice me. Kind of wish he had, I could use a little more action around here." She answered.
    "You're not lying." Runabout chimed in. "But you make it to easy A-Rac. You've got to initiate the chaos sometimes." Runabout instructed. "Gouge him in the eye next time. He might be more willing to fight then."
    Sandra and Caleb exchanged an amused look, but learned to ignore Runabout's sadistic banter.

    "So what do we do next?" Caleb asked as he tore into a bag of chips.
    "We wait." She replied, politely refusing the chips that he offered her.
    "For what?"
    "Megatron." Caleb nearly choked at the name of the Decepticon leader. "After the battle in Egypt, Megatron and Starscream fled back to Cybertron to recollect themselves. But seems like Starfire's betrayal benefited Optimus a little more then anyone realized." Sandra explained.
    "Why?" Caleb asked completely enthralled in Sandra's dissertation.
    "Well regardless of how many hours Megatron spends in stasis, he can't fully repair. He's going to have to reformat again if he ever wants to be back at 100%. So he's gonna do just that when he gets back here. Right now he's gathering a force to return to earth with. We need to stay safe until they arrive."

    "You told me before, that keeping this safe was my mission." Caleb said as he tapped on the gun tucked into his pants. "Why?"
    "Our guns are important for Megatron's reformatting, something about the information stored in yours, and the mapping of mine."
    "You have a gun too?"
    "Sure do." She said as she slyly opened her mini-hoodie revealing a harness holding a WWII Walther P38 semi Automatic Pistol. The gun looked almost ancient, but in good condition. It was more conventionally sized then his giant Desert Eagle, and suited Sandra's smaller frame. He didn't understand the part about his containing information, but he had other questions burning away at his cortex.

    "What about other Decepticons, are there any left here?" Caleb asked.
    "No, most of the insurgents here were destroyed, the few that managed to escape, returned to Cybertron."
    "So then why are these twins here?" Caleb asked referring to Runabout and Runamuck.
    "WHOA, whoa, whoa." Runamuck interrupted. "We are not twins. We aint even related." He nearly shouted.
    "Sorry, I just assumed because you guys look alike..." Caleb explained apologetically.
    "Think of it this way." Runabout began "Humans are a species, within your species you have different races. We Cybertronians also have 'races', we derive from the same proto-platform: Battle Chargers, thus we have some similarities. We only choose to pose as the same type of human vehicle because we thought they looked... cool." He explained, awkwardly trying to convey his fondness for his vehicle mode.
    "My mistake, it won't happen again." Caleb apologized.

    "ANYWAY." Sandra butted in, annoyed. "These two were sent ahead as scouts for Megatron."
    "He figured the Autobots kept getting the better of him because they had so many allies of the human persuasion, so he told us to find a few facsimile candidates." Runamuck explained.
    "Facsimile.?" Caleb repeated confused.
    "Uh... facsimile is like an artificial Decepticon." Runamuck answered nervously. "I mean yous a fleshy, you can't actually be a Decepticon, but a facsimile is the next best thing, you get it?"
    He didn't really get it, but weather he was considered a Decepticon, a 'facsimile', or a pet, it didn't really matter to him. He was living his dream, he was with them. Not many kids in the right frame of mind, dreamt about becoming a villain of sorts, but Caleb often did, and was on the right path to realize his dream.

    "What about this Predacon terrorist the radio was talking about?" Caleb asked after a few minutes of silence. Though nobody responded right away, a certain tension built up around the group. Finally Runabout spoke up. "They were misinformed. The Autobot's know we are here, but they don't know our numbers or our ranks. They just assumed our work was that of this Predacon that they have dealt with Eons ago."
    "Oh, that makes sense. Human detectives do the same thing with criminal profiling. You would think the Autobots would be a little better at it then us humans." Caleb giggled as he poured the crums of his chips into his mouth
    "You give them too much credit." Runabout chuckled demonically.

    The group rested quietly on the side of the road, Runabout occasionally pointed out nice cars as they drove past. He particularly liked new expensive luxury cars, saying they were that much more gratifying to destroy. Runamuck fueled Runabout's sadistic taste in cars by describing, in vivid detail, how he would go about destroying said cars. He never described a method that remotely resembled another. Judging by how amused the two were by playing this little game, it was clear as to why they enjoyed each others company.

    After a half hour or so, Caleb's chip munching was drowned out by the high pitched roar of smooth engine. A very futuristic roadster zipped off the highway, and slowly made its way toward the gas station. Caleb had never seen this kind of car before and had no idea what it was, but was curious as to how Runamuck would explain the destruction of this unique car. He was instantly alerted when both Decepticons went deathly silent. "Get in." Sandra whispered as she pulled on Caleb's arm, and they both climbed into there respective Decepticons.

    "What's wrong?" Caleb whispered through rolled down windows.
    "That car." Sandra said nodding toward the roadster that seemed to be cruising the parking lots of all the gas stations.
    "What about it?" Caleb asked staring at the car, and the gorgeous red behind the wheel, who appeared to be searching for something or someone.
    "It's an iBite, a concept car. You wouldn't EVER see those driving around. Plus she seems to be looking for something." Sandra frantically pointed out.
    "What? Us?" Caleb asked, his heart suddenly picking up in pace.

    The futuristic-formula one looking roadster finished looping around the last parking lot, when it finally turned to face the two Trans Am's parked on the side of the road. Without a word, the Decepticons dumped clutch and burned out onto the road, littering the asphalt with the snack wrappers and soda bottles that Caleb had left on Runamucks hood. The driver of the iBite took to the chase.
    "Magnus...contact, Two Decepticon Chargers. North bound I-5. in pursuit." The bubbly red head stated as she whipped her roadster onto the freeway.
    "Acknowledged Honey, pursue but do not engage without back up." A wise, old metallic voice responded.

    A few miles north, a collection of CHP and county Sheriff officers were gathered at Point Vista: A rest area that looked out at the foot hills separating the Central Valley and the bay area. They had maps strewn across the hoods of CHP cruisers, and were strategizing search efforts for this Predacon Terrorist. Two Autobot's were with them. One was White and black, a siren bar tucked behind his head, which was bulky and square, with a long visor in place of a pair of eyes. He was intently engaged in the briefing, offering his two cents when appropriate. The other was baby blue, his slender frame narrow and lanky but sharply exaggerated in the hips and shoulders, and the fairings that crowned his
    head looked a lot like a human Fo-hawk. Even the small gizmo's that made his ears had what looked like metallic hoops pierced into them. He was extremely limp-wristed in demeanor, his voice high pitched and soft spoken with a hint of a lisp.

    "Prowl, Misshift, we have contact. Two Decepticon Battle Chargers heading toward you on Interstate 5, head them off, Honey is in pursuit. We won't be far behind." The announcement made over Prowl's communicator was heard by all. "You heard him, let's do this." Prowl hollered and in seconds, the peace officers gathered at Vista Point scrambled to there individual patrol cars. The few Sherriff Officers gathered, were in the usual Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, but the CHP decided to bring out there crown jewels: A small fleet of Dodge SRT8 Magnums and Chargers.

    Prowl and Misshift transformed and lead the police precession toward the
    highway. Prowl was a Nissan Z370 complete with a police paint scheme and sirens. He easily spear headed the convoy, and looked the part. Misshift, however, was a 1971 Datsun 510 Turbo Wagon. He was easily capable of maintaining the speed necessary to keep up with his fellow Autobot, but he did not blend in as well. His color scheme was a soft bright baby blue, with a graphic of his robot form painted (in TF Animated style) along the drivers side fender. "Two Decepticons?"
    Misshift thought out loud in his effeminate tone as they drifted south bound onto the interstate. "I thought we were looking for one Predacon."
    "We were obviously misinformed." Prowl responded snidely.
    "Prowl, Optimus' team would not intentionally lead us astray, we are all on the same side after all." The wise metallic voice crackled over Prowls communicator.
    "Of coarse your right Ultra Magnus, I still feel as though we've got something to prove here though." Prowl humbly explained.
    "Then let's make sure to not spark up this mission." Magnus responded

    "Um, I hate to brake up the pep talk, but I so could use a hand here." The Female Autobot distressed over the communicator as she pursued the Decepticons.
    "Hang tight Honey, help is on the way." Magnus replied as he barreled north bound on the 5. He was considerably further south then she was, but he and his entourage were covering ground fairly quickly.

    Ultra Magnus was a white and blue C.O.E. (cab over engine) Freightliner truck, with an auto carrier in tow and a single auto-mount above his cab. The other Autobots in his precession, could easily outrun him, but they stayed scattered about him only a few car lengths away. They all maintained enough distance between each other to swerve around slower cars on the two lane highway, using both shoulders when necessary, even Magnus did this, maneuvering his large frame like it were a nimble sports car.

    At the head of the convoy were three muscle cars. Hot Rod, a chopped and
    slammed, deep red with yellow flamed 1951 Mercury coupe with side pipes.
    Downshift, a green 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge. And Cliffjumper, a red 2010 Dodge Challenger.

    Not far behind them was Brawn, a 2008 Chevy Tahoe, with a matte black paint scheme and large rims to match. Bringing up the rear with Magnus was a small red 2010 Chevy Aveo, Swerve, who was the least flashy of the team.

    "I don't know who that is, but I'm sure she's not alone." Runabout announced as he sped down the highway at a steady hundred miles an hour, smoothly swerving in and out of traffic. Caleb could hear Runabout from Runamuck's communicator. Runamuck was maintaining the same speed but was not following the same lines as his counter part. Though to Caleb their speed seemed reckless, he couldn't help but notice how amazing there skill was. If Caleb didn't know any better, he would believe that their symphony of lane changes and near misses was synchronized.

    "We can't shake her." Runamuck called out. Caleb turned in his seat to peek behind them; sure enough he caught a glimpse of the futuristic roadster utilizing it's significantly smaller size to squeeze around traffic. "You make it to easy Runamuck." Sandra hollered as she retrieved her P38 and leaned out the window "Sometimes you have to initiate the chaos." She quoted Runabout as she opened fire with the semi automatic. Weather her shots were effectively hitting the Autobot, or if they would even do any damage, was unclear, but her words clicked on the little light bulb in Runamuck's processor.

    Runamuck sideswiped the nearest car, hitting its rear quarter panel just enough to brake its rear traction, sending the sedan spinning out on the confined highway. The iBite had to swerve hard to avoid the spin out. She nearly lost traction, but maintained. Runabout joined Runamuck as they continued to speed down the highway, the two bumped, nudged and hit every car in there path, littering the highway with stalled, spun, and wrecked cars. Honey had her work cut out for her, but she did not let up, she judged each gap, each angle with immaculate precision. She locked her brakes and power rolled, sending her car into a sideways slide between two stalled cars, whipping around and squeezing through two more. "Ok like... it's getting pretty serious over here." She whined over the roar of her engine as she continued the chase.

    "Keep pushing them our way." Prowl said to Honey as he and his pack pressed on. "Sherriff Brady, break your men off here and block off south bound traffic, I don't want anyone caught in the cross fire." On his command, blue smoke and screech's erupted from the tires of the Sherriff patrol cars, as they slid to a stop, effectively blocking off the highway. "Officer Rice, after we make contact, press on and loop around, blocking north bound traffic, and radio in for air support. We'll contain this encounter as much as we can." Prowl ordered. He always had an affinity to lead, but some of the others resented him for being to straight laced.

    By this time, Magnus and the others were beginning to encounter the spun and stalled cars cluttered about the highway, though they were able to maneuver around the clusters, there speed was greatly decreased. Growing impatient at the Autobots persistence, Runabout and Runamuck took a page from Sandra's book and resorted to weapons fire. Utilizing his hideaway hood mounted 30mm cannons, Runamuck opened fire on unsuspecting motorist, either disabling there cars, or destroying
    them in fiery explosions. Runabout took a more aggressive approach, from his passenger side rear quarter panel, a pod like launcher slid out. The rotary muzzle then flipped to face toward the rear then proceeded to launch volley after volley of stinger missiles, the once scenic stretch of highway had now become a war zone.

    "I'm taking some serious fire, and we've got civilian causalities by the trunk load." Honey informed her comrades. "I need help now!"
    "We can't get to you. Misshift, we need you now." Ultra Magnus ordered as he's group was severely delayed with having to get around the numerous accidents the Decepticons were causing. Honey continued to chase the Decepticons, but struggled now to evade flipping cars, and soaring missiles. The occasional explosion would detonate a little to close for comfort, scorching or riddling her with shrapnel. "Hang tight girl friend." Misshift shouted as he accelerated past Prowl, then in a pulse of blue light he vanished, leaving only wisps of dusty in the wake of his teleportation.

    "Autobots, load up." Magnus commanded as the ramps from his carrier extended to meet asphalt, shooting up sparks where the metal rubbed against the road. One by one, the Autobots drove on to the carrier, each parking in pre designated spots, leaving the mount above Magnus' cab vacant. Then, in a flashy explosion of blue sparks and brilliant lights, the 510 Turbo wagon appeared from thin air, drifting toward Magnus head on. Before a collision ensued, Misshift did a rolling transformation, springing him into the air, then lined up his body so that he could revert back to his vehicle mode and land in his parking spot on the carrier correctly, which he did. (Obviously this maneuver had been practiced)

    "Alright ladies and germs, hang tight." Misshift announced once he was settled. Blue streams of light began to fly off of Misshift, and slowly engulfed the speeding truck and the Autobots piled onto it. It took a little longer but, just as Misshift had done, the entire group vanished. Now all that separated Prowl from the oncoming Trans Ams, was a few hundred yards, and dirt median that separated the opposing lanes. He broke off from the CHP cruisers that sped with him, and tore through the dirt median. He transformed on the fly and used his momentum to take to the air. His prolonged jump, gave him just the time he needed to retrieve the twin blasters he had tucked into there respective compartments on his thighs. But he was spotted before he could make the lead rain on the speeding Decepticons.

    Runamuck engaged his brakes, nearly slamming Caleb's face into the steering wheel. But as the Pontiac's brakes locked and the car began to spin, Runamuck aimed his cannons on the descending Autobot and opened fire. Caleb's adrenaline had given him a sense of awareness he had never known, he watched everything like it was in slow motion. The 30 mm rounds pelted the Cop bot dead in the chest plate, turning his pounce into a back flip.

    Caleb didn't see it, but as he and Runamuck spun around there adversary,
    Runabout and done a rolling transformation, and caught the Cop bot, just as he landed. Having no time to recover from the 30 mm blast, Prowl was taken completely off guard. Runabout, caught the Autobots throat in his bulky hand, and delivered a serious of bludgeons to Prowls head before sending the Cop bot sailing through the air. His timing and aim was impeccable, not only did he catch the cop bot by surprise, but Runabout threw him into the Roadster that had just managed to catch up to the fray.

    Honey and Prowl collided so hard that they tumbled and slid down the road for some distance. It took awhile for either of them to catch there bearings, Honey hadn't even realized that she transformed sometime during the crash. "I think you better get out kid." Runamuck said to Caleb as the door opened. Caleb got out and watched as Runamuck transformed. "What the..." he cursed as something malfunctioned in the process of his transformation. "Something is jammed in my gears." He said has the last part of his transformation had been hindered by something in his rear. Caleb awkwardly reached up into Runamucks butt-plate and yanked out the obtrusion. It was his leather jacket that had been thrown in the back seat, only now it was shredded to pieces. Caleb noted that Runamucks cabin was no place to be when Runamuck decided to switch to his robot mode.

    Upon this realization, Caleb also remembered that Runabout had transformed on the fly, and Sandra would have been smashed and shredded like his coat. But when he turned his attention toward the black Decepticon, but found her, intact and standing between the two Battle Chargers attaching a scope to the top of her pistol. “Time to show us what you got kid.” Runamuck said to Caleb, as they all readied for combat. Runabout’s stinger missile launcher flipped out onto his shoulder, and his blaster folded out onto his arm. Runamuck positioned his 30mm cannons on his shoulders, and Caleb… Well... he tightened his clammy hands into nervous fist, then took a deep breath and held it. He didn’t know where this shaky courage came from, or if it would last, but he was too scared to leave his new comrades, as they all stood rebelliously on the highway, awaiting the arrival of there on coming enemies.
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    It looks like a few people might have read this well i was gone. Please feel free to comment.

    Sorry for the delay with the next instalment, I just returned from 2 weeks of camping in PA. I did no writing, so I have to catch up a bit. But I'll have the next chapter up soon. Thank you for reading.
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    Chapter 4

    Note: it turned out to be a VERY slow day at work. I managed to pelt this chapter out in a few short hours. I totally love this story, which I quess is all that is important, but I'd love to hear that you peeps are enjoying this two.

    Chapter 4
    The Escape

    Runabout, Sandra, and Runamuck stood ready. When Caleb finally decided to set his fears aside and reach for the massive gun tucked in the waist of his paints, he and his comrades were engulfed in a flurry of dust, blue lights, and sparks. Ultra Magnus materialized in a jack-knife slide, just a few feet from Caleb and company. The massive truck left thick black stripes across the asphalt as the fully loaded trailer slid sideways to a halt across all lanes on the high way. “Autobots, get them!” Magnus called out as the Autobots all transformed and dismounted the carrier… all but Swerve who remained in car mode, and drove off the trailer.

    As soon as the bots deployed, gun fire rang out through out the air. Caleb fumbled with the large gun in his jeans, but was swiftly tackled to the ground by Sandra, who saved him from stray bullets, all the while providing covering fire from her P38. Magnus was itching to get into the fray as he’s troops fanned out and took cover behind scattered cars. He waited patiently for Swerve to get off and drive away, before finally initiating his transformation.

    Because of his size, similarly to Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus’ transformation took a little longer then most. But it was a magnificent spectacle. Caleb watched as the truck folded out into a humanoid robot that towered over the rest, even his trailer transformed, forming a cloak composed of metal rails. His head bared the same samurai-esque crown that Optimus Prime had, but it was easily over shot by his gigantic shoulders. He was a monster of a mech, and Caleb thought that perhaps this wouldn’t end in his teams favor.

    “You Decepticons are brave, but not to smart. The Autobot force here as grown to staggering numbers, and we will not let you decimate this planet.” Magnus announced as he strolled up to the edge of his teams formation. Runabout and Runamuck where trained shock troopers, in the past there main purpose in battle was to initiate battle, draw on enemy fire, and create a diversion. Having survived those conditions so many times before, the two had learned to deal the largest amount of damage possible under unfavorable conditions… and Ultra Magnus just gave them the opening they need to sway this fight in there favor.

    The Decepticons were greatly out numbered, but Ultra Magnus made the mistake of waltzing right into the ring of his subordinated formation. While avoiding most of the oncoming shots, and all the while shooting his shoulder cannons, Runamuck dropped into a crouch in front of Runabout. Runabout’s arm mounted blaster then transformed, charged up with a metallic whistle, and launched a softball sized crystal toward the Autobot brigade.

    The teal colored crystal exploded: the road doomed like the tip of a volcano, sending plumes of jade smoke, fire, and chunks of asphalt hurdling through the air with the Autobots. All of them were caught in the blast, with the exception of Swerve who was off hiding some where. Misshift, Prowl, and Cliffjumper were sent flying one way; Brawn, Downshift, and Hot Rod were sent the other. And Ultra Magnus spiraled upward, as he took the blunt of the explosion.

    While the Autobots tumbled through the air, Runamuck sprang from his crouched position, high into the air, where he was able to angle his 30mm fire onto the helpless Autobots. Misshift wasn’t much of a fighter, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know how. He avoided Runamucks fire while soaring through the air, by teleporting. He ported out of his uncontrolled flail, and redirected his momentum into a skydive tackle delivered right onto the unsuspecting Runabout.

    After the tackle, Misshift nimbly flipped up to his feet, and got in a few decent low blows on the Decepticon. But when he went in for another, his kick was stopped short by Runabouts strong arm, and so began the violent wrestling match. One that Runabout’s bulkier strength would surely benefit.

    By this time Prowl and Honey had recovered from there earlier crash, and was now approaching ground zero. But when the fray swung dangerous close to Sandra and Caleb taking cover nearby, Honey instinctively diverted her attention. She darted around Misshift and Runabout and knelt down protectively in front of the two humans. “Don’t worry. I’ll get you to safety.” Her first mistake was thinking the two humans were helpless; her second was kneeling to close.

    Sandra extended her gun into Honeys face, and let out a full spray of bullets. The gun was close enough to cause significant damage, and Honey dropped to the ground clutch her face all the while screeching out pained screams. Prowl, who was nearby and intending on saving Misshift, was instantly diverted by Honeys shrieks. Naturally, Runabout had the upper hand in his scuffle with Misshift, and the distracted Cop Bot was just too good a target to surpass. He locked up Misshift from behind with both hands, then aimed his shoulder mounted missile launcher and sent a stinger into the back of Prowl.

    As the flaming frame of the Cop Bot flew over there head, and Runabout decapitated Misshift with a devastating suplex, Sandra and Caleb began the retreat. Up ahead, Runamuck flipped back to the ground with a graceful thud, and was followed promptly by the rain of asphalt and Autobots, who were all dazed by the explosion and riddled with 30mm fire. With one well placed explosion, and a few slick moves, two Decepticons took out an entire platoon of Autobots… and Caleb hadn’t lifted a finger.

    The battle was over. All that lay in there wake was a leveled highway and groans from downed Autobots. Runabout transformed into his car mode, and Sandra tucked her P38 away before casually settling in. Runamuck also transformed, and slowly headed over to pick up Caleb. As he watched he’s Decepticon companion approach, he couldn’t help but be over come with a since of pride, he’s new friends were a truly awesome force. There was no longer any doubt as to weather or not he had picked the right side.

    Runamuck whistled a jaunty tune as he pulled up to pick up his facsimile, but as Caleb went to hop in, something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. It was the red Aveo that had remained out of the battle. It just emerged from a column of smoke left over from the explosion, and was quickly racing toward them. “Swerve, don’t!” the wounded Magnus tried to call out to his unscathed subsidiary. But the small Autobot raced on, transforming on the fly, rolling up to his feet and drew his weapon. Caleb wasn’t having any of this, the air of the battle had fully swallowed him. With companions like his Caleb now possessed a new confidence that far exceeded any he might have had before. He would never hesitate or doubt, and he was no longer going to be a weak day dreamer. Now was his time to take action.

    Caleb had never handled a firearm before, but one might have mistaken him for a professional gunslinger: He drew his gun fast enough to win a country western showdown, and held the large pistol sideways ala gangster like, then punctually squeezed the trigger. The resulting blast was like no other, a beam of red light, larger then Caleb’s person, funneled out of the guns barrel. The heat from this pillar of energy, left a trail of scorched road in its wake, and the oncoming Autobot that was caught in its blast was reduced to nothing more then a pile of lifeless scraps. A single smoldering shell casing jingled as it lightly fell to the ground.

    Caleb endured the recoil from the unearthly blast, and gazed in amazement at the weapon of mass destruction in his palm. But the thud of helicopter rotors and Sandra’s shouts, forced him to come to his wits, and get inside Runamuck. The two cars, quickly spun onto the shoulder and made a timely escape via dusty fields that the freeway ran parallel to.

    Later that evening

    I-5 south bound was re-opened and used to slowly handle both directions worth of traffic, while the north bound lanes were being cleared and repaired. All of Ultra Magnus’ injured team was moved off the roads so as to be treated by Rachet, who joined Optimus Prime and a few others that came out to survey the situation. Arcee helped tend to the minor injuries the others incurred, while Rachet and Ultra Magnus tended to Swerve.

    “Report.” Optimus stated as he came to Ratchet and Ultra Magnus. Ultra Magnus clutched the lifeless parts of Swerve in his arms, his expression heavy and mournful. “Swerve is off line. I can repair his parts so that he maybe put to rest intact, but his spark his void.” Ratchet reported. Optimus approached Magnus and laid a supporting grasp on the Commanders shoulder. “Swerve was one of our finest chemist, unfortunately over exposure to harsh toxins permanently fried his processor resulting in a severe loss in certain motor functions. Despite this, he over came his handicap and charged into battle to fight for what he most valued… his friends. Do not mourn the loss of our loved one; instead we shall celebrate the life of a fine mech. Ultra Magnus… my friend. You are a magnificant commander, rise to your feet and reunite your team. They will be needed for the war that lies ahead.”

    Magnus had experienced loss and pain before, but never had he felt so hard for the loss of comrade. Perhaps it was because he was sympathetic to Swerves condition, and did all that he could to keep him outside of any combat situation. He couldnt help but feel that he had not done enough, but Optimus was right, Swerve chose his path, and Magnus couldnt deny that he would have done the same. He new Optimus was right, that his leadership was needed; it was time for him to shake away the feelings of despair and channel that energy constructively. He gave Optimus a nod of assurance and of gratitude, and then proceeded to load the remains of his fallen brother onto the large flatbed nearby.

    Captain Lenox understood Magnus’ emotions, but remained silent until he and Optimus were alone. “Tell me what were dealing with here Big Bot.” He said to Optimus as he hurried to keep pace with the Autobot leader as they headed over to the surveyors. “Blaster, our communications officer, seems to have made a mistake… which is rare. He thought he had picked up a Predacon signal entering the stratosphere, but he did note heavy satellite interference, looks like it was a pair of Deception Battle Chargers, according to Magnus’ team.”
    “Elite Battle Chargers from the looks of things.” Chromia said to Optimus as he and Captain Lenox approached her and Ironhide as the surveyed the battlefield.

    “They had help, human help, from what we were told.” Lenox reminded them.
    “Yes, it was one of them that injured Honey.” Chromia confirmed
    “Another frightening notion.” Optimus added.
    “Perhaps they are being co hoarsed into assisting the Decepticons, why else would they volunteer to destroy there own world.” Chormia mused.
    “With Megatron presumably out of the picture, the Decepticon’s goals may have changed. Perhaps there goals may, in some way, benefit there human allies.” Optimus also mused.
    “There are plenty of humans here with less then exemplary mindsets; this could be the result of human criminals and Cybertronian terrorist working together.” Lenox added.

    “Prime, over here.” Ironhide called out. The others came over to see the object of Ironhides concern; it was a large thick scorch mark trailing several hundred meters down the highway. “Do you recognize it?” Ironhide asked as he stood.
    “Unfortunately…” Optimus sighed as he stared off into the horizon with worry “…Shockwave.”
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    Chapter 5

    Note: I intend to add links to pix of the new Runabout and Runamuck as soon as I get to my home computer. Also note that the language in this chapter starts to get a little PG13, but just barely.

    Chapter 5
    6 degrees of separation

    As the two Decepticons made their way to safety, the sun began to set, and was all but gone by the time the speeding cars came to a rest in a seedy alley of eastern Fresno. When the two cars came to a stop, no one said anything for quite some time. Sandra and Caleb stayed in there respective Decepticons, and let out a heavy sigh. Caleb even took the liberty of closing his eyes, but they didn’t stay closed for long, as a brilliant red light began to flash on Runamucks dash. “What? What is it?” He asked as a small wave of panic washed over him. “It’s time.” Runamuck answered “There coming, we need to prepare.”

    “We need to reformat.” Runabout announced as he pulled up next to Runamuck. “With a network of human allies to assist the Autobots, we would surely be picked out of any crowd if we continued to travel together looking as we do.”
    “Oh that’s a shame, I really liked this format.” Runamuck whined in agreement.
    “Why don’t you stay the same, just update a little.” Caleb suggested “I’ve seen some cool Firebird concepts on the internet you guys might like.”
    “The internet you say?” Runamuck asked intrigued.
    “…Searching world wide web data bases.” Runabout immediately said, as a digital scrolling sound emitted from his gadgetry.

    Sandra and Caleb instinctively got out of the Battle Chargers and stood back to watch as the two were definitely doing something. “Specs acquired…I’ve got the black one.” Runabout said.
    “Fine by me.” Runamuck responded. Just then a blue laser scanned over each car, in the wake of the laser, a holographic grid fell over them like a digital cocoon. When the holographic shell fizzled out, each of the iconic muscle cars had changed. Runabout had changed into a Kevin Morgan Pontiac Firebird Concept designed off of the 2009 Camaro platform, where as Runamuck turned into American Specialty Car Firebird concept that greatly differed from Runabout’s design. They retained there original color schemes, but hardly looked as primitive as there previous forms. “Very nice.” Caleb gushed as he inspected Runamucks new look. But there wasn’t time for taking in the sights. Sandra hurried Caleb along, and the group was rolling once again.

    “Where are we going?” Caleb asked as the two cars sped through the city toward the nearest freeway. “Soundwave just sent us an encrypted message; we need to get to the coast.” Runamuck explained.
    “San Fran is about three hours west.” Caleb pointed out, hoping that he was providing helpful information.
    “We’ll cut that time in half.” Runabout announced as the two cars unleashed all of there power on the road, drifted up an on-ramp and took to the freeway like Nascars on a race track.

    NEST base of operations
    Guantanamo Bay

    “Whoa!” an energetic little Autobot hollered as the ear pounding rock music that emitted from him scratched to a hush. He had been lounging in an office chair, his feet propped up on a computer terminal, when the large monitor before him was suddenly littered with alerts. “What the bloody hell?” he asked to himself in his thick, overtly lazy, English voice. As he began to feverishly type on the numerous keys that clustered across the terminal, he didn’t notice the blue R/C truck roll into the communications area of the Autobot hanger.

    Wheelie transformed from his normal mode, and skated over to the Communications Officer. “What’s all the hubbub rock star?” He asked the enthralled technician, thoroughly startling him. After jumping and thrashing in his seat, the anxious Autobot relaxed and hissed at Wheelie before turning back to his urgent work. “Lil wanker… we might ‘ave ourselves a bit of an emergency ‘ere, and your trollin ‘round spookin people.”
    “Ah, get over it wussy.” Wheelie retorted.
    “Just make yourself useful had fetch my colleagues would ya.”
    “What do I look like, a poodle?” Wheelie fired off as he obeyed and headed out into the hanger.

    The British Staff Sergeant, Graham, was at the maintenance station looking after a technician who was assisting Moonracer with her calibrations, when Jolt pulled into the bay behind him, and let out his passengers. Maggie and Glen both hopped out of the Chevy Volt with pleased expressions slapped across there faces. “Did you know they have a Subway at Camp USA?” she said excitedly as she approached Graham with a sandwich she had picked up for him. Since joining NEST as communications analyst Maggie and Graham have developed a bit of a relationship, one that other members of NEST pretended not to notice for the sake of unit cohesion.

    Glen finished slurping up one of the two sodas he had in hand, before adding in his two cents. “Yeah, staying here may not be so bad after all.”
    “Glad to see you kids are having so much fun, meanwhile some of us are working our butts off.” Wheelie yelled at the group as he skated toward them.
    “Oh like you actually do any work around here sour puss.” Graham retorted.
    “Haha, chalk it up lover boy. Whenever you’re done canoodling, the rock star’s throwing a fit about something.”

    Maggie and Glen were hired onto NEST to assist the Autobot’s communications officer, if something was up, he’d want them by his side. As Wheelie lead Maggie, Glen and Graham back to the communications terminal, Jolt transformed and he and Moonracer followed. Master Sergeant Epps, who acted as NEST officer in charge when Major Lennox wasn’t present, was alerted to the commotion, and began to descend the command tower to investigate.

    “Blaster, what have you got?” Maggie asked as she and Glen took a seat on either side of the Autobot.
    “Sorry to cut your lunch break short, but we’ve got alotta strange activity.” He answered, never tearing his attention away from the monitor. Graham and the others originally found it hard to believe that the Autobot punk-rocker was savvy with computers, he was about the height of a normal man, his frame thin and wirier, but what was most discerning was his love for rock music and the Mohawk that was attached to his metallic head further emphasizing his lack luster demeanor. But despite everyone’s reservations, he had proven time and again to be flawlessly accurate, until recently.

    “I picked up an encrypted transmission, I was only able to gleam it and I couldn’t lock it down.” Blaster explained.
    “I’ll try to find its origination point.” Glen announced as he shrugged the short sleeves of his Red Skins jersey back, cracked his knuckles and went straight to work.
    “And I’ll decrypt what you managed to get.” Maggie added in her sultry British accent, as she snatched her handy data card from her pocket, plugged in and also went to work.
    “Is it Decepticon?” Epps asked as he made his way toward the group.
    “Cant tell yet…” Blaster answered finally turning away from the monitor to meet Epps’ curious gaze, “But who else sends secret messages like this?”

    Realizing that this had the potential to develop into a huge situation, Epps decided he needed to inform the others. “Jolt, patch me through to Major Lennox.”
    “Sure thing buddy.” Jolt said, as he transformed back to car mode, and left his driver side door open so that Epps could sit down. “Patching you through now buddy.” Jolt informed as the on board screen scrolled through frequencies until Major Lennox’ voice crackled through Jolt’s onboard communicator.

    Lennox and Optimus took there team and Swerves remains on board there C-7 which was inbound to GITMO, Magnus’ team was instructed to set up a semi permanent base of operations at the Lemoore Naval Air Station, and were to continue the Decepticon hunt. With contact of two Decepticons and encrypted message traffic interception, there was enough reason to believe that the Decepticons had or were returning and all NEST teams were put on high alert, including Sam’s team in New Jersey, and the team that Optimus dispatched on a personal run.

    “I’VE GOT SOMETHING!” Maggie and Glen cheered simtaneously. There was no questioning as to weather or not the right computer analysts were contracted for NEST. Both of the human analyst finished there task very quickly and at the same time. Epps, Graham, and the present Autobots gathered to hear what they had found. “Looks like we know what’s been causing all that satellite interference.” Glen explained “That transmission came from Telstar.”
    “The communications satellite?” Blaster inquired with amazement.
    “Yep.” Glen responded smugly as he began to slurp his second soda victoriously.
    “I told you I was getting satellite interference.” Blaster hollered in defense of his recent and only decimation of false information.

    Almost immediately after hearing Glens report, Epps jogged back over to the control tower, climbed its stairs and began issuing orders to the military personnel manning there stations. “Get General Morshower on the horn; tell him we need Milstars eyes on Telstar, possible Deception incursion.” He then redirected his attention back down to Jolt under the command tower. “Contact Hound and Gears, tell them to secure that package and get there metal asses back here ASAP.”
    “Yes Sir.” Jolt said with a salute.
    “Does anybody want to here this?” Maggie said as she cleaned up the encrypted audio file, and removed here head phones.
    “Not really.” Wheelie said under his breath. A few buttons later, Maggie played the file and a deep metallic and ominous voice boomed through the hanger’s loud speaker.
    “…remove human militant occupation of the central pacific coastline, his eminence is inbound, ETA …” the message ended abruptly as that was all that Blaster was able to gleam of the original message.

    The hanger was deathly silent. Everyone was shocked and caught off guard, it was only a matter of time before Megatron attempted another assault on earth, but with there having been a 2 year gap between the first and second attack, nobody thought it would come so quick. NEST and the Autobots were working to prepare for this day, but they were not ready. After a moment of silent confusion, everyone jumped into action. Master Seargent Epps grabbed the first transistor phone, and began to call Lennox, while Staff Sergeant Graham began shouting orders to the surrounding personnel.

    Jolt, Moonracer, Wheelie, and Sideswipe converged in the parking bay and began making preparations of there own. “I need to tap into all local and global defense networks. While I’m in there you guys are gonna be in charge of analytical support.” Blaster explained to his human counterparts as he dismounted his chair and walked over to the side of the giant communications terminal. “We’ve got this.” Maggie assured him.
    “Damn right.” Glen added.
    “Good.” Blaster said as he fished two cords out from under his chest plate, and plugged them into the terminal before transforming into his alternate mod: an industrial sized server. In this mode he could operate any computer network in mindboggling speeds.

    The Pentagon

    General Morshower was in the middle of a conference when a young soldier blatantly interrupted the meeting and relayed NEST’s message. The General promptly excused himself from the meeting and reported to his command post, where he immediately made the order to acquire operational control of Milstar. In the few years that he had been appointed Staff General, and having seen first hand in Afghanistan the destructive power of the Decepitcons, Morshower had all faith and trust in the Autobots and Major Lennox. Though the request at hand was a pricey one, he had no problem pulling strings and re-routing satellite trajectories in the support of his most trusted men.

    C-7 inbound to GITMO

    Lennox’ face went deathly blank when he listened to Epps urgent report. After hanging up, and relaying what had been found out to the Autobot’s. Optimus quickly demanded that the plane be turned around. As soon as his request was obliged he contacted Ultra Magnus, and within the hour, Magnus’ team was deployed from NAS Lemoore with a large entourage of area law enforcements

    Princeton University

    Sam had become an Autobot ambassador to the UN, but the government was helpful in scheduling summits around Sam’s school schedule. Despite this, Sector 7 was re-commissioned for the sole purpose of protecting Sam. Simmons and a handful of Sector 7 operatives were assigned as security for Sam, much to his dismay. The Sector 7 agent that truly had his work cut out for him was freshly assigned Press Liaison Leo Spitz.

    Though he had to leave therealeffingdeal.com to his long time friends and truth seekers, Leo was afforded the opportunity to follow his aspirations as a journalist, but he got to do it officially in all matters concerning alien robots. But he found himself playing paparazzi wrangler more often than none. Despite the fact that Sam spent the majority of his time in class at Princeton, the media insisted on flooding the campus anytime the Autobots made the news.

    Mikaela moved to Jersey, and the government set them up in a luxury condo with a full section of the underground parking garage blocked off to make for comfortable and secure lodging for Bumblebee, Skidz, and Mudflap. Somehow, and Sam would hate to admit that it was due to an ever growing friendship between he and Leo, Leo weaseled his way into becoming Sam and Mikaela’s roommate. But he wasn’t nearly as bad a roommate as the two excepted him to be. Plus the condo had more then enough space to house the three of them comfortably.

    It was pretty late, when Simmons let himself into the condo and interrupted the three enjoying a DVD (as the head of security, Simmons had his own key). “Heads, up kids we got trouble.” Simmons said as he marched right over to them and snatched away the remote. He turned the DVD off and turned on the live camera feed that Leo had set up to the Autobot bachelor pad in the subterranean garage. On the screen Bumblebee and the twins stood greetingly. “Whats up?” Sam asked annoyed as he and the others snapped to attention.
    “Uh… yeah so those NEST cat’s called us up, told us something bad ‘bout to go down.” Skidz reported.
    “Yeah, says we need to keep our eyes peeled.” Mudflap added as the two wrestled for center stage in front of the camera. It took a split second for Bumblebee to grow tired of their shenanigans, and pushed them aside.

    “Less then an hour ago, Blaster’s team intercepted an encrypted message, we’ve confirmed… Megatron intends to return, within the next 24 hours by our estimations.” Bumblebee informed. He and Rachet still hadn’t been able to fully repair his voice box, Rachet believes Bumblebees handicap to be physiological not physical. But he has developed a new technique, recording the voices and spoken word of the people around, and replaying these messages in the original person’s voice. This message was spoken by Optimus himself. If the message he delivered wasn’t as shocking as it were, Sam and the others would have probably been distracted by the fact that Optimus’ voice was coming from Bumblebee.

    While Sam and Mikeala exchanged somber glances of concern, it was sheer terror that was now the dominate expression on Leo’s face. “The UN is organizing a press conference for tomorrow morning on campus, by then we hope to have so information for you to give them. Immediately after your conference, you will be brought back to NEST where we can devise a plan of action.” Bumblebee played the last of the message.

    NEST base of operations
    Guantanamo Bay

    “We just got word from Morshower, Milstar is being repositioned. We won’t be able to see Telstar for 20 minutes or so.” Graham informed Master Sergeant Epps.
    “This is madness.” Sideswipe cried as he and the other Autobots huddled around waiting. “You heard that bastard, he said ‘, his eminence is inbound, ETA …’ that means Megatron’s gonna be here soon. What if it’s already too late, what if they slipped past your satellites, and we’d just be sitting ducks here."

    “Hey he’s right?” Glen agreed nervously, “we already think they’ve got one of our satellites, they could already be here, they could be coming to get us right now.” Glen was well on his way to freaking out, but Maggie contained his excitement.
    “Lets not forget the NASA team; they would tell us if something was up there.” Epps reminded the others, as all anybody in the hanger could do was standby.
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    Woo Hoo over a 1,000 views and counting

    Sorry for the delay with the next chapter. I went on Vaca then, we had the long laborday weekend, so I havent been writing much. But I'm not going to leave you hanging. I thought I'd post up a few bio's for my OC's and here they are

    Misshift (OC)- Function: Transporter and Space Bridge Operator. With the ability to open personal space bridge portals, Misshift has set a new level of standard as Autobot transporter. Like many Autobots Misshift developed a very unique personality based on the traights observed from the humans that they protect. Misshift based a number of his behaverial patterns on a human race known as 'homosexuals'. He doesnt understand why they arent always liked by other humans, but he finds them fascinating and incredibly animated. He has adopted some of there more identifible characteristics.

    Honey (OC)- Function: Recon. Honey is just as much a human lover as her best friend Misshift. She has developed a taste for the finest of human luxuries. The personality traights picked up from this goes mostly unnoticed by her fellow Autobots, but her human companions cant stand her. Ahe acts like a prissy, spoiled, valley girl. She even chose her less then subtle car mode, the iBite (of which there is only one of in exsistence) because she simply had to have something that no one else did.

    stay tuned... more to come
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    Chapter 6

    Chapter 6
    Earning Stripes

    It had been a few hours since Magnus and his team deployed. Word had it that Megatron, or some other Decepticon of great importance, was inbound. They had to help protect the coast, but feared they were two far behind to do any actual good. Though they could teleport using Misshift’s abilities, they didn’t have an exact location to be at yet and Magnus thought it best to save Misshift's energy, and wait until they got word that the Decepticons had revealed themselves again.

    Magnus transported his entire team on his carrier, all the while wrangling the wild imaginations and theories of his antsy Autobots. “All I’m saying is… if Optimus’ team handled them the first time, they don’t stand a chance this time.” Cliffjumper proclaimed.
    “He’s got a point. It’s not like we’ll get out numbered as easily as they did.” Hot Rod added.
    “…Especially not with our team on the job.” Brawn threw in, as all the young Autobots began to feed off each others energy, obviously trying to pump themselves up for the awaiting battle, Magnus concentrated on the road.

    “Dial it down kids.” Downshift calmly commanded. His voice was easily the oldest of them all, older than Magnus’ even. “It does us no good to get all riled up now. Conserve your energy.” The salty veteran said nothing else.
    “Or we can think about this strategically.” Prowl affixed to Downshift’s statement. “We’ve only encountered ‘run of the mill’ Decepticons until now. If Megatron is bringing more Elite Battle Chargers like the ones that floored us today, or Starscream’s Seekers, and other well trained units… then we will definitely have our work cut out for us.”

    “Plus they’ve got killer humans with them.” Honey groaned with a bitter tone. She had to have her left optic completely replaced after having been shot by the human girl. Fortunately Ratchet was the best mech-medic for the job, and had her patched up in no time.
    “Alright everyone, pipe down.” Magnus ordered as he sped along the dark highway, the flashing lights of his CHP escorts paving his route through innocent motorist.

    “Ultra Magnus…” A woman’s voice crackled through Magnus’ radio, as one of the CHP Charger units inched closer to his cab.
    “What is it Officer Rice?” Magnus asked pleasantly to the officer cruising next time.
    “I just got a call from Monterey county, looks like the Firebirds split up. One of them just did some major damage at the naval base up there.” She informed.

    “Officer Rice, gather your men close to me, Misshift… take us to Monterey.”
    “Sure thing.” As Misshift prepped for the teleportation, Magnus began to decrease his speed; while Rice and the handful of CHP units around the truck tucked in close… they were all sucked into the space bridge in the blink of an eye. The convoy rematerialized in Monterey, just down the street from the Naval Post Graduate Academy.
    All the CHP units came to a screeching halt as it was all of the officers first time travelling through a space bridge, and the experience often left most humans frazzled. The base was obliterated, hordes of local rescue units and personnel were tending to the wounded, while remnants of the bases remaining structures slowly burned and crumpled.

    “Autobots, fan out and render assistance!” Magnus shouted. Without hesitation, all the Autobots transformed and dismounted the carrier, quickly scurrying off to offer aid where needed. Except for Misshift, who rolled, ungracefully, off the carrier and thudded harshly to the ground, like a child falling from his bed. “Woooo.” He let out an exaggerated sigh. “That was a big load; I’ve never opened a space bridge that big before.”
    “Good work Misshift.” Magnus applauded as he transformed. “Stay here and rest your servos.”

    While the Autobots did what they could, the CHP officers fanned out in search of information. Finally, when it appeared that Officer Rice had learned something, Magnus’ came to her and the sailors that appeared to be mostly unscathed. “What have you got?” He asked as he kneeled down as low as he could to get to the humans level.
    “They say they saw the whole thing.” Rice informed.
    “Tell me what happened.” He said to the sailors.

    “It was a girl, a girl and her firebird. It transformed into one of you guys and just started blasting everything. I’ve never seen firepower like that before.” The shaken sailor explained.
    “You say there was only one car?” Magnus asked the young man calmly.
    “Yeah, black mullet-mobile, only it was new and clean. Never seen a car like it.”
    “Yeah, ‘cause it weren’t no damn car, it was killer friggin’ robot.” One of the other sailors added.

    “This wasn’t just the Decepticons doing…” Honeys voice echoed from behind Magnus. She directed his attention to a body bag a few yards away. When she asked the attending medical personnel to pull back the black sheet, it was instantly clear that the young Master at Arms was probably the first victim of this ordeal. He had a single gun shot wound to the face. “This is HER handy work. I recognize it.” Honey said sourly as she adjusted her steel plated optic patch. It would seem that gun shots to the face were becoming Sandra’s MO.
    “Who ever she is… she’s in deep.” Rice added. “If she survives long enough to be caught, she’ll probably be executed for crimes against humanity.”

    “Look here.” Downshift called to Magnus, as he approached. He held a small chunk of concrete with sparkly green shards embedded in it. “Looks to be the same explosive crystal they fragged us with on the highway.”
    “Good work Downshift, analyze it, and tell me what were up against here.”
    “Officer Rice, any matches on those optic stills we gave you?”
    “No. The picture quality is great, but we haven’t found any matches in our data bases for either of the two kids.”
    “I’d upgrade your search.” He said to her, before walking off alone, probably to contact his superiors.

    Else Where

    Caleb and Runamuck had split from Sandra and Runabout only an hour and a half ago. They each had a mission to carry out, and not a lot of time to do it in. Caleb didn’t know the extent of the damage Sandra and Runabout did in Monterey, but his mission was clear: Disable Travis Air Force Base. Now was his time to shine. “Hey Runamuck, lets play a game.” He said as they exited the highway at the Travis AFB exit.
    “A game!? What do I look like a hatchling or something?”
    “You’ll like this game. Let’s see who can do the most damage, but you get points taken away for every human casualty you cause.”
    “But it’s a military base, those humans will be everywhere.”
    “All right, if you think the game is too hard for you…” Caleb teased.
    “Alright fleshy, you’re on.”

    Despite his longing to be with the Decepticons, he didn’t have the emotional strength to be directly responsible for the harm of innocent by standers. He knew how much Runamuck enjoyed twisted games, and knew that Runamuck would do all that he could to not harm the humans much, if he thought it were a challenge. So this was as sure fire way to achieve mission success and keep from killing anybody.

    Runabout rounded a corner and came face to face with the bases main gate. They had two options: They could casually approach the gate, but the guards would have to be dealt with swiftly, or they could rush the gate, and jump straight into the carnage. Caleb opted for the later choice, and Runamuck filled the air with the roar of his engine as he darted around the line of cars inching through the gate, and barreled right through the chain link fence.

    Security was alerted immediately, but Runamuck was so fast, they weren’t able to respond until the two were on the flight line. As emergency and military vehicles began to scramble on the far end of the flight-line, Caleb retrieved his purple hand gun and took aim. With one shot he blew a three-by-four foot hole, clear through a nearby hanger. All the while, Runabout had deployed his 30mm cannons and began taking out parked aircraft.

    After a minute or so of destroying hangers and aircraft, the bases security brigade had finally organized and was on the approach. The silver firebird came to a sliding halt, Caleb quickly got out so Runamuck could transform, once this was done, Runamuck lifted Caleb to his shoulders, and the two stood ready to take on their incoming challengers.

    Caleb managed to remain safe from the military gun fire, and had managed to drown out the sound of the blast from Runamucks 30mm cannons mounted on inches away from him. From his perch, while Runamuck disabled the military personnel by incapacitating them or destroying nearby vehicles and structures, Caleb continued to fire off his Decepticon gun, demolishing entire structures and full squadrons with every blast. Every time he fired off one of the monumental rounds, he felt more and more invincible.

    The encounter only lasted about 15 minutes, but in that time, all of the bases offensive and defensive capabilities were reduced to miniscule numbers. Travis Air Force Base couldn’t protect itself, let alone launch an attack on Megatron’s arriving forces. All they had to do now was rendezvous with Sandra and Runabout and hope that Megatron arrived before the Autobots did.

    With his stripes earned and feeling a little full of himself, Caleb confidently leapt off of the shoulder of his huge counterpart. Runamuck reverted back to his vehicle form before Caleb touched the ground, which he did so near a cowering airmen. A touch of guilt ignited in Caleb’s heart when he observed the terrified young man, but when he realized the poor soul was trembling at his presence. His guilt vanished, and a raw feeling of power over came over him. He playfully jolted at the airmen, who flinched in sheer terror. Now a changed man, a bully of sorts, Caleb chuckled to himself as he climbed into Runamuck and the two sped away, leaving smoking ruins behind them.

    It didn’t take them long to reach the coast line. They found a large cliff edge that violently dropped into the Pacific Ocean a good hundred yards away from the 101 highway. The view of the ocean here was simply breath taking, from what Caleb could make of it through Runamucks head lights, when the roar of Runabout’s engine deterred his attention. Sandra and Runabout had completed their mission, now that the coast was clear (literally), Megatrons forces could arrive safely. The four stood at the pitch black cliffs edge and patiently waited. Soon the sun would rise, and usher in the arrival of a force so powerful all will crumble under it's might.
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    I like your stuff. Especially A-rac, she's always been one of my favorite transformers. Caleb Rawks! The Sam that should have been
    I hope Bay portrays TF3 From a Decepticon perspective.
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    Chapter 7

    Thanks Thundersmacker, It feels good to know someone actually likes my stuff.

    Notes: This is the longest chapter yet, and I had a blast writing it... now things are gonna start getting good. Oh and it starts getting PG13, as the Twins are slowly but surely making there way to more appearances within the story.

    Chapter 7
    The Arrival

    Morning had come to the American east coast, and Sam’s itinerary was already laid out. The press conference Sector 7 set up for Sam was to take precedence, after which he was to leave with his cohorts for NEST 2HQ. But Sam insisted he submit an official leave of absence from his instructors prior to leaving. He spent the morning meeting with his instructors, all of which were glad to oblige his request. It was the dean, however, that offered him an alternative perspective. “Let me tell you something Mr. Witwicky.” She said in her calm, assertive tone. Sam hadn’t felt much like an inferior person since his intermingling with the Autobots, but this woman, this maestro amongst scholars, possessed a presence so self-assured you couldn’t help but feel microscopic in the shadow of her accomplishments.

    He nervously sat up in his seat, and swiped his clammy forehead. “I am a woman of science. Everything has its own science: Literature, Biology, Art, Music, Culinary… it all breaks down into a number of theses, actions, cause and effect, trail and error... a science. Now when people run across a conundrum or situation they cannot over come, they then say ‘well it must be fate’.”

    She continued as she stood from here desk, and paced behind it. “I do not believe in fate. I am not without spiritual belief, but fate is something I put zero steak in, it just cannot be scientifically itemized. That being said… you should have never been here in the first place.”
    Sam coughed anxiously at her somewhat harsh words.
    “You’ve been thrust into a rather large amount of responsibility, and I see your attendance here at this school as a means of running from that responsibility. The science here is elementary; you have a job to do, responsibilities that require sacrifice. You are more then just a helpless victim here; you have great potential, a means to save the lives of not just your people, but the lives of these incredible creatures that have come in need of our help.

    “I will approve your leave of absence under these circumstances: You are not to return to Princeton until your priorities have been sorted, and you feel you have the free time to indulge in your hobby.”
    “…My hobby?” Sam asked confused.
    “That’s right. Your work with the government and these automatons should be your number one priority. And your education here at Princeton should be nothing more then a hobby that you treat yourself to from time to time.”

    Sam was shocked. Though the dean called him out on his longing for a ‘normal’ life, a concept that seemed now like a fantasy, she was authorizing Sam to come to Princeton off and on, like a seasonal pass to an amusement park. He couldn’t believe she would bash him so hard, yet offer him something so nonchalant. He realized then, that this was her highness’ own way of easing him from a life time of sacrifice and hardship. So he politely accepted her circumstances, and proudly walked away with a felling of some accomplishment.

    From the dean’s office, he had to rush to the quad where a small stage was set up, with a single podium at its center. Mikela and Simmons were off to the sidelines with a handful of Sector 7 agents waiting Sam’s arrival. “Where have you been?” Mikela asked scornfully as she straightened up his sweater.
    “Never mind that, he’s here now.” Simmons interrupted “go help your boy before we have a public incident.” He said pushing Sam off towards the stage.

    Leo had gathered with the Autobot’s to answer general questions from the press. As the new Sector 7 Press Liaison, he knew what would be appropriate and inappropriate information to offer to the public. Though this was a great way to kill time until Sam arrived, it was the first time the public got to officially meet any of the Transformers in an open forum. The media relished the opportunity to take pictures of Bumble Bee, Skidz, and Mudflap, and bombarded the group with questions; The task of keeping the Autobot twins’ from saying anything inapt or offering to much information was far to great a job for one man alone, and Leo wasn’t going to last for much longer.

    “Do you require food? And if so what do you eat?” A woman reporter asked.
    “A fine lil' piece like you…” Mudflap began
    “Oh yeah we could eat that up…” Skidz added before Leo sprang from the podium and literally cupped his hands over the mouths of the Autobot twins.
    “Hey what’s wrong with you?” Skidz recoiled.
    “Awe, he stuck his fingers in my mouth.” Mudflap spat.
    “Yes the Cybertronian’s do require sustenance, but they do not eat like you and I do.” Leo answered, all the while wrestling with the twins to keep them quiet. “They run off of an energy source known as Energon. Though this compound is not native to our planet, Autobot and human scientist are working on a way to manufacture this substance, should are friends here need it in the near future.”

    Though Leo will always be the fast talking uber nerd that he loved to hate, Sam was a little impressed with how well Leo got his act together after getting hired onto Sector 7. Despite the fact that Leo refused to wear the typical suit and tie ensemble, which was customary of all Sector 7 agents. The whole men in black look gave Simons a preverbal hard-on. Today Leo wore jeans, a casual white blazer over an orange polo that purposely matched Mudflaps color scheme, his press pass, and his freshly buzzed hair cut, complete with a slick line up.

    Though he could have stood to watch Leo sweat it out a little longer, Sam knew they didn’t have much time to waste on his amusement. So he stepped on the stage and effectively stole the show. “Let’s thank Agent Spitz and the Autobots.” He said leading the applause, as Leo managed to herd Skidz and Mudflap over to the sidelines. Bumble Bee came right up beside Sam on the stage, and handed him a stack of index cards. Sam took the cards pinched in Bumble Bees huge fingers, and took solace in the fact that Bumble Bee stayed by his side without being told to.

    Sam organized his prepared speech, took note of the large cameras that he was sure were broadcasting live, then drowned everything out and focused on his ability to speak. The only person he knew that could talk as well and quick as him was Leo. Naturally either of them was a shoe-in for any public speaking position. “Ahem…” He cleared his throat before distancing himself from the situation at hand, and let the words flow. “As I am sure you are all well aware of, there was incident in California yesterday. Though most of your speculations were not that far from the truth, I am here to inform you that yes… we have had an encounter with Decepticon insurgents.

    “Since the incident yesterday we have confirmed that they were the precursor to what we believe will be another Decepticon invasion.” At this the reporters and students gathered began to murmur frenetically. “As a precaution the US government is deploying addition forces to the California reqion to assist with the salvation of the two bases that were attacked last night, and supplement the remaining forces on the west coast. To ensure or forces are not displaced unevenly, the UN is organizing troops, the National Guard is recalling and activating as many troops as possible, and US Special Forces are establishing countermeasures for any possible attack. We don’t know what the Deceptions are specifically after, but we hope to contain and extinguish the situation.”

    By this point the entire crowd was completely unnerved, and Sam was well aware of the difficult times to come. Something in the pit of his stomach told him that this time around the battle with the Decepticons would be worse then before; and he died last time… what could be worse then that? He couldn’t help but flash a concerned look over to Mikela as the thought raced through his head. “In light of the situation, I am taking a leave of absence, and am returning to NEST to further contribute to the resolution of the conflict ahead.” That was the end of his speech, normally Sam would entertain a few of the questions from the reporters, but his mood was suddenly sullied, and all he wanted to do was leave.

    “Please stay tuned for an emergency Presidential address.” He read from his last card, then ignored the hyper crowd of reporters and retreated to his friends. Bumble Bee and the others transformed into there car modes, Sam and Mikale got into Bumble Bee. Simmons and one of the Sector 7 agents got into Skidz, Simmons’s new partner. And Leo piled into Mudflap with the other two agents. They left the crowd of reporters behind, and got on the road. Destination: Mcquire Air Force Base, where NEST already had a hanger to call their own, NEST 2HQ.

    In the Presidential Address, President Obama put the nation into a heightened state of alert, where as California was placed into a state of emergency. Though it was about 7 am east coast time, which meant it was only 4 am in California and most people weren’t even awake yet, wide spread panic was sure to take over the populace. The President ensured that a warning system was in effect, and that they would provide a sizeable warning prior to the so-called invasion.

    Meanwhile, on the Moon

    Some time ago, Optimus received a message from an old friend. It was a message of hope. His friend Elita 1 had received the broadcast Optimus blindly transmitted to any Autobot that fled Cybertron, offering refuge on planet Earth. In her message Elita 1 thanked the matrix for the safety of Optimus and the survivors he had under his command. She also informed him that she had a fairly sizeable resistance force on a planet not to far from Cybertron. Though they were not a large enough force to take Cybertron back, they were able to fend off any threats that might disturb there new found utopia, and they had no intention on leaving it.

    Completely unaware of the fact that Megatron had been steadily trying to conquer earth, Elita thought that Optimus might be able to utilize a piece of equipment she salvaged before fleeing Cybertron. She triangulated the origin point of Optimus’ message and sent a pod carrying this special cargo, but the pod didn’t make it all the way to Earth, it crash landed on the moon a couple of weeks ago.

    After finding out Elita’s gift was on the moon, and the Autobots no longer possessing a means to leave earth, they collaborated with NASA, who was more then willing to assist the Autobots so long as they were paid back in trade. A team was assembled for the mission:
    Hound the Autobot scout, with a knack for observation and reconnaissance, was chosen to lead the expedition.
    Gears the ‘red headed step child’ of the Earth based Autobots, was paired with Hound due to Hounds immense level of empathy. (He is the only who could tolerate Gears)
    Along with a number of young Autobot mini-cons, each chosen for their easily transportable sizes. There mission was to collect Elita’s gift via a special transport shuttle, and collect some of the equipment left behind by NASA that was previously considered irretrievable.

    Having been on the moon for one day so far, Hound thought it best to hurry with the mission, once he was briefed on the situation back on the surface. He and the mini-cons worked tediously to load up the transport and prep for its departure, while Gears kept a constant watch for the inbound Decepticon forces. “Hey, check it out.” Gears called out to the others.

    With the Earth back grounding it, they could make out Milstar repositioning in the distance. “They must have found a lead.” Hound theorized “Perhaps they’ve discovered the Decepticons route and they want more eyes on the sky.” It was a good guess, but in his brief to Hound, Epps forgot to mention that they believed Telstar, the communications satellite, to be under Decepticon control. Milstar, the military satellite, was being reposition to confirm there suspicions.

    Suddenly a red bolt of energy flung out from the moons surface, its origin was some distance away… around the curve of the moon’s horizon. The bolt moved at incredible speed, and intercepted Milstar, destroying it on impact. “Keep working! Don’t stop for anything.” Hound commanded as he transformed into his Jeep mode, Gears followed his lead turning into a PT pick-up costume and the two sped off on the dusty grey lunar dunes.

    Their relentless speed and the ability to transform and partially transform wherever the terrain demanded it, allowed the two to cover a large amount of distance over a short period of time. They finally found what they were after; two Decepticons had made their selves quite comfortable on the surface of the moon. By the look off it, they were there for sometime, a scouting team no doubt. One was large and mostly white in color, the other black and red, with blades protruding from every appendage. Each Autobot did a rolling transformation, effectively springing into an attack on one of the two Decepticons.

    As Gears threw him self at his larger opponent, he was quickly sidestepped and interlocked with. “I know you…” He said to his advisory as the two endured there test of strength. “Astrotrain.”
    “I see my reputation proceeds me, shame a simpleton like you would be the most action I’d see since the war.”
    “Don’t let my size fool you,” Gears said as he broke out of Astrotrain's grapple, and literally ran up Astrotrain’s arm “I pack a mighty punch.” From Astrotrain’s shoulder Gears delivered one hell of a haymaker to Astrotrain’s face, and dismounted the stumbling Decepticon.

    The bladed Decepticon back flipped to avoid the diving attack of Hound, from his back flip he sprang into a forward summersault with the intent to plunging the blade affixed to his heel into Hound. But Hound was quick on the draw, and retrieved his gun, which blocked and withstood the lethal kick. Swiping away the Decepticons foot, Hound casually stood up and squared off with his foe. “And who might you be?” He asked.
    “A talker… I haven’t had the pleasure of dismantling a talker in a long time. They like to scream and plead for mercy while I rip them to shreds.” Was all the answer the deranged Decepticon gave.

    “His name is Blood-drive, perhaps you’ve heard of him…” Astrotrain commented nearby as he countered one of Gears’ attacks, and choke slammed his considerably smaller opponent into the ground. The name Blood-drive sent a caution signal through Hounds processor. Blood-drive was a rogue Decepticon who was put in stasis due to Megatrons inability to control him. This twisted creature was deranged and sick, easily the most dangerous being to have ever existed. Perhaps Megatron managed to subdue him enough to control him, but Hound new he was a deadly challenger regardless.

    The next thing he knew, Hound was dodging an onslaught of incoming melee attacks from Blood-drive. “C’mon, give it to me…. I want your fluids to spill everywhere.” Blood-drive screamed hysterically as he attacked with a number of skilled martial arts maneuvers. A few yards away Gears was repeatedly stomped into the ground by Arstotrain, Hound failed to dodge an intricate movement from his foe, and received the long blade of Blood-drives elbow slunked deep into his abdomen.

    Despite the wrenching pain, Hound managed to pull his opponent off of him, removing the blade, and then dropped to one knee thoroughly absorbing the pain. But before Blood-drive could act on Hounds injury, the combination 50 caliber machine/missile launcher tucked into Hounds back, flipped up onto his shoulder, and Blood-drive was forced to dodge the constant stream 50 cal ammunition.

    Gears was fairing worse, his exoskeleton was beginning to moan under the stress of Astrotrain’s weight. It wasn’t going to take very long for Gears to be completely flattened. But Astrotrain was unexpectedly struck by an explosive from behind, causing him to fall over, and release Gears. The blast came from a mini-con cannon. The mini-cons had finished the preparation of the NASA transport, and were no slowly flying the transport over the battle.

    “Let’s get out of here.” Hound shouted as he forced Blood-drive to fall back even further with his constant spray of bullets. Though he was battered up badly, Gears was perfectly operational, and found it easy to leap into the air toward the shuttle, as the low gravity allowed for him to make a much higher jump. Hound promptly followed, but was aware that Astrotrain had recovered, and was rising behind him.

    Gears, climbed onto the cargo ramp then stepped out of the way of the five mini-cons who all poured out of the shuttle like paratroopers diving into battle. They all began to transform as they descended on Hound. Most mini-cons served best in battle as an added component on another transformer, in this case, all five mini-cons converted into a weapon of some sort, and attached them selves to Hound.

    Along with his hand held rifle, and shoulder mounted 50 cal combination weapon, Hound now had a boxed rocket launcher on either thigh, a hand held weapon that resembled an M60 machine gun, a Gatling gun strapped to his free shoulder, and a binary displacer attached to his chest plate. The mini-cons had all transformed into these extra weapons, unique supplements to Hounds design, and affixed themselves to his person.

    Un-phased by Hounds newly acquired super mode, Astrotrain ignited his afterburners and continued his upward advance. “Puny Autobot… you don’t scare me.”
    Hound levitated near the transport and faced the mighty Decepticon. He let out a huff, and opened fire with all his weapons. Bullets riddled Astrotrain punching dozens of holes and trenches in his panels and frame like it were made of butter. The various explosions from his missiles and rockets tossed the larger Decepticon around like a rag doll. The final blast, from Hounds binary displacer, was so powerful; its brilliance could be seen from the earth’s surface like the twinkle of a star in the clear blue sky. The blast did not reduce Astrotrain to dust, but it did shut him down, and it also punched a new crater in the moons surface.

    As Astrotrains lifeless mass began to slowly drift toward open space, Gears fished the exhausted Hound into the cargo bay of the transport and gave Blood-drive a wary glance as the transport left the psychotic ‘Con behind. “Don’t worry…” Hound whispered, obviously drained from the mighty binary blast, as the mini-cons all detached from his body. “…he has no long range weapons, were safe.” With that Gears left Hound to rest, and he and the mini-cons buckled in for the ride home. He even took the liberty of reporting their status, but noted heavy interference when trying to broadcast. Something was seriously disrupting all their broadcast frequencies.


    Having just received word that all contact and control of Milstar had been lost, everyone was tensely making busy work in preparation of the looming invasion. Glen was dealing with his panicked state by breathing into a paper bag. Maggie tried to do a little bit of analytical work on old material, but was grotesquely distracted. The Autobots all anxiously tuned their weapons, while others scurried about the hanger. Suddenly a red light and loud alarm began to blare over the loud speaker. Glen smartly let out a high pitched scream and sprang from his seat into the fetal position under his computer terminal. “Relax Glen!” Maggie shouted “it’s just Blaster.” She explained.

    Blaster was still in server mode and plugged into the main terminal, he was communicating with the others via text that he scrolled across the monitor from within the system. <I’m almost certain that Telstar is under Decepticon control, which would account for the communications interference. But all coms have just been completely eclipsed, I’m sure it’s them. THERE HERE!>


    The sun had just barely peaked over the horizon behind Caleb’s group that faced the Ocean. An unknown force, a feeling of sheer malevolence came over Caleb. The hairs on his arms and neck stood up, and his attention was quickly drawn to the sky. Soundwave withdrew the fiber optics woven throughout the circuitry of Telstar, and detached himself from it. Just then a large Cybertronian vessel, escorted by Starscream and a number of Cybertronian aircraft, passed him, and he joined them on their entry into the atmosphere.
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    Chapter 8

    Note: Woo-hoo 2500 views and growing. Sorry for the very delayed post of this instalment. Now that I'm Co-writing One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall my writing is divided right down the middle. but here it is, Chapter 8.

    Chapter 8

    A giant ball of fire appeared in the sky, it grew larger and large as it came closer and closer to the surface. By the time Caleb was able to determine that the fire ball was slowing, he could make out about a dozen smaller fire balls escorting the larger one on its approach. The sheer size of the burning lump was amazing; Caleb estimated it to be no bigger then a small city, and the heat resonating from it was blistering.

    With a deafening hiss and a splash large enough to send 15 foot waves crashing against the cliff edge that Caleb and his teammates looked out from. The giant fiery orb plunged into the ocean. The water sizzled and boiled as it extinguished the massive flames from the falling vessel. The smaller orbs that were accompanying the large ship, did not plunge into the drink, they cooled all on their own and began to circle the larger vessels entry point into the water.

    Caleb wasn’t a plane buff by any means, he really couldn’t tell the difference between the various aircraft, but this is what he saw: one V-22 Osprey, one Predator UAV, one F-22 Raptor with strange tribal symbols all over it, one F-18 Super Hornet, one Russian SU-37 Terminator, one F-15 Eagle, a F-14 Tomcat, an AV-8B Harrier, and what looked like a satellite hovering in the middle of them all.

    As the steam from the water began to decrease in volume, three large objects roughly emerged, springing up from the murk like buoys released from beneath the surface. From the splashes came three futuristic Naval Destroyers. One was Black, one was a blue and haze gray camo, and the third was the ussual haze gray. Shortly following the ships a huge splash erupted near them revealing a massive and modernized Aircraft Carrier. It looked like nothing the US had in current commission, but its design was definitely American in origin. “There he is!” Runabout announced.
    “The big boss.” Runamuck added.

    The carrier was too far out to make out the commotion on its flight deck, especially with all the flying aircraft transforming and landing, but Megatron was there, rising from the central elevator in the middle of the deck. He had a make shift crutch, but still stood tall among his minions. “Lord Megatron, the incursion forces I sent ahead operated splendidly, we detect no hostilities in the general region.” Starscream reported as he landed on the deck.

    “Then the accomplishment goes to them, not to you Starscream.” Megatron grumbled. “Bring them here, we need to debrief.” As Starscream collected two of his Seekers and flew off, Soundwave transformed from his satellite mode and came over to Megatron. “Soundwave, your patience here has not gone unnoticed, when my empire is established, you will be placed in charge of countless systems…”
    “Lord Megatron…” Soundwave interrupted in his monotone voice. “Astrotrain has successfully destroyed the human military satellite, but went off line shortly there after.”

    Megatron sighed, “And Blood-drive…?”
    “Still on line, and stuck on the moons surface.” Soundwave answered.
    “He can not be left unattended… retrieve him Soundwave.” Megatron ordered. With that Soundwave transformed into his satellite mode, but before he left, the wings of the satellite folded back, and the cylinder of the satellites base extended into a longer more aerodynamic cabin. Sound wave now looked more like large futuristic fighter jet. He zoomed off, flying low enough to the water to make it ripple. Building up enough speed to shoot up at a 90 degree angle and disappear into the upper stratus sphere.

    Back on the Cliffs

    Starscream and his most trusted Seekers, flew to the cliffs edge and levitated momentarily to greet there fellow Decepticons. “Surprisingly you ingrate’s didn’t slag up your mission.” Starscream said in his toffee-nosed tone.
    “Well… we’d never compare to the legendary Seekers’ very own Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker.” Runabout said sarcastically to the three mentioned Seekers before him.
    “Save your sarcasm.” Thundercracker bellowed in his thunderous voice, his vocal modules had a distinctive echo that seemed to magnify his tone. “Lord Megatron demands your presence.” He added as the three began to descend so as to carry their teammates.

    Before the Seekers could touch down and make contact with the Battlechargers, an explosion rang out in the air, Skywarp was hit, and the kinetic force sent him and the levitating Seekers plummeting to the choppy waters below. The vapor trail from the missile that struck them disappeared into the distant hills behind them. Caleb and the others could make out its derivation site…

    Travis Air Force Base, 15 minutes earlier

    Misshift was resting against a chunk of a destroyed aircraft hanger. He had teleported his large Autobot entourage and the human CHP cruisers from Monterey to Travis. He hadn’t had much time to regain his energy from the first jump, and required even more down time now. Ultra Magnus and the others were rendering aid, when his communicator chirped to life. “Bravo team, come in.”
    “Go ahead Master Sergeant.” Magnus replied.
    “Sector 7 has rendezvoused with Alpha Team and is inbound to Travis.” Epps reported. “We’ve also lost communication with Milstar… NASA team confirms Decepticon contact… this is it boys and girls…they should be coming soon.”

    Just then the group of Autobot’s, CHP officers, and Air Force personnel that were gathered around to listen to the report, were distracted by a distant boom. It seemed as though the rumble came from the sky, and their assumptions were confirmed when a fire ball began to descend toward the west. “Negative HQ… THEY’RE HERE! I’ve got visual.” Magnus announced as he transformed and his team followed his lead and began to load up on his carrier. The CHP officers moved quickly and scrambled to their cruisers.

    “Magnus, we have zero satellite up link, were gonna need you to pin point their exact location so we can direct support to you.” Epps explained.
    “Roger that, you’ll here from us soon.”
    “Were coming with you.” A Colonel proclaimed as he and a small contingent of Air Force members scrambled to the Hummvee’s that had survived the attack.
    “Colonel Reed, if retribution is what you’re after, I cannot promise it to you…”
    “Look here Mother Trucker, one way or another, were gettin’ in this fight.” The Colonel shouted to the large truck.

    After a short pause, while the others completely loaded onto the carrier, Magnus agreed on the condition that Reed’s superiors’ be informed along the way. Then the group was mobilized, heading in the general bearing of the fire balls decent. “What would happen if you teleported too many times?” Cliffjumper asked Misshift as Magnus carried them down the highway.
    “No…” Downshift intervened “We can’t ask him to do it again, he’s done it enough.”
    “I was just wondering what would happen.” Cliffjumper snapped back defensively.

    “Let’s not find out.” Magnus added. But off in the distance, the fireball disappeared over the horizon, and plumes of steam erupted from its vanishing point. “We aint gonna make it in time, now is as good a time as any to test my limits” Misshift stated, as he began to stream the neon blue lights around the convoy.
    “Misshift No!” Ultra Magnus protested, but it was to late, Misshift made the massive group, along with a large chunk of the road they were cruising on, to vanish.

    They materialized nearly one hundred miles away, half a mile from the coast, but they were also a good 100 feet off of the ground. As the group and the chunk of road that was teleported with them began to plummet, the Autobots quickly transformed and threw themselves from the falling carrier, each one scrambling to snatch one of the human vehicles into there arms to cushion the harsh landing.

    Moans came from everyone, Autobot and human alike as they began to recover from the fall. Magnus and Misshift were the only two that didn’t transform, while the others tended to themselves and there human counter parts, Magnus transformered and checked on the lifeless Turbo Wagon that lay on its side. He flipped the blue car onto its wheels, but after getting no response from shaking and calling out to Misshift, Magnus scanned the flamboyant Autobot. “Is he ok?” Prowl asked as he banged out a dent in one of his panels. “He’s in stasis.” Magnus responded, “We’ve gotten too comfortable with his abilities, from now on we don’t encourage him to use it unless absolutely mandated.” Magnus decreed.

    As the group regained its composure, Magnus, Prowl and a few of the others walked up one of the hills and peaked over its summit to spy on the emergence of the Decepticon Aircraft Carrier. They also spoted the Decepticon scouting team with there human allies on the cliff edge not to far from there position. They quickly rallied there team and formulated a plan of attack, something to bide them some time until the alpha team showed up…

    Magnus launched a single long range missile from his shoulder, just as he did all the other Autobots vaulted over the hill, and transformed so they could roll out to the cliff edge and engage the enemy. Magnus’s missile struck a Seeker levitating above the cliff edge, and the explosion took out his two counterparts. When the battle chargers and there human allies turned, the saw a horde of Autobot’s racing toward them.

    “Lord Megatron… we are under attack.” The Osprey Decepticon hollered as he directed all hands attention to the explosion at the cliffs. “What!” Megatron turned to see Starscream and his two seekers plummet to the waters. “General Obsidian, retrieve our warriors and hold off the enemy…” he ordered the Osprey who then gathered a few more ‘cons and flew off the deck. “Admiral… prepare to dive.” Megatron ordered, though no one stood nearby to acknowledge him.

    As the Autobots zoomed closer and closer, Runabout and Runamuck armed themselves and readied for battle, Caleb did the same, but knew he wouldn’t fair well in a close encounter with his huge adversaries. Prowl, Downshift, and Cliffjumper were the fastest of the Autobots and reached the cliff edge first. They swerved and weaved to avoid the enemies on coming fire, but they instantly adjusted there tactics when the human boy stepped forward and aimed his weapon.

    Though they’ve seen the destructive force of his weapon before, they didn’t decrease there speed. When the boy squeezed the trigger and the giant stream of energy shot out from his considerably tiny gun, the on coming Autobots immediately did a rolling transformation, and flipped over the bolt, landing themselves face to face with the small group.

    Runabout made ready to fire his death crystal at the Autobots, but Prowl was quicker on his feet and he knocked away the barrel of the blaster just as Runabout fired. The green crystal soared into the air and would have surely caused massive devastation upon impact if it wasn’t for the laser beam of Honeys crossbow. She was half a mile away, with Ultra Magnus and the humans, but her sharp shooting skills never shined so brightly.

    Prowl then disarmed Runabout and the two began a complex dance, trading intricate martial arts strikes, parries, and evasions… the two had unfinished bussniess from there encounter the day before. Meanwhile, Downshift engaged Runamuck and Cliffjumper dove off the side of the cliff. Starscream and Thundercracker had just fished Skywarp out of the water, he was on line, but banged up pretty bad and unable to fly in Robot mode.

    Just when they began to fly back up the cliff, Skywarp was plowed out of Starscream and Thundercrackers grasp by Cliffjumpers diving kick. As Skywarp free-falled back into the white crested waters below, Cliffjumper held onto Thundercracker and delivered a massive kick to Starscreams head, he then swung off of Thundercracker, kicked off the rock wall, and tackled the Seeker sending them into the water as well.

    While Prowl and Runabout fought, Downshift tried to take on Runamuck, but kept getting distracted by gun fire from Sandra, her bullets couldn’t do much damage at the distance she was shooting from, but her distractions kept giving Runamuck the upper hand in the battle, that is until all combatants were alerted by a tiny pop of sparks that went off between them. When Honey shot the death crystal, it shattered into small shards that were raining down on the group now.

    As the shards popped and stung the fairings of the ‘Bot’s and ‘Con’s Downshift realized the damage would be much worse for the humans. He instinctively dove over them, shielding them from the tiny explosions. The Cliff edge lit up like the forth of July. Prowl and Runabout disengaged each other to shield themselves from the downpour of miniature, volatile gems. But when the dazzling rain subsided, all damage incurred was superficial, and Prowl and Runabout were able to pick up right where they had left off.

    When Downshift lifted himself off of the humans, both he and Caleb jumped in shock. Sandra had changed, the horizontal scar across her forehead was wide open, and in it was another set of eyes. Caleb stumbled away from her, but backed right into Runamucks leg. “It’s alright kid, you were gonna find out sooner or later.” Runamuck tried say in a soothing tone.

    The familiar sound of a Cybertronians transformation sequence emitted from Sandra, and then her skin cracked and splintered into squares all across her body. From the cracks in her skin, steam bellowed out before all of her flesh panels began to fold and tuck away until all that remained was a very spider looking robot, definitely female, and distinctly not human.

    Downshift recoiled at the transformation of the human. “A Pretender!” But while he was distracted, the Spider-Bot unfolded 3 more pairs of arms that where tucked around her abdomen, and from her eight appendages, she unleashed a massive barrage of machine gun fire Downshift. Downshift’s body stuttered at the bombardment, and he stumbled back into the midst of Prowl and Runabout’s fray. It would be Prowl and Downshift that would collide and eventually stagger over the edge of the cliff.
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    Chapter 9

    Chapter 9

    Cliffjumper was being held with his arms behind his back by Thundercracker while Starscream used him like a punching bag. Though they were under water, they were still able to function normally. But the slugfest came to a halt when Downshift and Prowl plunged into the water. They were instantly alerted to the presence of the Decepticons. They scuttled to come to Cliffjumpers assist, and an underwater brawl ensued.

    Top Side

    Caleb coward away from Sandra, he couldn’t believe that she wasn’t human; she was a Cybertronian, a frightening looking creature at that. “Relax kid.” She said as she faced him and noticed his expression. “Were on the same side, remember… I won’t eat you.” Her voice was now more shrill, and she seemed taller than before. Her body was smooth and deep maroon in color. She had long hair still, but it was one solid fairing that only looked like hair. Her eyes, all six of them, were glowing red orbs, and her womanly curves were heavily exaggerated… even when here six spare arms tucked back around here abdomen.

    Caleb wouldn’t be getting any more comfortable with the situation, but he had to worry about the other state of affairs before he could dwell on this new shocker. “Incoming.” Runabout said as he fetched his crystal launcher, and made ready for the second wave of Autobots… Brawn and Hot Rod. The Autobots sped in, and transformed about a hundred yards out. As they sprinted in, Runabout took aim and fired off another crystal. This time it would be Hot Rod with his arm mounted lasers that would shoot the crystal.

    The crystal exploded, filling the air with green smoke, and because the gem was so close to the ground, its shards sizzled and popped along the gravel abruptly after the detonation. With their line of sight hindered by the large puff of green smoke, Runabout was oblivious to the incoming hay-maker of Brawn.

    Brawn was known for being one of the strongest Autobots. It was documented in official records (prior to the war) that Brawn was capable of lifting in excess of 190,000 lbs. He now commanded this strength and funneled it on his opponent.

    Brawn was thought to have been dead, during the war on Cybertron he did so much damage on the battle field, that it became the goal of many shock troopers to take him out. Ultimately it was believed by all, that Megatron himself ripped the Autobot apart limb by limb. But as the massive mechanized fist of said Autobot collided with his face… it became apparent to Runabout that the Autobot’s power house was not out of commission.

    Brawn emerged from the green smoke and way-laid Runabout. The force from his punch sent Runabout flying off the cliff edge. Sandra then turned her eight machine gun appendages on Brawn, but he didn’t stutter like Downshift, instead he dropped his fist at her like a gavel. But she dodged the strike, and jumped onto his fist, then proceeded to run up his arm. Once she was on his shoulder, she held on as he thrashed around, and leaned in to bit his neck. The fangs hidden in her mouth were designed to pierce cybertronium, and download her techno-venom. Once Brawn was poisoned, she preformed an exaggerated dismount off the Autobot, while he sluggishly dropped to one of his knees.

    Hot Rod was aware that Brawn needed his help, but his hands were full with Runamuck. They were fairly matched and no head way was gained on either side. They punched and kicked, and punched some more. Dropkick… spinning kick…Axe kick… right jab… left hook… hip toss…arm bar… heel drop…there melee exchange had no limit. But Brawn was growing ever so sluggish, and Hot Rod felt a pressing need to end this. “Ugh…not feeling to good bro.” Brawn announced in a lazy tone.

    His conditioned wasn’t only apparent to Hot Rod; Caleb took notice of this as well. With his trusty hand gun of mass destruction in hand, Caleb slyly inched closer to the waning hulk of an Autobot and took aim. “No!” Hot Rod screamed, as he found the drive to drop Runamuck with a fancy Kung Fu strike. He then activated his exhaust ports, which repositioned themselves on the underside of his wrist while in Robot mode, and allowed a thick stream of fire to erupt from them and engulf Runamuck.

    But the time spent torching his foe, allowed Caleb to get in position. Just when he was about to pull the trigger, a laser beam struck the side of the gun, and it flew out of Caleb’s hands and over the side of the cliff. “No!” Sandra screamed as she swan dived after the weapon. The shot came once again from Honey, but this time she was sharpshooting on the move. She was knelt down on the top of Ultra Magnus’ carrier, who was speeding in on the action with his Military and Police precession in full tow.

    Honey joined Hot Rod in aiding Brawn, but while Magnus transformed, he spotted more airborne Decepticons inbound. “Heads up.” He called as Obsidian flew in. Obsidians robot mode had no legs; instead he was required to hover about utilizing his dual propellers that churned above his shoulders. He had no visible weapons, but the palms of his robotic claws were, in fact, proton producers. He charged them and fired off yellow orbs at the Autobot group.

    The group scattered as the proton orbs showered around them. All but Caleb was in danger of getting hit. “Human…” Obsidian called down to Caleb as he extended one of his claws, and continued to fire with the other. “Come on.” Caleb peered up at the Decepticon nervously. He wasn’t afraid of the warrior, he was afraid of the leap Obsidian was asking him to make. He looked down at the gap between he and Obsidians hand, it was a good two yards, and the fall (should he miss) was dizzying.

    “Boss look, in the sky.” One of the other Decepticons Obsidian brought with him called out. He looked up to discover a C-7 flying by over head, from the C-7 a number of small dots were released. As these dots grew larger and came closer to the ground it was evident they were Autobot’s parachuting in. “It’s the Alpha Team!” Magnus called out as they covered Brawn.

    From the sky Ironhide, Bumble Bee, Chromia, Arcee, Rachet, the twins and Optimus Prime opened fire on the Decepticons as they touched down near Ultra Magnus’ team. Megatron watched from the flight deck of his Aircraft Carrier and knew that the Autobots numbers would surely decimate his ill prepared forces. “Sonar… take them out. Deceptions Retreat.” He hollered, his raspy voice echoing arcoss the waters. From his position flanking the massive carrier, the black futuristic naval destroyer armed his main turret and took aim on the cliff side…

    Sandra folded her arms tight against her body, lowering her wind resistance so she could catch up to the falling hand gun. Once it was in her hand, she used her other hand to retrieve a grapple gun from her hip and fired it at Obsidian hovering a few hundred feet above her. The grappling hook wrapped around Obsidians lower appendage, suspending her above the choppy beach below.

    By this time, the fight under the water had long since turned in the Autobots favor, and the Seekers were now on the retreat. Thundercracker found Skywarp, and flew him out of the water, with Starscream close behind. Once the Seekers were gone, Downshift transformed back into his car mode. Once in car mode he slightly transformed again… All four of his wheels folded up under his frame ala Back to the Future like, and some small fins slide out form under his doors. Cliffjumper and Prowl each grabbed onto the car as it began to ascend.

    Sonar focused his turret on the actual cliff then fired a shot from his turret. The blast was a focused sonic resonance, it disturbed all sound around it and was completely invisible… it could only be traced by the turbulence of air around it. As Downshift carried his comrades out of the water, he spotted the bolt of turbulence coming straight at him, and he listed to avoid getting struck. Downshifts maneuver shook Cliffjumper’s grasp loose and he once again fell back into the water, but Sonar’s blast missed them and hit the cliff.

    When Sonar’s sonic blast hit the cliff, everything went silent in the immediate area as a result of the sound distribution. But after a small delay the destructive force of this blast presented itself. The entire cliff shuddered, and then it began to crumble. A large chunk of the ground collapsed in front of Caleb, and the ground he was standing on fragmented and was on its way down when Caleb instinctively leapt into the air, and just barely covered the distance to grab Obsidians hand. Once Caleb was in hand, Obsidian secured his hold on Caleb and carried Sandra and he back toward the Carrier, his soldiers following close behind him.

    Both the Alpha and Bravo team staggered back to avoid the falling with the crumbling cliff. Downshift hovered away from the avalanche, and Cliffjumper resurfaced just as the rock slide started. He vaulted from the water then made good on his name: CLIFFJUMPER. In one of the most fantastic displays of agility Cliffjumper leapt from rock to the next. He made his way up the collapsing cliff jumping and flipping up the falling rocks, avoiding getting crushed at every possible leap. “Get’r done Cliffjumper!” Downshift shouted in support as he spotted Cliffjumpers progress from a safe distance. Until all visual was lost as the dust plumed up from the smashing and crumbling rocks. When the avalanche finished, Cliffjumper flipped up from the deepened cliff edge, and rolled up to his feet right in front of the combined Autobot teams. He was covered from guidance unit to tail pipe in dust. All that retained its normal color was his glowing yellow optics. “That was fun.” He stated… dirt and dust pouring out of his mouth.

    Optimus gave Cliffjumper a congratulation pat on the shoulder, kicking up more dust from Cliffjumpers panels. Then Optimus went to the edge of the freshly formed cliff, retrieved his rifle, and took aim at the carrier. The Seekers landed, followed shortly by Obsidians troop. But Optimus focused in on Megatron. The two exchanged glares, but optimus knew a shot from this distance would do little good. As he lowered his rifle a shell began to fold up over the Aircraft carriers entire flight deck. Once fully covered the four ships sunk beneath the oceans surface, and were gone just as soon as they had arrived.
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    I am throughly enjoying this story. A few grammtical errors here and there...oh well. I am beginning to really dislike Caleb an awful lot. Maybe Honey can accidently (on purpose) take him out some day. The fact that he did not want his robotic partner to kill humans just doesn't wash. Nice cover for Black Arachnia!
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    Wow, thanks for the comment. It's nice to know some people have read this, and I do apologize for the grammatic errors... it has always been my down fall. I need an editor. LOL

    As for Caleb, he is very conflicted. He wants to be evil but doesnt know how to detach himself from human emotions like quilt. But dont worry, I've got some dark things in store for him. You'll either grow to love him or hate him even more.
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    Chapter 10

    Chapter 10

    Caleb was dropped roughly on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier, though it wasn’t the intent of Obsidian to hurt Caleb. Obsidian turned his propellers off and dragged himself away towards his troops. Caleb remained on the deck, and watched as the large Decepticon slid off. Then a trickle of water dripped on to his face, when he looked up he realized the entire deck was now shielded by a large metal shell, and from the seam where the two half shells met water was dripping off as the shell clinched together. The carrier had sealed up and dove beneath the oceans surface.

    The interior of the covered flight deck was lit up by rows of florescent lights, and various Decepticons were scattered about working on projects. “Sandra” wound up her grappling gun, and restowed it in the compartment on her hip. She then strutted over to Caleb and pulled him up to his feet off of the floor. Caleb recoiled and staggered away from her, as he was still freaked out by her appearance and deception. “Good work Blackarachnia, he is a healthy looking specimen.” A large menacing voice bellowed out behind him.

    Caleb turned to find the magnificent and magnificently terrifying Decepticon leader, Megatron, towering before him. “Hello boy.” Megatron greeted. He tried to sound pleasant but only amplied his disdainful tone. When Caleb said nothing, frozen in place by sheer terror, Megatron shot Blackarachnia a curious glance.
    “Caleb,” she said gently as she came to his side. “Caleb I’m sorry for deceiving you. We just had to be sure you were truly ready to be with us before I could reveal this to you…”

    Megatron stepped back and allowed Blackarachnia to work on the boy. It was unclear as to what reason the Decepticons wanted a human companion, but they definitely wanted him to be there voluntarily. “You’ve done so much so far… if I didn’t know better I’d say you already were a Decepticon. That is what you wanted right? …To be with us? To be one of us?”
    Caleb had to admit, he never dreamt himself powerful enough to destroy an entire military installation, or to survive two battles with full fledged Autobot warriors. Yet here he was, having done just those things with little more than elevated anxiety.

    “Of coarse I do.” Caleb said, standing defiantly to her as he had done so before…despite her frightening appearance now.
    “Then bow down, and hail to Megatron.” She shot off to the boy.
    “That won’t be necessary.” Megatron interjected. “You mustn’t think of the boy as the lowly fleshling that he use to be, he is one of us now.” Megatron stated as he approached again and struggled with his injuries to kneel down. “You have made peace with your decision to join us, haven’t you boy?”
    “Of coarse Lord Megatron.” Caleb responded without hesitation or the slightest hint of fear.

    Megatron let out a hearty and demonic bellow of laughter. He was thoroughly pleased with the easiness of Caleb’s conduct in his new coalition. “Welcome aboard human. Let’s get right to business.” Megatron returned to his feet and lead the group across the bay. They all loaded up on the central elevator and began to lower down into the inner workings of the carrier. “The first time I came here, it was to retrieve the all spark. But after it’s destruction it became the goal of my master to destroy this repulsive planet. Now we’ve got a new plan, we’ve discovered your planets fossil fuels can be refined into pure energon… our form of sustenance. So instead of destroying it, we will wrist control of this planet for ourselves. But taking over a planet requires resources, and well placed warriors...”

    The elevator lowered into the hanger bay and the three walked into the midst of the Decepticon Command Center. Megatron lead the two over to a large pod, it was the same kind of pod the Cybertronians traveled in from space. “I have plenty of warriors here, but none of which are what I would call ‘well placed’. Now this proto-form is the panicle of Decepticon technology. Before the proto-form exits the pod, it scans the likeness of any nearby foe… in our case, an Autobot. Then using the element of surprise the cloned Autobot takes out the original then assimilates itself into the enemy’s ranks.

    “Once inside, he relays information to us until the time comes to crush the enemy from within.”
    “It’s a good idea.” Caleb thought aloud has he joined Megatron in admiring the pod.
    “Yes and the project would have worked if it weren’t for those dolts Sideways and Demolisher. They were caught and destroyed and the first prototype was left to rot in Shanghai. That’s where you come in. Your one of them… my inside MAN. You can interact with the humans when we go to place the second prototype, keep them from alerting the Autobots until the moment of our choosing.”

    When Megatron finished explaining Caleb’s role in the up coming mission, he led them away from the pod. “Its genius, but I’m a bit confused.” Caleb stated. Megatron came to a screeching halt, and all work and commotion in the Command Center ceased. Never before had anybody questioned Lord Megatron and walked away unscathed. Oblivious to the tension built up around him, Caleb explained himself further. “If Sandra…err… Black-a-whoever-she is, can turn into one of us, what you need me for?”

    Megatron’s demeanor changed, he reminded himself that the boy was not Cybertronian nor would he survive Megatron’s wrath, and that his point wasn’t all that misplaced. “I have my reasons.” Megatron replied deviously. Caleb was hardly put off by Megatron’s tone, he liked it actually, and he was beginning to feel a sense of belonging. “You and I have some changes to make… and be warned, your conversion into a Facsimile is the most unpleasant.” Megatron stated casually as they continued to walk through the hanger.

    “Wait, I’m not a Facsimile?”
    “No boy.” Megatron responded “You don’t just call yourself a Facsimile and become one. You have to get…upgraded.”
    “Yes, the life expectancy of an average human, especially one who deals in the affairs of Decepticons, isn’t very long. With your facsimile upgrades you will become stronger, more durable, and worthy of the honor to stand side-by-side with the mighty Decepticons.”
    “Stronger?” Caleb whispered, lost in the idea of him possessing superhuman strengths.
    “Much stronger.” Megatron enticed.
    “And you say it will hurt?” Caleb asked with a relaxed level of concern.
    “Yes” Megatron sighed.
    “How long will it take?”
    “A few earth hours.”
    “Let’s do it.”


    Caleb was given the run of the ship, the majority of the Decepticons (the ones that transformed into large vehicles) couldn’t fit anywhere on the carrier besides the hanger bay and the flight deck. So the Interior of the ship was only inhabited by the smaller ‘Cons and Caleb. Caleb found the Captains Quarters and claimed them as his own. He was instructed to strip and return to the hanger bay. Having done so, Caleb felt a bit odd walking through the ships passage ways in the nude.

    Though he wished he had a robe to cover up with, he felt more awkward about being comfortable around his robot companions in the nude, then actually being nude. When his lift lowered down into the hanger and Caleb rejoined Megatron and the group of ‘Cons that were gathered to over see his procedure, Blackarachnia could not refrain from staring. “I’ve studied the anatomy of these humans prior to coming here, but it looks so gross up close.” She teased as he walked by.
    “Yeah, look whose talking.” Caleb fired back.
    “Ignore the Predacon, she can be a bit…nasty at times. I stick by my first claim; you are indeed a healthy specimen.” Megatron said to Caleb as he led the boy toward a large tank in the corner of the hanger.

    This area was very dark; a single green light provided enough illumination to see what needed to be done. “Doctor, are we ready?” Megatron hollered to the tiny Decepticon working on the Tanks terminal.
    “Yes-Lord-Megatron, all-systems-are-nominal. Is-de-boy-ready-for-de-procedure?” The small crab-like doctor said in his mad-German-scientist tone of voice.
    “I am.” Caleb replied with a deep breath. He then followed Scalpels orders and climbed into the open tank. The cylinder tank was empty, with a single metal chair bolted to the center. Once Caleb slid onto the cold metal chair, Scalpel strapped the boy in then quickly exited the tank. “Do it.” Megatron ordered once all was ready.

    Scalpel flicked a few switches and initiated the process of Caleb’s conversion. Though the straps holding Caleb to his chair were uncomfortable, they were necessary to protect Caleb from his natural reaction to the tank suddenly filling with thick clear liquid. Once the tank was completely full, and it was obvious Caleb was holding his breath, waiting for whatever was coming next. Scalpel then activated another control, and a number of sharp probes jabbed out from the chair and pierced Caleb’s body in multiple locals.

    Caleb tried to scream at the sheer pain that now devoured him, but he inadvertently began to inhale the liquid he was submerged in. As the red clouds of blood floated about his murky chamber his body began to convulse violently. Megatron looked at the boys erratic vital signs on a nearby monitor then turned to Scalpel. “What’s happening? I don’t want him broken.”
    “De-hypoxic-convulsions-are-normal-in-dis-phase. He-will-loose-consciousness-before-long.”
    Just as the doctor predicted, Caleb’s convulsions stopped when he passed out. Megatron and the others relaxed as now they only needed to wait for the incubation process to complete and the procedure would be done.

    “While the boy stews, I will have to prep for my conversion. Did you secure what I asked of you?” Megatron said to Blackarachnia. She replied by retrieved Sandra’s P-38 and Caleb’s Dessert Eagle from her hip compartment. “Good. Make the preparations.” He commanded as he strode off.

    A few hours later

    Caleb was awakened by the sensation of gravity. His tank had been emptied and now he sat in the thick slime like substance that once filled the whole chamber. His chest and throat burned, and felt stiff like something was lodged in it, then he realized there was something lodged it. Somehow his straps had been undone and he fell to floor and immediately vomited the large quantities of slime that was in his throat, stomach and lunges. It was repugnant and unpleasant, but the relief his repertory system received after the fact was worth it.

    He stood and flung large globes of the slime off of his naked frame, in doing so he noticed very subtle changes in his physique. His body felt heavier and solid, his Pecs were a lot larger than he remembered, as were his biceps and thighs. His stomach looked like it belonged in a magazine ad for the ab blaster 5000. But while looking at himself, he realized something else was different… his eye sight. He could make out details he had never seen before, and he found himself focusing in on minuet details like the pores of his skin and dust particles in the air.

    He played with his new body by flexing his new found muscles and stared at his reflection in a shiny piece of metal a few yards away, which he effortless focused in on with his new eye sight. “Get over yourself and put some clothes on… please.” Blackarachnia said as she flung a towel at him. He used the towel to wipe the slime off as he made his way back to his room; once there he put his old clothes on (They now fit snug). While dressing, he made more new discoveries: he had a plug on each of his Palmaris Longus’ (the inner wrist); they didn’t hurt, but gave Caleb a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.

    After dressing Caleb saw his own eyes in the mirror for the first time. His eyes were no longer brown, they were purple. A deep purple with a blue-ish glint, they were absolutely beautiful until he used his new “super vision” to zoom in on his reflection. Upon closer examination he discovered the purple color to his irises was from an intricate collection of metallic circuits and his pupils themselves were like small camera lens. This was the reasoning behind his super visions and the unique coloring of his eyes.

    He returned to the Lab portion of the hanger, still enthralled with his improved body and found Scalpel, Megatron, and Blackarachnia standing by. He also noticed his gun, and the gun Sandra had used on separate pedestals to either side of Megatron. “…de-true-test-will-be-when-you-download-your-will-into-the-boy. Dis-can-only-happen-when-you-are-in-your-alternate-form, and-we-cannot-yet-determine-exactly-how-he-will-react-to-the-download.”
    “I will wait to test that feature when the time suits me…” Megatron took notice to boy walking in and quickly hushed the conversation, by drawing attention to Caleb.

    “Ah, my boy, I see you have survived the procedure.”
    “Yeah… how long was I out for.”
    “A few earth hours. Do you like your upgrades?”
    “There amazing, I can’t believe it.”
    “Good, I will put you to good use now.” Megatron stated proudly.
    “So what’s going on here?” Caleb asked curiously.
    “I am about to go through a very special reformatting.”
    “A reformat? Like when Runabout and Runamuck reformatted?”
    “Indeed, now stand back young man, and watch”

    On Megatrons order, Caleb fell back to Blackarachnia’s side and watched as Scalpel took a cable and plugged one end of it into the Dessert Eagle, and the other end to Megatron. “Commenceupload.” Scalpel said as he two fell back with the others. Megatron began to up load a hefty amount of data from the Dessert Eagle, as he did this, he covered his body in the same digital cocoon that Runabout and Runamuck had done the night before. He then scanned the P-38 on the nearby pedestal and began to reformat while he was still transferring data from the gun. Once all was said and done, Megatrons digital cocoon fizzled out, and he had changed.

    He stood straight revealing his new boxy (GI) form, complete with a giant cannon attached to his right arm. “Yes… this matter displacement tech is amazing. Shockwave, your sacrifice is not without merit.”
    “Thank you Lord Megatron” A mono-tone voice echoed from the Dessert Eagle, and then it made the familiar sound that spearheaded any Cybertronians transformation. The Gun splintered and folded, but aside from transforming it also began to grow. Yellow electricity arched from its surfaces. Eventually the hulk grew to match Megatron’s size and took on a humanoid shape. Though his head was completely devoid of a face and one of his arms had a giant gun barrel where a hand should have been, he was the physical epitome of a Decepticon, in all his threatening glory.

    “As you just witnessed, the matter displacement will allow your physical material to alter not only in shape, but in size, a feature that will serve useful if you are to be wielded by a human companion.” Shockwave explained.

    It then became clear to Caleb as to why Megatron wanted him. He could wield Megatron or Shockwave or both, but why him or any human for that matter? If Blackarachnia could take on the appearance of a human, why not use her, or any other Decepticon or Predacon with the same Pretender technology? He wasn’t going to repeat the question, especially if it might rob him of the opportunity to carry such power.

    Things were shaping up for the large Decepticon battalion. After Megatron got comfortable with his new body he gathered his generals and key personal: Black Arachnia, Obsidian, Shockwave, Starscream, Thundercrack, Skywarp, Scalpel, Runabout, Runamuck… and Caleb. And the group went to work planning and preparing for the next phase of there invasion.
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    Notes From the Author

    Black Arachnia Pretender: The Prentenders were used off and on throughout the transformer continuim. In my story Black Arachnia, still a member of the Predacons, has been given the "Pretender Tech" as she is best suited for infiltrating the human populace. I decided to make "the pretender tech" a sort of interchangeable mechanism.

    The Mini-Cons: Like in some incarnations of the Transformers cartoon, mini-cons were used like weapons or keys to unlock extra weapons or abilities on various transformers. I have decided to do the same in my story, though they will change in-accordance with whatever transformer they decide to attach to.

    Facsimile: The Facsimiles were introduced in the Transformers: Infiltration/ Transformers: Escalation comic mini-series. Facsimiles were human sleeper-cell clones Megatron had place din various politcal and militant postions. He could activate them and control at any time to do his will.

    Changes in some of the characters: I've changed some of the characters a little bit to best suit my fanverse. As a communications officer, i thought Blaster would serve best as an industrial server... plus it's kind of unique. Hot Rod's car mode is very old school, It's how I've always pictured him. Prowl was originally a Nissan z280, i thought it only appropriate to return him to his roots: The z370.

    I love comments and feed back. I'd love to hear from you guys.
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    WARNING: This chapter get’s a little slashy, but that was never the intended focus of this chapter. And due to the Twins, of course, we will be rated at PG-13 for this chapter.

    Chapter 11

    Prime and Magnus conjoined their respected teams and began to formulate a plan of action. “With the military satellite destroyed, and the communications satellite heavily damaged… we won’t be able to trace the Decepticons movements” Arcee informed.
    “The Navy!” Simmons shouted, his excitement drowning out the others “We can put all submarines on red alert.”
    “There is no need for theatrics” Ironhide commented, trying to reign in Agent Simmons’ over zealous attitude.
    “No he’s got a point,” Sam interjected “Any submarine should be able to spot an air craft carrier moving under the water… something that big cant hide for very long.”
    “I’ll have Epps put in the call to Morshower.” Lennox commented, agreeing with the others that it was a good idea.

    With that Optimus, and the group, moved toward some of the other combat weary Autobot’s. “During this struggle, have any of you manage to learn anything about the Megatron’s new goals?” He asked.
    “Yeah…” Brawn said as Ratchet worked on a small computer tablet that was plugged into his system, “They wanted the little human dude and the human girl… she’s….”
    “It was Blackarachnia… she was using the Pretender tech to pose as a human.” Honey interrupted, she adopted a sour disposition in regards to Sandra/Blackarachnia.
    “The Pretender tech…? I thought they had all but even up on that out dated technology.” Optimus pondered
    “It’s not that out dated.” Sam responded. “Mikaela smashed one when we were snatched from Princeton earlier this year.”
    “Awww yeah, and she used her long tongue appendage to inflect Samuel's organs with flesh eating nanites…” Leo joked.
    “Shut up.” Mikaela spat at him, while Sam fought the stomach churning nausea, as he relived the experience.

    “How is he?” Optimus then asked Ratchet who continued to treat Brawn.
    “Fortunately we were able to act quickly. Blackarachnia’s venom instantly down loads a decomposition hydra into the victim; it will shut down the entire processor in a matter of minutes. I’ve managed to scrub Brawns system, now I’m just resetting his defense protocols and firewalls. He’ll be back to his obnoxious self in no time.”
    “Thanks bro.” Brawn said to Ratchet, ignoring the ‘obnoxious’ remark.

    “Whatever their here for this time around, it’s huge.” Downshift said to Optimus as he sat nearby with Cliffjumper, helping the younger ‘bot clean dirt from his servos. “Where not dealing with sparklings here, we took on Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp.”
    “Megatron’s second in command and his two most trusted seekers.” Optimus explained.
    “Plus Obsidian was the one that rescued the boy.” Ultra Magnus added.
    “Obsidian!” Optimus blurted in surprise before shooting a concerned glance to Downshift, then to Ratchet and Ironhide.

    “What…what was that?” Sam asked curiously
    “That didn’t look good” Simmons groaned.
    “Hey no no no, don’t do that.” Lennox added
    “Yeah, no secret looks like that, you can’t do that.” Sam added.
    “Yeah it makes us nervous.” Leo whined.
    “Alright, alright calm down.” Optimus said, trying to ease the frantic humans. “Obsidian is a formidable Decepticon General. His presence here means their force is large enough to require multiple commanding officials.” Prime explained.
    “We’re dealing with the big wigs now.” Ironhide added.

    A short time later

    While Major Lennox and Ratchet worked on installing a short range military radio into Hot Rod, so as to extend there communications range to GITMO and the Pentagon, Optimus, Magnus, Simmons, and Ironhide brainstormed on methods to be proactive in regards to the Decepticon invasion. The last thing they wanted to do was wait for the Decepticon's to cause massive damage and casualties.

    The Sherriff and CHP officers on hand spent the afternoon trying to salvage their cruisers, only a handful of which survived the fall from Misshift’s teleportation. Air Force personnel secured the area from on lookers migrating over to the battle site perimeter from the 101 highway, while the remaining Autobot's recovered from the battle. Downshift and Prowl checked all there systems for water damage, none was found. And Cliffjumper required the help from many others to get all the dirt out from under his panels, but he was now clean and fully operational.

    After getting the retro fitted radio to work on Hot Rod, he telecomed General Morshower and allowed Lennox to brief the Joint Chief. Morshower reported to Admiral Morado, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and soon after 3 submarines were dispatched from Point Loma, and Carrier Strike Groups 3 and 4 were outfitted with submarine hunters and set to dispatch within a matter of days.

    “I’ve just been informed by Admiral Morado, that the NATO committee that established NEST is taking measures to strengthen our resources.”
    “Finally, some good news.” Lennox said with a sigh of relief.
    “I wouldn’t be so sure,” Morshower responded with an annoyed look, “just keep you eyes peeled. I know you hate to play the waiting game, but that’s all we can do at the moment.”
    “Right. Lennox out.” With that they ended the transmission and the large group made to mobilize.

    Sector Seven was decommissioned and ultimately replaced by NEST, but with Agent Simmons’ assist in Egypt and with pressure applied from Sam, Sector Seven was re-commissioned, partially as Sam’s unofficial security force and officially as NEST public relations and media security. The three agents Sam, Simmons, and Leo had with them were dispatched with Bubble Bee to secure lodging for the group.

    By nightfall a seedy highway motel was completely rented out by Sector Seven, and all human personnel were assigned rooms to rest for the night, while all Autobots parked through out the parking lot in there respective car and truck modes. While in these modes they were able to drop into a light stasis sleep. While in this light stasis, their systems were able to repair themselves a little faster and their energy reserves were afforded the time to recharge. By morning all human and Cybertronian operatives would be well rested and ready to work, should they get a full nights rest.

    Sam and Mikeala obviously shared a room, and Leo and Simmons’ room conjoined there’s via a double door. Sam came out from a refreshing shower to find Mikeala and Leo enthralled in a corny Sci-Fi movie. He wasn’t expecting Leo to be in the room and quickly snatch up the nearest towel to wrap himself in. “Ew… I just saw Sam’s kibbles and bits…” Leo joked as he tossed his half eaten slice of pizza back in the box.
    “Yeah well… you see this here…” Sam gestured about the shaggy motel room. “See this? This is the honey moon suite; it’s for me and my girl friend.” He strutted over to Leo and plucked both the boy and the box of pizza up and over to the door. “…no best friends allowed.” With that he slammed the door on Leo, effectively kicking him out.

    “Wait, can’t I just watch… I’ll just eat my pizza and sit all quiet like.”
    Mikeala chuckled at Leo’s proposition, he was a funny guy, and she loved the way he got under Sam’s skin. She grabbed Sam’s hand and pulled him onto the bed. “You just called him your best friend.” She cutely teased.
    “No I didn’t.” Sam quickly responded, trying to cover his tracks.
    “Yes you did…. Awww, you love me, I knew you did.” Leo’s voice came from behind the door. Sam quickly scooped up a shoe from the floor and chucked it at the door.

    Leo decided to let the love birds be, and he turned to his bed. But couldn’t help catching a glimpse of Simons in his Sector Seven Jockstrap, spread eagle, and snoring loud enough to wake the neighbors. Leo gagged at the sight and bolted for the front door. In the center of the ‘U’ shaped motel, all the Autobot’s were sound asleep, instead of disturbing them, Leo walked over to a CHP Magnum, he tossed his pizza box on the hood, and posted up against the car.
    “I wouldn’t let Officer Reice catch you.” A voice said behind Leo, startling him. “Only a few of their precious cruisers survived.” The man said as he grabbed the pizza from the Magnum and threw it on the hood of the Sheriffs cruiser parked next to it.

    Leo recognized the man; he was one of the Sheriffs that were with the Autobot group when they arrived. He offered the sheriff a slice, and the two posted up against the cruiser. “Leo, right?” The man pondered.
    “Mark Brady”
    <Pleasure to meet you> Leo said in Spanish as the two shook hands.
    “This stuff is pretty wild.” Mark said in a very heavy southern twang, before he shoved a large chunk of pizza in his mouth.
    Mark’s mouth was too full to answer so he waved toward the lot full of Autobots.

    Leo took a moment to look over the car show: The red, blue, and orange, dropped and chromed Peterbilt and the blue with white striped freighter truck stood behind the lot of cars. A murdered out Chevy Tahoe. A tricked out baby blue station wagon, a concept car that looked like it belonged on the beach or in a sci-fi movie. A Nissan police car, a slammed and chopped old Mercury. A clean Dodge Challenger, a ‘70’s model green muscle car, a wickedly sick yellow Camero. A strange rescue vehicle, a huge black pick up truck. A pair of heavily tricked out motorcycles, one pink and one blue. And last but not least a tricked out hatch and its twin, Leo’s orange compacted partner, Mudflap.

    “You know, about six months ago, I use to run an internet tabloid devoted to outing these guys. Now my job in Sector Seven is to make sure that not too much information get’s leaked out about these guys to the public.” Leo commented lightly.
    “Yeah, sometimes life takes in strange directions.” The southern Sherriff stated.
    “Hey you gotta real thick accent, where you from?” Leo asked off topic.
    “Accent…? I aint got no dawg-gone accent.” Mark replied
    “Are you serious? Yours is worse then mine, you must be from like Alabama or something.”
    “Oh so ‘cause I’m white I gotta be from Alabama…” Mark teased.
    “No, not ‘cause you white, ‘cause you country.”
    “C’mon now, I was born in Texas but I was pretty much raised in Mexico, that’s where your folks are from right?”
    “Oh that’s funny,” Leo shot back sarcastically. “I’m not Mexican I’m Puerto Rican.”
    “Lemme guess… you grew up in the Bronx?”
    “…well… yeah.”
    “Hey there’s nothing wrong with New York, ‘cept y’all are a bunch of loud mouths over there.”
    “Alright you know what, I’m gonna take my pizza and go now.” Leo said as he jokingly collected his things.

    Leo was grateful for the friendship that ultimately developed between he and Sam, but whenever Mikeala was around… he often felt like a third wheel. He enjoyed his partnership with Mudflap, but nobody could tolerate prolonged exposure to either of the twins, including the twins themselves. And Simmons… he and Leo worked well together, but they didn’t necessarily enjoy each others company. This Sherriff guy seemed pretty cool, but even Leo could tell he was nervous. Just a few days ago he was a normal Sherriff in his little valley town, the next thing he knew he was running up and down the state, chasing giant killer robots. Leo didn’t mind easing Mark’s mind off the hectic state of affairs, it wasn’t like he had anybody else to hang with at the moment.

    The two continued to chat and joke until the entire pizza pie was gone. They threw the empty box away and strolled over toward the vending machines near the parking lot entrance. Once there they discovered that Colonel Reed and had set his men up on watch. The Airmen where posted up in there Humvee and were blocking the entrance to the parking lot. As the Leo and Mark got closer they could hear an exchange between a woman and the watchmen. Leo and Mark stayed out of the way, retrieved a couple of sodas and quietly headed back toward the cruisers. “She probably wants to stop for the night, but cant ‘cause we got all the rooms filled.” Mark entertained.

    Before the pair could crack open their soda’s and chat some more, the Humvee came from its post, with a few black H2’s in tow. As soon as the black Hummers parked, an up roar of commotion ensued as oddly uniformed men, began setting up communications equipment and began to fortify the motels perimeter. From every room, half dressed and half sleep CHP, Sherriff officers, Sector Seven Agents, Airmen, and NEST personnel poured into the lot.

    A red headed woman appeared to be the ring leader of the fiasco, and it was her that Colonel Reed approached. Lennox would soon join the confusion, and turned to Colonel Reed for insight. “Commander Faireborn… she won’t tell me what outfit she’s with.” The Colonel reported.
    “Sorry Colonel, your temporary assignment status voids your command authority here.” She said to the Colonel as she approached Major Lennox. “Major Lennox, I’m Commander Faireborn of the Globally Intergrated Joint Operating Entity.”
    “You’re the NATO forces we were told were coming?” Lennox assumed.
    “Yes, General Morshower was told that NATO was supplying you with additional resources. That is not the case. As of right now NEST is under our direct control.”

    An upheaval of protest rang out amongst the masses. “Further more…” Faireborn yelled over the crowd, “any civilian and non essential personnel will be removed from this theater; all others will follow our command as per direct order from the Vice President of the Joint Chefs of Staff.” She said as she waved the official orders above her head. Sam took Mikaela’s hand tightly in his then exchanged a sincere look of concern with Major Lennox. They had been in this situation before. Before NEST had been established, it was Major Lennox’s Special Forces that stood against Sector Seven in support of Sam back in 2007. This situation was awkwardly familiar.

    “You can’t do this; you can’t just snatch this away from us and tell us to go home.” Sam shouted to the Commander.
    “Mr. Witwicky, you have been elected by a special committee to be the Ambassador of the Autobots, but you are not military. You and your civilian girlfriend have no business on the frontlines. All CHP officers will return to policing the highways and the Sheriffs will return to there appropriate jurisdictions.” She said to the group as she examined all of them “Sector Seven failed in its mission of quailing an Alien robot uprising and NEST is following its predecessor’s foot steps. We can’t allow your failures to carry on. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS…WE DON’T, and so we have been called in.” She passionately announced. “Now get dressed and prepare to go home.”

    Lennox examined the faces of his comrades. CHP Officer Reice and her three partners: They had never intended to get drug in as deep as they have, but they have been instrumental in the rescue efforts of both destroyed military bases. Sherriff Brady and his two partners were just as scarred now as they were the first day they joined Ultra Magnus’ forces, but to have come this far and not have been given the opportunity to see things through to the end seemed unfair. Then there was Colonel Reed and his three Airmen, they were the lucky survivors of the Decepticons attack on Travis Airforce base, if they were going to seek retribution, it might as well be under NEST supervision.

    “No!” Lennox shouted as he and the others quickly huddled close together and stood defiantly against Faireborn and her men. “You tricked Morshower… if he knew what was really going on here, I’d bet he’d have a few things to say to you and Admiral Morado.”
    “That’s for the higher ups to dish out, but if you disobey here, you all will be held for treason.” She then spat angrily.
    “They are not disobeying,” a deep voice boomed behind Faireborn. When she and her men turned, they were met with the fantastic sight of sixteen Autobot’s transformer in simultaneously into there giant robot forms. Few had seen these magnificent beings up close and lived to tell about it, especially in these numbers. Though Faireborn was aware that she would be working with the transformers, she was visibly ill prepared for the actual sight of the marvelous machines.

    “…they would rather explore other options then disband.” Optimus continued has he walked across the parking lot, purposely stepping heavy footed to make the ground tremble, while his subordinates followed close behind. “We believe in peace and unity between our kind and your gracious government. But when our treaty was made, it was under the preface of working together. Not as tools for your forces. If you disband NEST, we will provide all the Intel we can with your forces, but we will no longer offer combat support in your endeavors. Tell me, Commander Faireborn, are you ready to face the Decepticons in battle without us?”

    Faireborn didn’t answer, but the defeat was evident in her eyes. “Or would you rather devise away for all our forces to come together for a common cause?” Optimus said in a much lighter tone.
    “Any additional assistance in the combat theater will be beneficial, so long as all personnel adhere to the commands of the parenting unit… my unit.” She replied after collecting herself.
    “That won’t be a problem.” Major Lennox snorted.
    “Ok… everyone be ready to mobilize at 0130, were going to join with mobile command.” She ordered before retreating from the group to her freshly set up communications area.

    Lennox, Sam, and the group of humans, huddled together after Faireborn walked away. “Alright guys were going to have to watch our P’s and Q’s. From now on, we stick together and watch each others back; these guys seem like there out to replace us.”
    “Not much we can do if the Pentagon wants us broken up.” Colonel Reed expressed.
    “I’ll get on the horn with Morshower, he still has some pull. If anyone can stand up to Admiral Morado… he can.” He then turned to Optimus. “You should probably telecom the guys back at GITMO; fill them in on what’s happening, if these Globally Integrated Entity guys haven’t completely taken the place over yet.”
    “Good idea.” Optimus replied.
    “Yeah, weez gonna have to give them a heads up.” Skids chimed in as the Autobot's began to disperse.
    “Yeah, tell ‘em mean ‘ol bitch ova here trying to shake us down.” Mudflap added.

    Everyone was some what refreshed after having a few hours to rest and shower, except for Mark and Leo, who at this point were struggling to keep their eyes open. The Sherriffs and CHP officers swapped their uniforms out for more comfortable cargo pants and respective company T-shirts. It was nearing 1:30 am and all teams were packed out. Lennox had spoken to Morshower, and the General ensured Lennox he would confront Admiral Morado about keeping the current NEST group intact throughout their combined operation with Faireborn’s organization. Optimus also spoke with Sideswipe who intern briefed the NEST personnel back at NEST HQ. Now it was time to roll out, as per Faireborn’s orders, the CHP and Sheriffs’ cruisers, were left behind, and there drivers now became passengers in various Autbot’s. The group then fell back to the 101 and headed back to the point of the coastal battle.

    Once on the cliff edge, Faireborn lead the small army to the out look and gestured toward the water. “This will be our new base of operations.” As she said this a massive Aircraft carrier faded into view. It was outfitted with a cloaking device, and as it came into view, the group easily recognized the CVN-99. It was exactly identical to the Decepticon carrier. “Cloaking device? I didn’t realize the humans possessed such technology.” Ratchet mused.
    “Ah you forget the US government has had nearly a century to reverse engineer the technology of Megatron’s frozen body. All of our technical advances were because of what we learned by studying him. Including secret technology life destroyers equipped with rail guns and cloaking devices.” Simmons stated to the group.

    “General Hawk,” Faireborn spoke into a hand held radio. “I’ve got the team and we're ready for pick up.”
    “Roger that Lady Jae.” A voice crackled back as a fleet of silver, futuristic, propeller-less Osprey looking aircraft, lifted off of the Carrier and headed over to the cliff to pick up the team.
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    Chatper 12

    Note: Special prize to the first person that tells me who the Globally Intergrated Joint Operating Entity are. There are more obvious clues about them in this chapter. Oh and as per some advice given to me from Unicron the Pla, from his review, I've decided shorten the length of my chapters... some times I gets ta going and I dont wanna stop lol. More to come, enjoy.
    Chapter 12
    Joining Forces

    Silver Osprey’s, all propelled by jet engines instead of giant propellers, disembarked from the CVN-99 and met up with Fairborn’s reluctant group of transformers and allies. All personnel loaded up onto the air craft, and the Autobots all grabbed hold of the planes, except for Downshift, who could fly under his own power, and dangled from them as they quickly flew to the carrier’s flight deck. All the Autobots released there grip and dropped to the deck… some more gracefully then others, so that the aircraft could all land. When everyone was unloaded and gathered up with Faireborn, they followed her to a lone man waiting in the center of the deck.

    “Lady Jae… everything went smooth I take it?” He asked.
    “By smooth you mean ‘hostile stand off’ right?” she said as she came to his side. The young attractive soldier glared at her with a disappointed look. “I knew we shouldn’t have sent you.” He whispered to her.
    “Careful Sergeant, I’m next in line to be your boss.” The man ignored her and greeted the large group of Autobots and humans. “Welcome aboard the USS Epilogue, I am First Sergeant Conrad Hauser, but everyone calls me Duke. I will help you all get integrated with our outfit.” He paused for a moment and silently counted all the faces before him “We weren’t expecting to have so many civilian personnel in your squad, but Commander Faireborn would not have premised you on board if she didn’t believe all of you were essential to mission success…”

    Faireborn couldn’t hide her embarrassed expression as she had failed, horribly, in trying to thin the NEST numbers prior to bringing them on board. “Come on down stairs, we’ll get your in-brief started.” The group all divided themselves between the three top side aircraft elevators that took them to the hanger below. The large hanger had the majority of it’s aircraft collected in one half of the area, the other half was left open, presumably to accommodate the Autobot’s, with a small operations area manned by plenty of uniformed operatives busy at work.

    Many of the Navy personal doing maintenance on the aircraft stepped away from there jobs, momentarily, to gaze in awe at the Autobot force that now crossed the hanger bay.
    “Damn, aint no body told you it’s rude to stare.” Skids shot off at one of the Navy maintainers, but Bumble Bee roughly reeled him in. When the group came to the operation center, they were met with another man. He was slightly older than Faireborn, who was slightly older than Duke, making him the oldest and obviously most distinguished.

    “Welcome to the Globally Integrated Joint Operation Entity. I am…”
    “General Hawk.” Major Lenox interrupted.
    “Yes, I suppose my reputation might precede me amongst the military community.”
    “You know this guy?” Sam asked bluntly.
    “’This guy’ Commanded CENTCOM and produced the highest level of mission success in Afghanistan, prior to the Autobot’s showing up. But forgive me sir, I thought you retired in 2006?”
    “Well… in order for me to maintain operational security, it was best to stage my retirement… so as not to have certain individuals breathing down my neck. Enough about me, lets talk about ‘us’. Have you been informed about the necessity of our units merging?”
    “Because you think we haven’t been doing our job good enough.” Prowl blurted.
    Optimus shot the cop-bot a heated glare, but upon brief inspection of Prowls face, and the face of Ultra Magnus’ squad: Beneath there curious expression, he saw the weight of what they surely believed to be massive failure, weighing heavy in there processors. He made a mental note to deal with this situation when the time was appropriate, for now he needed to pay attention.

    “Not quite Prowl.” The General responded, surprising the group when using the Autobot’s name without prior introduction. “No one here is questioning your ability to combat the Deceptions…” On cue, all the Autobot’s and Nest allies shot an unfriendly glance toward Faireborn, she had done just that only a few short hours ago. She obliviously stood by, micro managing one of the operatives working on a communications terminal. When she realized the room went silent, she turned to find the entire NEST brigade staring at her angrily, Duke and General Hawk joining them. “What?” she asked in pure surprise.

    “We know how hard these Decepticons can hit, and every time they show up they bring greater numbers. The UN believes that by temporarily uniting NEST with us, we’d accumulate enough resources to launch a proper defense and counter assault.”
    “Counter Assualt! Now were talking.” Hot Rod yelped with excitement. “It’s about time we brought the fight to those dirty ‘Cons.”
    “With all due respect…” Leo announced as he stepped forward. “You guys may be some super-secret-agent club, but you don’t have any experience with these guys. Not like us. The Autobot’s have been fighting these jaborny’s forever and a day. NEST has dropped damn near everyone of these guys that’s stepped foot hear unwelcomed, and Sector Seven has been studying them for like a hundred years.”
    “Yeah.” Simmons added “Unless you guys are going to donate a bunch of gadgets to us, how could you possibly become assets to us.”

    Optimus and Lennox both wanted to knock Leo and Simmons out, neither of them were particularly tolerable for any length of time, but to put them together, and make them prominent members of Sector Seven, was now looking like a bad judgment call. “Let’s talk about those ‘special gadgets’, Agent Simmons.” Faireborn said as she approached the group with a strange device in hand. “We know that all of man kinds technological achievements are all thanks to the reverse engineering studies Sector Seven conducted of Megatron while he was in isolation. It was only a matter of time before we applied that research to weaponry.” She then held the device in her hand the way it was intended, and it immediately resembled a blaster of some sort. When she pulled the trigger, an orb of blue energy zipped from it across the hanger, and completely obliterated a tri-wall full of trash.

    “You harvested our Weapon tech?” Optimus groaned angrily. Despite pressure from the US government, he had gone through great lengths to keep the Cybertronian weapons technology from falling into human hands. He believed that with that information, with that much power, the Autobot’s would have done there part in hastening the humans extinction.
    “Negative.” General Hawk replied as he snatched the blaster from Faireborn and secured it into a weapons case. “According to Sector Seven reports, all of which that were confiscated when S7 was decommissioned in 2007, they were never able to determine if MVE1 had any weapons, or how to activate them…”

    “He’s right Optimus.” Ratchet commented as he scanned the weapon with his diagnostic sensor. “This is not the fusion technology Megatron uses, it’s simple energy conversion. I must say I am pleasantly surprised they humans were able to come up with this, given the right components.”
    “Wheeljack would have loved working here.” Downshift added.
    “You continuously forget what I have told you… never count them out. The humans have potential, dare I say, far greater than our own. And here we have a collection of such humans with a measure of devotion toward peace equal to our own.” Optimus stated as he stepped toward the general and knelt down.

    “I cannot speak for NEST as a whole, but you will have the full cooperation of the Autobot’s on one condition.”
    “What’s your condition?” General Hawk asked wearily, as the surprised eyes and hears of Optimus’ own team and allies attentively locked in on him.
    “I want to make sure equal authority is dispersed amongst our ranks.”
    “Mr. er… Prime,” The General said as he relaxed his suspicion. “If anyone has made you feel as though your individual standings were no longer substantial…” he said as peering over toward Faireborn again. “I apologize. But please understand it’s the various experiences you all have that will make us a formidable team. No one has any intention of demoting anyone.”

    It was obvious that Optimus’ condition was set in place solely for the benefit of his human counter parts, but now that everyone was assured of there safe standing, a since of ease washed over the group, and everyone suddenly grew excited to be joining forces with this enigmatic and powerful operation.
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    Chapter 13

    Note: The hydrogen powered engines for the Epilogue was inspired by Budderoo’s post in Halfbakery.com. And no bodie either cared, read, or felt like responding to the challenge I posted in the last chapter... the answer is: the Globally Intergrated Joint Operating Entity are indeed the G.I. JOEs.

    Chapter 13
    Special Delivery

    The Epilogue was equipped with four massive hydro/electric engines. Running off of the energy produced via the electric hydrolysis of separating hydrogen from the salt water. The out put was cost effective, and very safe for the environment, but it was also efficient. The military has refrained from releasing actual figures in regards to certain features of its fleet, specifically the maximum speeds of its carriers. The realistic figures being in no excess of 35 knots… the Epilogue doubled that. They sailed around the southern edge of Mexico, and crossed through the Panama, and were scheduled to hit Cuba within a day and halves worth of cruising.

    While the Epilogue returned to GITMO, the carrier strike groups of San Diego deployed with there submarine hunters and they stalked the sea from the Gulf of Alaska to the South Pacific, patrolling for any Decepticon activity. “Alpha team, Bravo team, welcome back.” A technician’s voice echoed throughout the bases intercom as the CVN-99 pulled into a special dry dock, which would substitute as the Epilogue’s mooring site for the time being. While the ship was moored, the exterior aircraft elevators were lowered, so that the Autobot's could dismount the ship, and a gangway was quickly erected to allow for all other personnel to go ashore. Master Sergeant Epps and Sergeant Graham waited at the peer for there comrades, Moon Racer and Sideswipe were with them.

    They were met by Lennox, Sam, and the others with friendly smiles and hugs. Then all hands piled into the various transformers and the entourage relocated to the NEST hanger. There seemed to be a few familiar and comfortable pairings between some of the Autobot’s and there human passengers. Obviously Sam and Bumble Bee were a well established duo. But the others had made human alliances of there own: Lennox and Ironhide were generally inseparable, Meakala and Arcee enjoyed each others company, Simmons and Skids were a reluctant pairing. Leo and Mudflap were a team, Graham and Moon Racer, Epps and Sideswipe, Officer Reice and Prowl, Mark and Downshift, Colonel Reed and Ratchet. Even some of the Joes were given the opportunity to pair up with there new, non human team mates. Duke and General Hawk got to ride in Optimus, which in and of itself was a treat.

    “I take it you’ve all been briefed on the situation?” Lennox asked the others via telecom.
    “Yes, General Hawk sent a few of his men ahead to get us ready.” Epps replied.
    “I hope Scarlett, Breaker, and Ripcord were on there best behavior?” The General then asked.
    “To say that you had quiet the motley crew would be a bit hypocritical on my part, but they were fine.” Epps reassured. When the 18 car procession pulled up to the hanger, the humans entered on foot, while the Autobots transformed and dispersed. Just beyond Optimus’ podium Maggie, Glen, Jolt, Hound, and three new faces, stood near a large object covered by a sheet.

    “What’s that” Lennox asked as a number of them headed toward the hidden object.
    “Special delivery… addressed to Optimus.” Epps answered.
    “It has finally come…” Optimus whispered to himself as he stepped ahead of the others and peered deeply at the sheet. “Thank you Hound. Thank you for retrieving this for me.”
    “It was of no trouble sir.” Hound responded dutifully.
    “So this is the gift your girlfriend sent from the other planet?” Glenn asked bluntly.
    “Yes… and it could very well change everything for us.” Optimus replied as he gave Jolt a nod. Jolt snatched the sheet off of the artifact. The artifact looked like nothing more than a pod, the same kind used to crash land on earth when the Autobot’s and Decepticon's first arrived. But nothing was said by anyone. Optimus just inspected the thing, like it was a pile of pure gold, and he didn’t know what to do with himself.

    Finally he turned his back to the artifact and transformed into his truck form, he then backed into the object and with a loud clank he seemed to connect to it. The others that stood by curiously, all jumped back when an explosion of light flickered off of the object and it instantly changed appearance. In place of a giant alien device, there now stood a tall white, fully enclose trailer… complete with a thick red and blue strip cutting across it, and a giant Autobot symbol stamped in its middle. Optimus had always been a magnificent creature, and his truck mode always turned heads, but now he looked… complete.

    “I want to test it… Ratchet.” Optimus said to his medic as he pulled forward slightly. Ratchet quickly scurried to the fueling station and picked up a barrel. The trailer, still attached to Optimus, folded open reveling a plethora of electronic workings, along with a single tank looking vehicle. Ratchet set the oil drum on the trailer, and it went right to work. An arm extended and grabbed the barrel like a garbage truck grabbing a trash can; it then turned the barrel over and dumped the oil into a small reservoir. The oil then churned through all of the devices triggering a lot of movement and noise. But as the sounds and commotion began to subside, a brilliant light began to glow from within a single square compartment at the end of the conveyor. When all was said and done, Optimus detached from the trailer and returned to his Robot mode, he then walked over to the small square compartment and opened it.

    All that came from the open box was blue light, but when Optimus reached in and plucked the light from the box, he held in his hand a clear glass like cube of blue energy. As the humans stared on in awe, the Autobot’s… all wide eyed and thirsty looking, inched closer to there leader. “Is it…?” Jolt asked.
    “Pure. 100% pure.” Ratchet answered as he scanned the cube.
    “Optimus… we have the capability to refine energon now…” Ironhide gushed. “Do you know what this means?”
    “Of coarse I do.” Optimus said as he tossed the cube to Misshift, who was walking up to see what all the commotion was. He was still pretty drained from over exerting his abilities, and required assistance to walk… which Ultra Magnus offered to him.

    Misshift caught the cube then exchanged a look of surprise with his superiors. Magnus gave him a reassured nod and, Misshift then held the cube close and closed his optics. The cube began to shine more brilliantly until it shattered. The mist of blue energy fluttered about Misshift like snow flakes in a light winter dusting, they enshrouded him until he too started to glow. When the mist evaporated and the glowing stopped; Misshift stood refreshed, revitalized, shiny and new.
    “…it means our struggle just got a little easier.” Optimus finished.

    Everyone stood in amazement, and watched as Misshift celebrated his newly recharged and repaired form. He hadn’t looked and felt this good since his first reformatting. “Graham.” Lennox called out, breaking the silence. “Get us an oil tanker; we’ve got a lot of Autobot’s that need reenergizing.”
    “Yes Sir.” Graham said as he ran off.


    The Decepticon carrier surfaced along with its battalion, just off the northern coast of Australia. The setting sun light glistened off of the wet shell that slowly began to peel back off the flight deck. The setting was perfect for an all out covert operation. The group of ‘Con’s gathered on the deck all bared a similar aura of determination as the prepared for there next steps under the purple sky settling into dusk. The plan was set, Megatron’s forces were going to deploy the new infiltrator pod in Australia, but NEST had never discovered that Sideways and Demolisher were trying to do the same thing in Shanghai so many months ago.

    The plan was to send Caleb, Shockwave, and Skywarp to Shanghai. They were to salvage what they could from the rotting pod buried there, and cause a little commotion… to draw the Autobot’s attention. Meanwhile, Megatron would deploy the new pod in Australia without complication. Though he knew he would encounter a number of Autobots with only two other Decepticons to back him up, Caleb was far from scared… if anything, he was excited.

    He gave Megatron a final nod of assurance, then Shockwave transformed. Once again bolts of yellow electricity arched off of him as he shrank while he transformed until he was large enough to fit in Caleb’s hand. Caleb caught the Decepticon gun and stowed it into his belt holster. Then he climbed into the cock pit a nearby F-18. Skywarp, the Super Hornet, was prepping for take off while his new human companion strapped in. “I’ve heard good things about you human.” Skywarp said bluntly to the boy in his seat. “Hopefully you live up to the hype.”
    “I guess we’ll have to wait and see.” Caleb responded back coldly, he was beginning to understand the sour dispositions of the Decepticons… it was so much easier to put things like politeness and sympathy aside with this lot. They were a waste of time, and often got in the way when trying to speak what was truly on your mind. Caleb was adapting to there behavior, and taking to it quickly.
    “Enough talk, get us in the air.” Caleb then added sharply.

    The Carriers catapult locked onto Skywarps forward wheel, then with a blow off of steam and a tremendous screech… Skywarp was launched and air borne. The G-Forces pinned Caleb to the seat, and made his stomach lift into his throat when the tail of the jet dipped off the bow. He never had experienced such a rush, and could keep from laughing as Skywarp soared into the air. Megatron watched as Skywarp flew off, then he turned to the three ‘Con’s standing behind him: Obsidian, Black Arachnia, and a larger black and purple mech that possessed a vague resemblance to Optimus Prime.

    “Let’s do this.” Megatron ordered. Then he began to transform. Just like Shockwave, he began to transform into a gun, the vintage P-38. Bolts of yellow electricity arched off of him as he two used matter displacement to shrink down to the normal size of a hand gun. Black Arachnia caught Megatron then transformed into Sandra, and tucked the gun into her under armed holster. Nearby, the infiltrator pod was raised up on one of the air craft elevators and the black Deception transferred into a classic Cab over Engine Truck, he then backed toward the pod and attached to it.

    After the truck was attached to the pod, Sandra climbed into its cab and pretended to take the wheel. “Motor Master, activate the holographic projector.” She ordered.
    “Yeah- yeah.” The truck replied before disguising the pod as a black trailer with a holographic grid. Now Obsidian was able to transform and take flight, he hovered over the truck and took hold of the vehicle and it’s cargo with a number of magnetic hooks, then he flew the entire package off of the flight deck and toward the Australian coast.
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    I know, I know, I know...it's the Joes. You know the G.I. type.

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