9-15-07 College Pick 'em

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jeremy.B, Sep 13, 2007.

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    Let's see your pics. Here's Mine:

    ND @ UM -------> UM (Really, who cares? Michigan wins because Henne is out and ND still sucks with Weiss. However, I call ND scoring their FIRST Offensive TD this year in this game)

    Neb @ USC -----> USC (Still the Trojans, and UN should have lost last week at Wake)

    UT @ UF ---------> UT (Gawd that hurts!)

    Ark @ UA --------> UA (Roll Tide Baby!)

    UL @ UK ---------> UK (This is the year they get over the in-state hump)

    OSU @ UW ------> OSU (Yeah, OSU is rebuilding, but it's STILL Washington)

    BC @ GT ---------> GT (I may be wrong on this one, too early to judge ACC)

    FSU @ UC -------> FSU (Play 'em in two weeks, so need them to pull this one out!)

    MSU @ AU -------> The Barn (Damn barn is lucky, and they got beat last week, and Miss. State is GOD AWFUL!)

    And, just cause, Ole Miss @ Vandy - Gotta give the Commies some love!

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