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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by 77camaro, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Guys I have a lot of stuff I will be bringing to TFcon this month. I just figured I would give people a chance to reserve anything they want. Its just everything here I need to sell one way or another.

    Deluxe-Rodimus Minor- MISB

    -Voyager- Long Haul- MISB
    -Voyager- The Fallen- MISB
    -Deluxe- Autobots Skids and Mudflap (Ice cream -truck)- MISB
    -Deluxe- Autobot Gears- MISB

    -Voyager- Sea Spray- MISB

    -Walmart Exclusive- Soundwave V.S Bumblebee w/ bonus Rodimus- MISB
    -Walmart Exclusive- Optimus Prime w/ Deluxe Comettor- MISB
    -Walmart Exlusive/Movie Exclusive Sideswipe (Blue) MISB x5
    -Walmart Exclusive/Movie Exlcusive Bumblebee (Race Car)- MISB x5
    -Deluxe- Thundercracker- MISB x5
    -Deluxe- Laserbeak- MISB x5
    -Deluxe- Nitro Bumblebee- MISB x5
    -Deluxe- Barricade- MISB x5
    -Deluxe- Mudflap- MISB x5
    -Deluxe- Sideswipe- MISB x5
    -Deluxe- Topspin- MISB x5
    -Deluxe- Jolt- MISB x5

    -Voyager- Shockwave- MISB x5
    -Voyager- Skyhammer- MISB x5
    -Voyager- Ironhide- MISB x5

    -Leader- Ironhide- MISB x3
    -Leader- Sentinel Prime- MISB x3
    -Leader- Bumblebee- MISB x3


    Basic- Bumblebee- MISB x3
    Basic- Optimus Prime- MISB x3
    Reg- Bumblebee- MISB x3
    Reg- Jazz- MISB x3
    Reg- Megatron- MISB x3
    Reg- Mirage- MISB x3
    BIG- Optimus Prime- MISB x3
    Reg- Prowl- MISB x3


    Bin of parts I.E- Trypticon body, Metroplex body, micromasters, pretenders, power masters, 84 cars and everything in between.

    PM with a offer but if I get no messages I will most likely only bring one of each. I really don't want to bring everything unless I can pre-sell them to people on the forums. Just make me a offer and I'm not looking to rip anyody off just trying to get some spending money for the con. The best time would be during the friday night parts trade or saturday/sunday morning.

    Thanks, Travis

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