5 INCHES OF FUN! ( or what (if any) 5" figures did you or do you like ?)

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by RedAlert Rescue, Apr 4, 2010.

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    I don't really like 5" figures so much now as I might have done in the past unless I want to do a Doctor Who Vs Kenner Aliens & Terminator visual gag photo - they don't really go with anything any longer unless you get very retro.

    For me 3.75 is my currently favored scale.

    There's been lines in the past that have been smaller than modern MOTU, Spawn (and some DC figures), or Mego or Centurions, and bigger than Gi Joes and 4" figures - things like Power Rangers, Turtles, Kenners Terminator, Aliens arguaby MOTU are that sort of size I guess.

    So what did you like - what if anything do you like now.

    Is 5" a defunct scale ?

    And if I wanted to have some 5" fun what would be a good starting point.

    A quality 5" item that springs to mind is the rubbery Movie Star Turtles. and I have an ongoing plastic love affair with Kenner Aliens still so that's one line I still like - but heck the 5" ones go even better with 3.75" than they did with the 5" Colonial Marines Kenner made.

    So share your thoughts on 5 inches of fun !

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