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Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Prowl, Dec 21, 2009.

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    I'm starting this thread because I would like to buy a 3D television this year but I'm confused as hell as to what that entails. I'm seeing a bunch of TVs in Best Buy's web site that say "3D ready" but in the details it mentions that additional devices must be purchased. Also, these TVs fall in the $1,599 range (which is not as bad as I imagined them costing). So does anyone know when the real 3D tvs come out, what they will cost, and what are these 3D Ready TVs are? Is there a way to make my VIZIO 3D with additional equipment?

    After watching Avatar, I can't imagine watching that movie at home without the 3D, so I wanted to start getting educated on the technology.
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    They've been out for two years.
    But The Devil is still in the details.
    And they're not finalized.

    It appears that stereoscopic 3D is going to be the main 3D display, but that doesn't mean that there will never be a cheaper anaglyphic monitor.
    Stereoscopic 3D is two full color images that use glasses of some kind to merge the image so there is an illusion of depth.
    Avatar is in sterescopic 3D.

    Mitsubishi has some good 3D TVs -unfortunately, they are all DLPs so require a lot of real estate (that is, they're big.) Samsung has some smaller plasmas, but as of CES last year, the 3D was not as good as Mitsubishi's.

    That may have changed with the new product line.

    Any TV that is advertised as 3D ready can display a 3D image, but from what source?
    That is the issue that is in flux.
    Nvidia was betting on an external emitter that hooks into the TV and then a content source -in this case most likely a HTPC (Home Theater PC).
    The emitter would send a signal to polarized glasses to actively shutter and create both images overlaid as 3D to the Mind's Eye.

    But there are games on the 360 (Invincible Tiger) that don't require the active glasses -although they do require glasses of some kind.
    And Sony has said that the PS3 will have 3D games soon.

    So, I think that you are safe in buying any 3D TV and actually recommend Mitsubishi.

    But the issue now is this: When Avatar comes out for home consumption, what are you going to use to play it? Will it work with your Blu-ray player? PS3?
    I don't know.

    Also, this. :) 

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