3D Energon Battle Cards for Sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by ILoveDinobot, Dec 10, 2009.

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    These are the collector cards that you can transform into robot mode and alt mode with the same cards.

    I bought a huge box of them looking for 1 for my friend, so I have all these extras.

    Retail these cards sell $4 for a pack of 2 cards.
    I am going to sell them $1 for 2 common, $1 for 1 rare or we can work something out if you want to buy many.

    For sale I have
    Swerve x4
    Bonecrusher x 3
    Brawl x1
    Wreckage x 3
    Dropkick x 3
    Blackout x2
    Smokescreen x1
    Payload x5
    Longarm x4
    Protoform Starscream x1
    Evac x 2
    Skyfire x1
    Thundercracker x1
    Cliffjumper x 2
    Dreadwing x3

    Thanks :) 

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