39 G1 Tech Specs

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    Mar 16, 2010
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    TECH SPECS LOT $50 OBO for ALL of these...
    Bumblebee c-10 key chain reissue
    Brawn c-10 key chain reissue
    Cliffjumper c-10 key chain reissue
    Windcharger c-10 key chain reissue
    Hot Spot c-5 ripped but has been taped
    Mirage c-6 missing corner
    Dead End c-9 small tear
    Prowl c-7 stain
    Slugfest c-9 small tear
    Steeljaw c-9 small rip in corner
    Wingspan c-9 cut poorly
    Beachcomber c-10
    Blaster c-10
    Bluestreak c-10
    Bombshell c-10
    Bonecrusher c-10
    Dirge c-10
    Goldbug c-10
    Hot Rod c-10
    Jetfire c-10
    Mixmaster c-10
    Onslaught c-10
    Outback c-10
    Overkill c-10
    Rodimus Prime c-10
    Runamuck c-10
    Searchlight c-10
    Shockwave c-10
    Sludge c-10
    Swerve c-10
    Tantrum c-10
    Topspin c-10
    Trailbreaker c-10
    Twin Twist c-10
    Warpath c-10
    Wheelie c-10
    Wheeljack c-10
    Wideload c-10

    Don't forget, I AM willing to negotiate prices and / or trade.
    Here is the linky to my want list....

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