Customs: 3 robot gladiator voltron as a autobot combiner team?

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    i figure since tull is having a go at reimagining the lion force voltron asa autobot combiner team i would take a crack at exploring that idea with the 3 robot gladiator voltron

    would it be possible to kitbash and rebuild 3 energon onslaughts in such a way that each figure coudl seperate into two halves with the entire upepr body arms and head seperating from the lower waist and legs?

    would it also be posssible to modify them in such a way that the 3 figures could be combined to form the entire upper body , a complete set of amrs and the lower waist and upper legs and knees of the core body combiner form as a 3 member combiner with any one of the 3 forming either the lower one third of the combiner core body, the back two thrids fo the combiner core body or the entire frotn two thirds of the combienr body head and arms for the combiner form

    would it also be possible to mod the removable lower waist and legs of each figure so that in combiner mode they could be used to serve as the lower legs and feet for the combiner form?

    basiclly imagine 3 heavily rebuilt energon baricades as the 3 combining robots alpha beta and gamma combining to form the 3 robot gladiator voltron asa modern day super posable transformers stlye combiner team

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