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    Rather than make three separate threads, I figured I'd just lump this into one.

    1. Some of you might be familiar with The great Luke Ski -- a master spoof lyricist in the vein of Weird Al Yankovic. If not, Luke's a TV/film/sci-fi/fantasy/cartoon/comic book geek who's released several albums of funny music and performs regularly at cons all over the US. He's also an admitted Transformers fan (and collector) who has written TF-inspired songs in the past like "The Ballad of Optimus Prime" and included many of TF references in his other songs, such as his most recent original song "Too Much Stuff".

    Listen for a riff on ROTF and a Starscream "cameo": The FuMP: Too Much Stuff

    2. From Wired.com:
    I find this comparison particularly hilarious after seeing the reveal of the faces of these toys at the recent Toy Fair.

    3. From Variety.com:
    Well, so much for objective journalism...

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