28 Cycles later

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    Cybertron: During the Great War
    Autobot City of Metallicus
    Deep within the city of Metallicus, A Team of Autobot
    Security Officers Were sent out on a Call Saying there
    Were screams coming from a local Building in Downtown.
    "And how do we know this isnt something small, Like
    Somebot just Falling down and screaming or something?"
    Said the Autobot Rush. "Oh stop Whining Rush. We'll be
    there in just a few nanokliks." Said Blastout, Who was
    Annoyed at rush's Constant Whining.
    "I just hope it isnt like last weeks mission, Ya know where
    We found an entire squad of Decepticons Attacking an
    Protoform Orphanage?" Sighed the Oldest bot WindSlash.

    The team arrived at the buidling, only to find all of the lights
    were out. "Slaggit! Why Are the Lights out? Something bad
    Always happens when the lights go out..."Whimpered Rush,
    Who was known for being afraid of the dark. Windslash pointed
    his flashlight around the room a bit, and suddenly he saw a bot
    Huddled up in a corner."Hey! who are you?" Asked Blastout.
    The bot then turned around. It was not in good shape. Its wires
    Were twisted and exposed, his lower jaw missing, and his eyes
    Were a light pink. "Hey buddy, Do you need a medic?" asked Rush.
    The bot pounced on Rush, and started ripping into his chassis.
    "Gah!!! Get this thing off me!!" Screamed Rush. The other two
    officers got out there plasma pistols and started shooting the bot
    right in the chest. But it did nothing. The Bot just kept Ripping and
    Biting at Rush, Who was by now Dead from his injurys. "Slag! We've
    lost Rush! This thing just wont Die!!" Said Blastout, Who was getting
    low on Ammo. The Bot then averted his attention to WindSlash. It's
    Hands started to Deform into Sharp claws, and it Quickly Slashed
    Windslash's head right off! Blastout, In a last attempt to escape,
    Tried to jump out of a window. he got out halfway, But the killer Bot
    Swiped him clean in half. Part of it Falling into the street, part of it
    Falling back into the building. Then the Bot Jumped into a vent.

    4 Minicycles(Hours) Later
    By now, An extra team of security had arrived, and they were shocked
    by all of the carnage. one of the bots said "Slag. The Medical office
    Wont believe this."


    (This comic will be 28 parts long. Updated Daily)
    Ive been watching too many zombie movies lately......

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