25th Perceptor Cost+Shipping G1 Predaking Hands and Feet + MORE!

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    Created a new thread to showcase Perceptor so someone can buy him before I have to return him to TRU :( 

    Prices do not include shipping. I accept paypal only. Buyer is responsible for paypal fees.

    All Prices are OBO; feel free to make an offer :)  Prices do not include shipping.

    I am taking pics as time allows, and doing it for items whose condition is less that C8 or so; but I will gladly provide pics for any item you are interested in. Please just send me a PM. Thanks!

    TRU 25th Anniversary Perceptor MISB Bought this for a friend who had just finalized a deal on one; would rather send him to someone who wants him than return to TRU. You pay my actual cost (about 38 with tax) plus actual shipping plus any paypal fees. Pics can be provided. Thanks!

    Predaking Hands and Feet: Best Offer on the Set; I'd prefer to not break it up.
    Fists are very nice, feet have average wear. Note the small black mark on one of the feet.
    Cannon has average wear.


    ROTF Legends Optimus Prime and Jetfire - loose. $9

    Beast Wars Rattrap KO - decent quality, has both gun halves. There are some slight alignment issues, however that make it very, very difficult for KO Rattrap to maintain beast mode. Or else the spring is too strong, but the end result is the same. He likes robot mode :)  $10

    Shockwave Hose part - light bulb attached. Small amounts of cracking but nothing visible from 2 feet away. A nice upgrade for a poor condition hose. $5

    Nightbeat Large Gun$10
    Actionmaster Inferno Magna-Blast Gun - $3
    Skywarp Right Wing (hollow version, has sticker wear and scuffing) - $3


    Marvel Issues - Please note I am not a comic grader. These are all reader's copies. All have mild spine creasing and corner creasing. Nothing bad. They are still nice books. Please note that issue 78 appears to have a small bit of water damage on the box in the upper left. If you have any questions about other aspects of comic grading I will be happy to check and get the info to you. (Please note that the prices you see in the photos are on the bags, not the comics.) Thanks! :) 

    59 - $6
    66 - $6
    78 - $10


    Hit me up if you have anything to trade.


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