25th Anniversary GI Joe lot must go!!!!!

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    Thanks for all the offers.

    Here are my feedback threads:

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    So over the years I have been shrinking down my collection and the time has now come to move my 25th Anniversary Gi Joes. Ideally I would like to sell them as one great big lot. They are all loose and 100% complete. I displayed the first two waves for a couple of months and the rest I literally opened, looked at for two minutes, put in baggie and then put in storage.

    I am in Canada and I accept Paypal only.

    So without further ado here is the list:

    G.I. Joe Box Set #1 RELEASED SPRING 2007
    __Snake Eyes

    Cobra Box Set #2 RELEASED SPRING 2007
    __Cobra Commander
    __Storm Shadow
    __Cobra Trooper

    Cobra Legions Box Set RELEASED FALL 2007
    __Cobra Commander (Black & Gold costume)
    __Storm Shadow (Valor vs. Venom costume)
    __Cobra Driver (Stinger Driver)
    __Cobra Air Trooper
    __Cobra Trooper (comic book version)

    DVD Battle Packs
    Weather Dominator DVD Battle Pack RELEASED SUMMER 2008
    __Lady Jaye (cartoon style)
    __Roadblock (cartoon stylel)
    __Destro (silver chrome mask)

    ****Missing Weather Dominator parts and DVD

    Mass Device DVD Battle Pack RELEASED SUMMER 2008
    __Radioactive Snake Eyes & Timber
    __Stalker with J.U.M.P.
    __Baroness with Scuba Gear
    __Cobra Trooper with M.A.S.S. Elements

    ****Missing M.A.S.S. parts and DVD

    G.I. Joe Ninja Showdown 5-Pack RELEASED SPRING 2008
    __Snake Eyes & Timber **missing sword**
    __Red Ninja Leader
    __Red Ninja II
    __Red Ninja II
    __Red Ninja II

    GI Joe Crimson Guard 5 pack

    4x Crimson Guards
    1x Crimson Guard squad leader

    Comic 2-packs

    Wave 2 RELEASED FEB. 2008
    G.I.Joe comic #30: "Darkness"
    __Ripper (1985 style)
    __Torch (1985 style)

    Wave 3 RELEASED MAR. 2008

    G.I.Joe comic "Bad Day at the Circus"
    __Tomax (1985 style)
    __Xamot (1985 style)

    __ Iron grenadier
    __Iron Grenadier Destro

    Single Figures
    Wave 1 RELEASED SPRING 2007
    __Flint (1985 style)
    __Storm Shadow (1988 style)
    __Cobra Commander (1984 style)

    Wave 2 RELEASED SUMMER 2007
    __Beach Head
    __Lady Jaye (1985 style)
    __Serpentor (Devil's Due style)
    __Buzzer (1985 style)
    __Cobra Trooper (Viper pilot)

    Wave 3 RELEASED SUMMER 2007
    __Sgt. Stalker (1982 style)
    __Shipwreck (1985 style)
    __Firefly (1984 style)
    __Zartan (Devils' Due style)

    Wave 5 RELEASED DEC. 2007
    __Snow Job (1983 style)
    __Sgt. Flash (1982 style)
    __Crimson Guard (1985 style)
    __Destro (1988 style)

    Wave 6 RELEASED JAN. 2008
    __Cobra Commander (1987 style)

    Wave 7 RELEASED SPRING 2008
    __Spirit (1984 style)
    __Wild Bill (1983 style)
    __Cobra Viper (1986 style)
    __Cobra HISS Driver (1983 style)
    __Snake Eyes (1989 style)
    __Duke with J.U.M.P.

    Wave 8 RELEASED SUMMER 2008
    __Snake Eyes (Artic Trooper)
    __Roadblock (1986 style)
    __Tiger Force Flint
    __Baroness (Marvel Comics style)
    __Major Bludd (1983 style)
    __Python Patrol Cobra Officer (1989 style)

    Wave 9 RELEASED AUGUST 2008
    __Hawk (1986 style)
    __Barbecue (1985 style)
    __Bazooka (1985 style)
    __B.A.T. (1986 style)
    __Snow Serpent (1985 style)

    Wave 10 RELEASED SEPT. 2008
    __Mutt & Junkyard (1984 style)

    Target-exclusive Vehicles Wave 1 RELEASED SPRING 2008
    __HISS tank (blue) w/ Cobra Driver

    Vehicle sets Wave1 RELEASED SUMMER 2008
    __Armadillo mini-tank w/ SteelerI
    __RAM motorcycle w/ Breaker II
    __Cobra Flight Pod w/ Tele-Viper
    __HISS tank (black) w/ HISS Tank Commander
    __VAMP w/ Clutch

    So there are over 70 figures in the lot plus a handful of Vehicles. I am asking for $160 for the entire lot plus shipping (USA $30 Canada $20). I am open to offers if you think my asking price is too high. Currently I am not willing to split up the lot.

    I will try to get some pics up this morning.


    I noticed I was missing a couple figures, but I removed them from the list and added a bunch I found. Also I am throwing in a movie Baroness, Scarlett, and Pit Trooper for free. Oh and if you want I have a few cardbacks that are pictured.


    PICTURES!!!!! :lol 











    Thanks for looking and take care

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