25th and Original Joes, Vehicles, Comics for Sale

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    I posted this over at HISS, I thought I'd drop it here too.

    I am hurting for money guys, and though it breaks my heart, my collection is my only asset right now. I will be trying to sell Bone cds at BTNHBoard and I just might list some G1s here.....I'm just so sad about it......If I have to sell my G1 figs and all my TF comics, you may as well be pulling bits of my soul here and there.....

    anyway here is the copy and pasted thread from HISS, take a look

    I am a regular over at TFW2005 , I just started here. I have some things I would like to sell, because I am low on money and have no job.
    I am 29, so the figures were just to stand on my shelves

    here is what I have.
    Please PM me if interested
    I would do the whole lot for $250 including shipping, or of course I can break it down. About 10 bucks a fig, plus $5 shipping. Vehicles are about 25 - 40 bucks but like $10 shipping
    I know those comics are worth more than what I am offering if included in the lot. I have seen them for like 30-40 dollars, I will sell them 15 bucks each or $55 for the lot including shipping
    Feel free to make offers. I have perfect feedback on ebay and I have a couple good feedbacks on TFW2005 from a couple figures I sold last week.
    Thanks for looking, I would rather keep this stuff, especially those Cobras, but my pockets are hurting right now.

    25th: All complete with card back also
    Commando Snake Eyes I believe comes with Timber
    Stalker with jet pack dvd
    Lady Jaye dvd
    Snake Eyes orange glow from dvd
    Zartan pink shirt from 5 pack
    Baroness from 5 pack , the good one
    Serpentor dvd
    Roadblock orange pants dvd
    Dusty dvd
    Destro dvd
    Cobra Commander faceplate version from single pack
    BAT dvd version
    LT Falcon from comic 2 pack
    Baroness Scuba version from dvd
    Cobra Officer dvd
    Nemesis Enforcer

    HISS Tank w Driver
    Firebat w Pilot
    Rattler Target Version w Wild Weasel

    Original GI Joes from 80s
    Hooded Cobra Commander w file card, gun
    Major Bludd w gun
    Techno Viper Complete with Broken O-ring
    First Snake-Eyes (has satchel, uzi)
    2 Yellow Rolling Thunder Missiles
    Rolling Thunder Ramp
    Rolling Thunder Gun/Cannon not really sure which one
    Frag Viper file card

    Marvel Comics all in great condition
    46 - Snake Eyes , Storm Shadow team up
    55 - Unmaskings
    59 - Raptor on cover shooting at Tunnel Rat, Pogo-thing
    73,74, 76 - Cobra Island Civil War
    96 - Snake Eyes Trilogy Part 3
    110 - vs the SAW Viper
    Yearbook # 3

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