2006 TF Fan Event - Massive Updates

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    Just finished loading our site at www.transfancon.com with a bunch of updates.

    2006 Activities

    New or update activities for 2006 are on the way....

    • "Stump the Host" Trivia Contest

      • One shall stand and the rest will fall.
      • In the opening round of the Trans-Trivia “Stump the Host” Challenge, you have one chance to answer your question correctly or be eliminated from the tournament!
      • Contestants who answer their question correctly will move on round by round until we are down to our final three or four contestants.

      • In the Finals: The final three or four contestants will each have 3 Transformer questions that they may ask the host in an attempt to stump him, the contest who stumps the host on the MOST questions will be declared the winner.

    • Speed Transformation Challenge

      • One mystery Transformers brand toy will be chosen and reveled before the contest begins.
      • Each contest will see how fast they can convert the Transformer from vehicle to Robot and back again.
      • The winner will be the contestant who has the fastest time. In the event of a tie, a extra round will follow to determine the winner.

    • Attacktix Demo

    New Sponsors!!

    We love sponsors and so do you. Without our sponsors we could not offer the fabulous prizes and activities, so make sure you visit these sponsors and all the sponsors of the 2006 event.

    Stylin' Online

    The home for the coolest TF and comic book gear on the internet.

    IDW Publishing

    Home of the official Transformers Comic Books. IDW has a special surprise for the fans at this year's event.

    Attacktix: The Official Site

    Transformers Attacktix - Need we say more?

    Joe Attacktix

    Joe Attacktix, your home for news, strategies, and more about the Transformers and Star Wars Attacktix Battle Games!

    2006 Charity Drive!!

    Join The AUTOBOT (TM) ESPIONAGE TEAM! Here is your chance to make a memory and have your picture taken in front of an authentic Autobot (TM) Volkswagon Beetle! But wait, that's not all. We will also supply you with a yellow hard hat, just like the one Spike wore, so you really fit in with the team. Polaroids are only $3.00 each and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Tampa Bay area Toys for Tots! So have some fun, get your picture, and impress your friends for a worthy cause.

    More updates to come as we move closer to the largest TF event in our history....

    - Junior

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