2000 tmnt series recut as the first tmnt movie?

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    when it comes to the 2000 teenage mutant ninja turtles series , the one that was modeled very nearly entirely on the gim gritty and dark tmnt original comic series

    would it be possible to fully recreate in a scene per scene manner the very first live action tmnt movie using scenes takens from the 2000 tmnt series to create a fan made animated version of the very first live action tmnt movie?

    one that would as closely as possible follow the script of the live action movie itself in a scene per scene manner plot wise

    to be honest i dont even know if it would be possible for a fan to take a characters lines from the 2000 animated series rearrange the words so that they would instead be the lines the character spoke in the live acion movie and then dub them into the animated series scen asa animated sscen of the fan made recut

    to be hoenst iactually think it would be interesting to see how well that idea could be explored asa fan project

    just from the first 2 seasons of the 2000 series alone there were quite a number of scenes that looked like they were taken right ouf of the first tmnt live action movie.
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    I am a HUGE TMNT fan
    and have a little bit of insight as to the new movie they are making
    NO Michael Bay is NOT directing only producing.
    BTW Ernie Reyes Jr is a childhood friend of mine and he is the stunt coordinator of the new film
    btw in the series it was leo who was beat up and in the movie it was raph I just dont see it

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