20 Different MOC GI Joe Figures 1982 1983 & 1984 USA Cards L@@K

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    Hey everyone. I realize that this isn't Transformers but I know many people that collect Transformers also collect GI Joe figures so I figures what the heck I'd give everyone here a chance to get in on the action. Anyways, I recently acquired a very large GI Joe collection all MOC from 1982 1983 and 1984. I took pictures of all the figures for sale at this point and will list them here for sale. I will list the card variation, unpunched cards, and toy variation. If there is anything that you are interested in please email me at goodkidcomix@yahoo.com and I will send you pictures and we can figure out a price as I am not sure what to ask for all this stuff. I will be listing all of these on ebay in about 2 weeks so if you are interested in anything get to me ASAP and lets work out a deal. Sorry no trades for right now just CASH deals as I took out a small loan to buy this collection and I want to pay it back as soon as possible. Thanks for looking and YO Joe!

    MOC Figures for Sale

    Rock N Roll 9 back unpunched
    Flash 9 back unpunched
    Short Fuze 9 back closed handle mortar launcher punched
    Zap double Handled Bazooka unpunched

    Destro 20 back unpunched
    Major Bludd 20 back unpunched
    Snow Job 20 back punched
    Cobra Officer explosion back unpunched
    Cobra Trooper explosion back unpunched
    Torpedo 20 back unpunched
    Trip Wire 20 back unpunched
    Doc explosion back unpunched
    Airborne 32 back unpunched

    Scrap Iron 32 back unpunched
    Scrap Iron 32 back punched
    Recondo 32 back punched
    Blow Torch 32 back punched
    Mutt & Junkyard 32 back punched
    Rip Cord 32 back punched
    Spirit 32 back punched

    That is all for now so if there is something that you are interested in LMK and we can get a deal worked out.

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