2D Artwork: 2-Sided Poster Framing, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by Methusalen, Mar 22, 2009.

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    Alright, so I've got a question for you artists (or owners of artwork) out there...
    I'm just looking for advice at the moment (as money's pretty darned tight right now), but I have two posters that I have been sitting in their mailing tubes since I received them a few years ago now. The problem is that I just can't figure out the best way to display them...

    The first one is from the Lunchables promotion. It's double-sided, with Prime on one side, and Megatron on the other. The faction symbols and names glow in the dark, I'm not sure about the "Trasnformers" logo. I added pictures of both sides to the thread (and that's a movie Voyager Prime in the pics, for size reference). I'd love to frame this so I could flip it over (maybe using 2 pieces of plexiglass/plastic?), but what would be the best way to go about getting the necessary pieces? How should I assemble the 'frame', and keep the poster secure and in place? -Or should I go down to Michael's and find out what they'd charge to take care of it for me?

    The other one is more of an uncertainty on my part. Now, I have a poster of Optimus' head (that matches the one of Megatron) that was signed by Peter Cullen. I purchased a frame and hung it on the wall. However, I have another poster that I was lucky enough to get from a local theater. It's one of the early movie posters, with the eye over the Earth. It's one of the ones that they used inside the lightboxes, so it's printed on both sides (one sides in reverse, so the text is legible on the outside). Now, I'd love to do something like I want to do with the little Lunchables one, but this is (what I believe is called) a half-sheet poster, so it'd be quite a bit more costly to do than the Lunchables one. -not to mention that the frame would look COMPLETELY different from the Prime one next to it.

    Now, should I frame it in the same frame as the Prime one? -go all out and get it framed so I can see both sides (like I'd like to do with the Lunchables one)? -Scrap the idea and sell it, so I can find the matching Megatron head to go with my Prime one?

    What do you think? I thought the Radicons here could supply me with the best advice, but if a mod thinks it could do better elsewhere, feel free to move it!

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