1 of 10 Gold WST 2006 Santa Commander maybe for sale?!

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by NegativeCreep, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    Justitoys WST Stocking Stuffer Campaign 2006 GOLD Santa Commander.

    If only 10 were Gold out of 500 G2 Blues, how muich do you think it would be worth nowadays?

    I've had this thing stored for 5 years! And now I'm looking to let it go, but for a fair price. I believe they were going for around 150-200 back in the day, but I figure these things should go for 500 by now, no?

    Can you guys help me assess its value?


    P.S. Any ideas on how much to sell these items?

    1) BT-17 Wonderfest Ginrai Black Convoy MISB c2007 Takara

    2) All 6 Orange G2 Devastator Constructicons MOSCs c1992 Hasbro

    3) All 6 Yellow G2 Devastator Constructicons MOSCs c1992 Hasbro

    4) All 5 (Japanese) Bruticus Combaticons MOSCs c2000 Takara

    5) MX-00 BLACK Unicron Takara (500 black pieces worldwide?)

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