Scratch Builds: 06. Creating Styrene Hinges

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    Styrene Hinges:

    This project is to create a way to flip the hand back into the forearm. It requires two pieces of different sized styrene rod (rods that tightly fit within each other). It also needs a panel with cutout for flippy action:


    Slice both rods to the same size (whatever size fits within your project). Cut the larger rod into three pieces. As you can see from the image, the central panel is larger than the two edges. Try to match those sizes with your styrene rod cuts (the smaller inner one stays in one piece). Use a very small amount of glue on each of the outer edges - too much glue and you run the risk of having it flow into the center section and bung up the whole mechanism:


    Glue the hinge into place. The sides need to be glued to the outer edge and once inside the boxed forearm; they will be glued to the sides of that as well. The central piece should have no glue on it, allowing it to rotate freely:


    . . . . and the final product:


    NOTE: The setup shown here in this image has paneling on both sides allowing for a flush appearance when flipped:


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