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Beast Hunters Smokescreen arm kibble mod

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Beast Hunters Smokescreen arm kibble mod

Helloooooooooo Radicons. Been a while since I've posted anything, but this one is quick and simple and makes a big difference IMHO.

When they announced Beast Hunters Smokescreen (2 weeks after I had received my arms micron smokescreen ) I had 2 initial thoughts.

1) Man , I wish I hadn't just dropped $35 on AM Smokescreen

2) This BH mold looks so much more screen accurate, but that arm kibble has got to go.

So I found one on Friday morning, and was working on him by Saturday afternoon. I don't have wip pics, but will try to explain what I did with my after pics. I will be doing one for my buddy as well, so if there is interest I can take some wip shots, but it is very simple. I will update with some wip pics and also as I add some paint apps.

This does involve parts forming the roof panels and just sitting the hood panels aside. I thought about using magnets to attach the hood panels to the backs of his legs, but since his hood is supposed to be on his chest in bot mode, it would ruin the cheat's illusion if he had his actual hood on his calves, or on the backs of his arms for that matter, ) So all that is to say that if you don't like partsforming, this mod isn't for you. But if you just want a more accurate looking Smokescreen and to still be able to transform him after relocating and removing a couple panels, read on!

1) Transform him into bot mode and and pop his arm off
"Smokescreen, you needed that!"

Now you can see the pin and basically an I beam with a notch on either side and plastic in the middle.

2) trim that piece of plastic out with a small pair of snips, strong scissors, clean nail clipper scissors, or if you're very steady, an exacto knife.
this is what I used

Cut only enough that the end result is an open channel.

3) remove the arm kibble by slowly pulling it down so that the pin passes right through the channel you've created.

voila, once you've done that you are 1/2way there and have this:

Now the next step is to remove the hood parts from the roof parts by just popping them of here:

it just pops off, like this

Next, you need to trim the bottom of the two tabs shown here

do not attempt to adjust your screen, the image is upside down

so that when you've done both sides of the roof and tab both roof halves back together you wind up with this:

Cut it down about flush, then test fit, cut down a little more if necessary, then test fit again. You want it to be snug, but not so snug it pops out. Keep test fitting and sanding/cutting down, till it just fits in. If it's a little loose, that's ok, we can tighten it up later

which you can then tab into the back of smokescreen's back between the two extrusions onhis lower back that hold the door wing assembly backbone in vehicle mode:

If you find it is a little loose, you can add some super glue to give it more friction. Just add a couple drops of gel glue to the bottom of the roof where you trimmed the tabs and here on the parts that you peg the roof in between

put it in place for no more than 10 seconds, then pull it out and leave it out for about 15 minutes, then test fit it again, then leave it out overnight, and in the morning you'll have a nice tight fit.

which will then look like this:

Front and back

So you can get rid of his arm Kibble and make him a little thicker all in the same mod! And of course once you put the hood panels back on, you can still transform it back to get this:

Thanks for looking.
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um, hells yeah!
you win by making the most coveted piece from this line sides shockwave, into more awesomeness than i thought possible
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Nice job though!!!
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Dude, YES! I was SO excited for this figure when I saw it coming out. Finally a smokescreen of his own mold that looks really accurate! And then I watched a video review, and the thin-ness, and the arm kibble sealed the deal that I didn't want it.

But you freakin saved the day! I'm getting this guy now, oooooh yeah!

(and I have an idea to use the hood pieces to magnetise onto his chest that in my mind of course works, but in reality, we'll see.....)
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Bravo to you sir, well done, well done
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G1 got it right!
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Pretty cool. Can you take a pic from the side?

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WIN! i need to find smokescreen now
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nice job!
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Argh, beat me to it. I figured this out last night but held off posting until i finish the repaint. Super easy mod to do and makes a 100% improvement to the figure. If anyone is interested I found a spot on match for the metallic grey plastic on this figure. Vallejo Model Color Gunmetal Grey is a perfect match.
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So, he part forms?

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