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Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!

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Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!

Finally got these guys all done.

They were made using the TFC Eagle F-15 for the base and heads from Universe Dirge/Cybertron Starscream mold.Thanks for looking.

And just in case there were any doubts..........

Coming soon!!!!!!
Attached Thumbnails
Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-005.jpg   Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-001.jpg   Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-002.jpg   Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-003.jpg   Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-004.jpg  

Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-008.jpg   Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-007.jpg   Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-009.jpg   Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-006.jpg   Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-010.jpg  

Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-011.jpg   Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-012.jpg   Voyager Seekers Finished!!!!!!-picture-013.jpg  

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Wow, wonderful!
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Pics with Classics autobots please?

I like the Decepticons towering over the autobots.
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We have a whole forum for 3rd party discussion. The thought behind that was to keep 3rd party sectioned off into its own thing.
No scrubs. Thank you.
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feedback thread
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Early contender for custom of the year. If only for the giant balls to even try this.
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Wow, most impressive!
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You win the "first guy to do it!" Award.

Beautiful beautiful work!

My Custom Feedback Thread
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Cool idea ,great job !
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